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  1. Can I ask in a different way then. Are SI trying to get a patch before the usual March update, are you working towards one asap, or are you happy to leave the game as it is until March? Is that a fair question? I, like many others, do appreciate you coming on here Neil, it can't be easy at the moment.
  2. If we start a thread will it be closed? I'm not trying to be funny, argumentative or nasty but what seems to happen is that threads get opened, like the Feb updates one, and they either get merged in here or closed.
  3. But, see I just dont understand it. Why is it that SI cant, yet Creative Assembly can? There is now way you are telling me that the ME is more complex than the engine that is running total war. I get that it is complex, and I certainly couldn't do what these guys can, but from an outsiders point of view there are plenty of complex engines out there, mainly for strategy games, that can give timescales etc. So what makes it different at SI?
  4. Neil, is there any way you can give us a rough estimation? I mean CA have a bug with the latest DLC they released and have said that they hope to release a patch in the next couple of weeks, but that might change if they run into problems. Is there any way you can say when you hope to have a patch out? I'm asking from the point of view that I haven't touched FM20 in about a month now and just keep coming on here every day to see if there is any news. Thanks.
  5. Really good post. I wanted to post last night in response to @JordanMillward_1 post but wasn't sure how to word it, you have put it the best I have seen on here. But just a further point with regards to point 2 you make @JordanMillward_1: The steam 'reviews' are really skewed. I bought the game and have left a review on there, however it doesn't count though and isn't counted towards the overall feedback percentage as I didn't buy the game from Steam. Only reviews from users who bought the game directly from Steam count towards their rating feedback. Now, we obviously don't know how many people bought the game from Steam compared to other selling sites, but I would take an educated guess and suggest that most long term players did not buy directly from Steam. I have been playing CM/FM from day one and have only ever once bought directly from Steam, that was when SI were offering the loyalty discount. Other times I have bought through FM Scout, SortitoutSI etc etc. And your point about the community here being a tiny percentage of the total players may not be correct either. How do you know? We, as posters, get told off by the mods for spreading false information but I don't see how you could possibly know how many of this community bought the game. There are what, over 330,000 users here? If half of them bought the game that is about 10% of the sales. I'm just saying the community may not be a tiny %.
  6. Yes you are correct. However, by now, I would expect the game to be enjoyable and to me playable. I don't mean that it is broken as others have said. It is to me not playable because there are too many errors in the ME which is the fundamental part of the game. If it was just polishing at this stage it would be fine, but in my opinion it is far more than that. It is their business how and when they do stuff, but just going back to my post above, I won't pre-order. As I said will it make a difference to SI - again as I said no it will not. But if people all of a sudden thought bugger it I won't buy until March when the game is enjoyable and 'polished' they, SI, could find themselves in a tricky position. Communication is shocking. Always has been. A month on nearly from Neil's post that they know the community has seen issues and they are on their radar and still we don't know anything more. If I send a job to one of my customers that they are not then happy with there is no way I could leave it a month before I talk to them again.
  7. This is a really good post. I personally won't be pre-ordering FM next year for the first time I can remember. Do I expect it will have any effect on SI? No I don't. I don't really think the argument that they are a small studio compared to others holds weight though. What I mean by that is that SI/Sega (I don't want to assume who takes what of the profits) make a lot of money every single year. Miles said the other day that sales had just surpassed 1m copies. If you said an 'average' copy was £30 then that is £30m. SI employee about 130 people. So there is a lot of money that could possibly be used to employee more people to make the game better and fix it quicker. Let me say that companies need to make profit, SI and Sega are no different. I just hope that they do take on board the feelings of the community in general. Although you say the forum is a drop in the bucket I would argue that these people are the more dedicated players. They are the ones that in 9 months time are still playing (or perhaps not playing in this years edition) the game, whereas the casual gamer has just gone onto something else. For instance the only 2 PC games I ever played were FM and Total War. Because of how I see the game, and specifically the ME this year, I have taken out the Origin game pass and bought a few games over Christmas like The Divison 2, Witcher 3 & Beyond 2 Souls. I would never have played these before this years version of FM. I have a mate who runs a pub. It is a little side street pub, not a big chain high street type. He forked out nearly £1000 in December just to have the ability to show the football games from Amazon. I forget exactly what he told me his Sky Sports was a month, but it was something like £500 a month, plus any box office events (the Joshua fight was £400) and BT Sport. I asked him over Christmas why he bothered with the Amazon one as there is no way he could have made £1000 back in extra sales. He said because if he didn't someone else would and his customers would go there and he would never get them back.
  8. I quoted and asked an SI QA staff. But okay, I see where the issue is now.
  9. What he is trying to highlight is he specifically asked if a patch would be released before March and SI said they were unsure.
  10. Wise guy? Perhaps you want to watch how you respond to people. I have not insulted you in any way so please don't do it to me. There is no reason to resort to personal insults. I asked an SI employee what the difference was between releasing a date one month in advance of the game releasing and how that differed from telling people, or at least giving some indication, when they anticipated the patch would be available. You decided to reply, so I am I to assume you have an inner knowledge? I didn't imply anything until you made a sarcastic reply about you following the game for a long time. Perhaps wind your neck in and let people ask the questions they want before jumping down their throat.
  11. Because if what you are saying is true and the publishers effectively set the release date then what you are saying is that SI will release on that date no matter the state of the game. As long as it actually loads up then it is going to get released. And that is exactly what seems has happened this year, but thanks for clarifying it...........
  12. The only thing I don't understand with this, and I don't understand software development so excuse my ignorance, is that That was announced on 14th October 2019. A month before the game is released you know it will be ready? Yet you have no idea when a patch to make the game playable will be ready?
  13. What do you mean by low level of vertical compactness? Fair comment re the Prevent short GKD. I do have a 4231 system and a funny/obscure 4-3-3 system that I use it in. Guess because I have 3 players forward in that system it would work better. Back to the original point of away to the bigger sides - any ideas? Also any ideas specifically regarding the 3-5-2 formations? I really struggle against those. I beat Man Utd 3-2 away yet lose 2-0 to a Brighton side playing 3-5-2. I just can't work out how to counter it. I try playing wider as I feel I can exploit them on the wings and get in behind their wing-backs but just get beat pretty much everytime.
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