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  1. I thought it was in this years game, I apologise. Must. Read. Everything.
  2. If there is a bigger headline feature than women's football being introduced, what is the cost of FM22 on Shopto - £25? I will donate that amount of money to a charity of your choice.
  3. The headline feature has been revealed: Women's Football.
  4. In any other game series that I can think of, the first information or trailer gives the big headline features of the new game. It is specifically done this way to generate the maximum amount of pre-orders possible. FM doesn't do this, it relies on the fact there is no viable alternative because CM/FM has done such a good job in the past to kill any opposition and on FM fans buying the game every year as we know what to expect now - a few little features and a data update. There are no big headline features anymore, what more can the game do?
  5. Thanks. Going to make smoe adjustments and try it out. I originally had a DLP(D) and CM(S) in central midfield, but changed to BBM to try and get another person forward - the result of not scoring goals.
  6. No, thats fine, it just might give me some ideas as I am running out: If anyone has any suggestions? 2nd season. I am struggling to score and struggling to stop conceding to be honest. 1st season I finished 4th, was hoping to kick on but doesn't look like I will make CL places now. I do alter for harder games - I drop DL line to normal and take off counter press.
  7. @Johnny Ace Is there any chance you can share/post your Bayern tactic please. I have never been able to get a 4-2-3-1 working effectively. I am 2nd season at the moment with Newcastle and am struggling. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sorry, I meant they are not the dominant side. I blame the time of night I posted!!
  9. I wouldn't say the German league is much weaker than the Spanish league if I am being honest. I would say Messi, playing for Barcelona back then when they were dominant, is easier than Haaland playing for Dortmund now when you consider they are definitely the dominant side in Germany.
  10. Something that is annoying me with my current save. Not sure if it is classed as a bug or not, thought I would see what you guys think: I am Barcelona manager, 3rd season. I have agreed to take over as Man City manager at the end of the 3rd season. Players keep coming to me asking for new contract negotiations. I can't negotiate contracts (or buy or sell players) due to my impending departure from the club - those options are 'blocked'. Whatever I do the players become unhappy and dislike me. Now, I am leaving the club so it shouldn't bother that much. Except their moral drops, which affects the teams performance (and I would quite like to leave the club winning everything in my last season), and there are a few players I would quite like to buy from Barcelona when I get to City - but this won't happen if the players hate me. Is this a bug or just an annoyance? Not sure.
  11. Hi all, Started a new save with Marseille too. Always had a soft spot for them for as long as I can remember. Chris Waddle was one of my favourite players growing up and when he went to Marseille my Dad bought me a Marseille shift with his name and number on the back - good times. I am on holiday to South of France August 2021, only half hour from the stadium, so am hoping to persuade the wife to make a little visit! Anyway, only just started tonight. I finish work for Christmas Friday so will get stuck into it properly then. Won't really be making any signings the first season I don't think. I have offered Thauvin a contract extension and have sorted out the back room staff as much as I can. Could do with a couple more coaches but I have maxed them out and the board won't allow me to bring anymore in. Kamara looks a fantastic prospect. Will update after the weekend, hopefully will have finished my first season then.
  12. Miles said that it wont be the usual release time of the day due to the ongoing covid situation. NHS in England needs the bandwidth so I am guessing he means it will be a late evening release, probably about 8 or 9pm UK time.
  13. I haven't even bought FM21 and am still up waiting for the Beta. That is dedication!
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