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  1. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/737258/Football-Manager-2019-Beta-COUNTDOWN-Release-Date-News-Twitter-Updates-for-PC-and-Mobile Please release me, set me free
  2. Noooooooooo. I have just been offered the Real Madrid job on FM18.
  3. Excellent. Off from 4am for a long weekend, get sleep in and then stay up all Thursday night. Happy days
  4. You said this last year too and were full of it then as well
  5. Hahaha. Epic. Best. Post. Ever. Best bit is I am currently sitting in my local boxing club, my son does boxing, and I clicked on it and it came blasting out on my phone. Loads of people turned round and laughed!
  6. Ah, the infamous Chris? I know him to and he said your talking ..............
  7. Please don't release it tonight. Am in work from 8pm-4am. After 4am I am off work until Monday at 10pm. Work will drag like hell if I know the Beta is out tonight. Thursday release is good.
  8. davehanson

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Just bought on voidu for £23.25, awesome price. Key sent instantly and registered on Steam.
  9. davehanson


    Hi all, Not sure if this should go in here or in GD. If it needs to move then mods please feel free to do so. I have a question/problem with scouting. I have tried searching but nothing has come up. So, I am Man Utd. 1st season. I have loads of scouts - 28 at the moment. I have set it so I send them on assignments. I have sent some to all the big countries that produce great players. They are scouting those countries for 6 months and are giving me loads of recommendations. 13 of my scouts I have sent to scout various Under 23, Under 21, Under 20 & Under 18 competition in different countries, again all the big ones, England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany etc. However, in 4 months not one of these scouts have returned any reports on players. All I have asked them to do is report any players with potential ability that is at least good. Any idea if I am doing something wrong. I have never specifically scouted under - whatever before. Cheers.
  10. No sensibly run business is going to, or indeed can afford to, carry on making a product that is losing money, which looking at Miles statement and tweets is exactly what the Linux version is doing.
  11. davehanson

    Team Suggestion Thread

    Preferred league(s): England, Germany, Italy or Spain Expectations: Don't mind Finances: Don't mind Youth/Training Facilities: Would love to have the best youth facilities Okay, so had a long term save with West Ham that I have just got bored with. What I want out of this one is somewhere that has as many as possible very good/excellent home grown players that I can make a core of the team out of for the next 7 or 8 seasons. I am thinking possibly Bayer Leverkusen with Brandt, Havertz, Akkaynak etc. Anyone else that comes to mind. I don't want a top, top club (so no Barcelona, Real, Man City, Man Utd etc, but equally don't want a bottom of the table club either. I also don't like being restricted with transfer dealings so for that reason alone no Bilbao. Thanks.
  12. 6 minutes? Where did that come from?
  13. davehanson

    Fm18- Spurs

    I have just taken over from Pochettino in the 4th season (he went to Real Madrid) after I had a fairly successful spell with West Ham (Won the League Cup, FA Cup and finish in 3rd Place my last 2 seasons). Spurs squad is by and large the same at the start. I have Isco which has been the only really major addition (Poch bought him for £26 million in the 3rd season). He sold Dier to City unfortunately. All the rest big names are still at the club which is great for me. I was wondering Don_69 what you did about an away/hard game tactic? You have obviously been really successful and to be honest I am really struggling on the road with Spurs. At West Ham I played direct, got stuck in and tried to bully teams, but that just isn't working with Spurs, and to be honest isn't really 'the spurs way of playing'. My home tactic is quite similar to yours, I don't use be more disciplined at home, I try to let them be a little more creative and the roles are different as I obviously have different players. As I said am just really struggling away, if you can share you tactic(s) it would be appreciated to give me some help.