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  1. Sorry, I meant they are not the dominant side. I blame the time of night I posted!!
  2. I wouldn't say the German league is much weaker than the Spanish league if I am being honest. I would say Messi, playing for Barcelona back then when they were dominant, is easier than Haaland playing for Dortmund now when you consider they are definitely the dominant side in Germany.
  3. Something that is annoying me with my current save. Not sure if it is classed as a bug or not, thought I would see what you guys think: I am Barcelona manager, 3rd season. I have agreed to take over as Man City manager at the end of the 3rd season. Players keep coming to me asking for new contract negotiations. I can't negotiate contracts (or buy or sell players) due to my impending departure from the club - those options are 'blocked'. Whatever I do the players become unhappy and dislike me. Now, I am leaving the club so it shouldn't bother that much. Except their moral drops, which
  4. Hi all, Started a new save with Marseille too. Always had a soft spot for them for as long as I can remember. Chris Waddle was one of my favourite players growing up and when he went to Marseille my Dad bought me a Marseille shift with his name and number on the back - good times. I am on holiday to South of France August 2021, only half hour from the stadium, so am hoping to persuade the wife to make a little visit! Anyway, only just started tonight. I finish work for Christmas Friday so will get stuck into it properly then. Won't really be making any signings the first season I don
  5. Miles said that it wont be the usual release time of the day due to the ongoing covid situation. NHS in England needs the bandwidth so I am guessing he means it will be a late evening release, probably about 8 or 9pm UK time.
  6. I haven't even bought FM21 and am still up waiting for the Beta. That is dedication!
  7. Loving the part of central play. Credit to SI for taking on board the feedback on FM20, looking forward to seeing it in action. Will we get some footage soon @Neil Brock?
  8. I'm not on about the Beta release. They will know now what is in the game and what isn't. They will know what has improved in the ME.
  9. Thanks. Hopefully we will. I would say I cant believe they are leaving the announcements so late and close to the Beta dropping, but they do this every year. It's almost like they dont want people to know what is different each year
  10. I don't follow the updates on social media. Trying to read through here, have we been given any information yet on changes to the ME? Thanks.
  11. Do you know what, in all my time playing never knew there was such an attribute. Totally off-topic I guess, but what does it affect and how is it displayed in a scout report?
  12. What do you mean by pressure? Important matches? For me: Decisions Determination Team work Work rate Anticipation
  13. I wasted so much of my late teens/early 20's on CM/FM. Messed up at least one relationship because of it! Again, like others I have always assumed I was one of the older ones, 43 now. Started when CM/FM first came out. There used to be a cobblers in my home town that sold games. I went in there to buy Birds of Prey for the Amiga and walked out with CM instead. Just something about that picture on the front of the box, it reminded me of the old war poster 'Your Country Needs You'. Not sure why, but it worked.
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