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  1. To be honest I used to come in here quite a lot, I started the Valencia thread a few editions back. But it does seem dead now. What I don't think is helping, and I am going to be honest here, is that I can't remember when I last saw a Mod post in this forum. There has been very little 'tidying' up done over the last year or so. What I mean by that is there was always a sticky at the top of the thread where you could find all the started threads. FM17's hasn't been updated with new threads in ages. Various club threads have been created and not added to the links in the opening post. This thread itself was created to keep things in order and let people have the opportunity to say what thread they want to do. I don't think that this is the case, and people have real life commitments and I fully understand that, but to the average forum user here it must seem like the mods just don't care about this section anymore. As I said I am not blaming anyone, but that is just how it appears.
  2. Can someone from SI give us any info on an update or workaround for this? I am guessing I am not the only one who literally can't play the game until this is fixed. Thanks.
  3. Me too. Any idea what we can do as at the moment this is now made the game unplayable. We have to register the squad, but can't so all the players become unhappy.
  4. Playing as Chelsea, come to register my squad for the Champions League and it will only let me select one player!! I select whoever, say Fabregas and then it won't let me select any other player. So, great I have one player selected for my champions league squad. Any idea's??
  5. Is there anywhere (youtube, here etc) a in depth guide on how exactly to use data analysis and scouts this year? I only seem to get very few players in my 'known' players list even when selecting the top package, I think I may be doing something wrong, but to be honest, as usual, the complete lack of information means I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.
  6. I'm playing the new campaign for Warhammer 2. Got a night shift to do tonight so hope it comes tomorrow and not tonight
  7. Is this the same Chris that you posted about the other day? You said then it would be released Tuesday, so forgive me if I call B.S. on 'Chris'
  8. Going to ask: How? Cheapest you can get it on there is as a premium member is £30.65
  9. I got mine from sortitoutsi. I am already a premium member over there anyway so go it for £30. I would have bought it direct from Steam when the offer was on, but with the lack of info about the game before the offer ended wasn't convinced I was going to buy it.
  10. FM 2018 beta....arrive?

    Thanks, yeah just found the youtube channel. Thanks for that!
  11. FM 2018 beta....arrive?

    Just noticed all the little stickys at the top of the page have gone for all the feature announcements? Any idea where I can find these, haven't seen the last 2 videos yet.
  12. FM2018 Discount

    Sortitoutsi have it pretty cheap if you are a member there and they have it with the Beta too
  13. Okay. Agree to disagree. I feel it is basically a shoddy way of doing business, you don't. I just feel this is all going down the wrong road for the gaming public.
  14. Except that SI's offer to 'loyal' customers like me who have played this game for over 25 years and owned every single version since it was introduced ends well before the demo, or even any hard information is out. Does that honestly seem fair to anyone?