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  1. I would have thought it fairly obvious that it is Google Stadia that is making it so late. Google wont want the game releasing 2 weeks before their 'console' comes out as people would buy it on PC otherwise. They want to maximise sales on Google, which is fair enough.
  2. FM2009: 1min FM2010: 253hrs FM2011: 1669hrs FM2012: 1863hrs FM2013: 1610hrs FM2014: 1248hrs FM2015: 1144hrs FM2016: 1268hrs FM2017: 1603hrs FM2018: 1713hrs FM2019: 1477hrs (so far) Total: 13,848hrs and 1 min So in 10 years FM has accounted for 577 days of my life (will have been more than that but I think I came into Steam most of the way through FM2010).
  3. But when you got the tactic right, the players became irrelevant, the ME couldn't handle the formation. It wasn't just close, the AI got beat every time. And, no by and large I was being stupid but he did say 'There is NO SUCH THING as an insta-win formation. There never has been.' Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember the days when there were instant win formations.
  4. I'm really surprised by the Trequartista on the right wing. Never tried one in FM19. How do you find he fits in with a pressing system, does he still get through he fair share of work?
  5. I honestly think you need to go away and re-evaluate what you think you know about the game. You are coming across as very rude and condescending. If someone shows you something that you don't believe is correct or if I am being honest, that you can't achieve, you start throwing accusations around. I would seriously suggest you have a look at Herne's thread. There is a video in there showing how a goal was scored. It certainly wasn't a set piece. Again, as I said in a few posts above, the information you are putting across here is just wrong 'Everybody in here knows that if you achieve 900 passes with whatever that tactic you are using: you have world class players, you play very cautious football, no risks at all' Herne has produced a whole thread on the subject, why don't you try to read it and see what you can learn from it? He has shown it can be done. I don't play the game the same way that he does, but it has certainly given me a few ideas I want to try out next season.
  6. I could almost have predicted it would be the standard response 'playing as Barcelona'. What you are doing is spreading mis-information. Because YOU can't get a high defensive line working, YOU think it can't be done. What happens then is that people see this and take it as fact. It is anything but. Yes, I am playing as Barcelona, but my squad, as I only took over this season, isn't world class. I am the third best in Spain by squad: My Champions League games you wanted to see: Bayern, world class side, beaten both times and only conceded 1 goal which happened to be a rubbish clearance from my GK straight to Lewadowski: So, again, please stop trying to say playing a HDL means you will get slaughtered. It means nothing of the sort providing you set the rest of your team and instructions correctly.
  7. Completely untrue about getting 'SLAUGHTERED' if you play a high line away from home. I always play a high line with high press intensity and my defensive record is excellent: You can easily play a high line if you set the team up correctly.
  8. At work at the moment so can't post screenshots, but I started a Man Utd save last Thursday when the beta came out. Am struggling a little to be honest, after about 10 games I am currently 6th. I know I have lost to Arsenal 3-0 (1st game of the season) and Liverpool as well as the mighty Cardiff. I started with a control pressing 4-3-3 DM (same formation as Jamie Cortez above), but found it wasn't working so switched to a vertical tika-taka 4-3-3 DM. That has been better but I am struggling to score. I have struggled to offload players. Smalling went to Chelsea but I had Fellani, Young, Rojo, Jones, Darmian and Valencia all listed for well below their values and didn't get one offer, despite me offering them out. I did manage to sign Varane from Real for £63m, a lot of money for a centre back but he has been great so far.
  9. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/737258/Football-Manager-2019-Beta-COUNTDOWN-Release-Date-News-Twitter-Updates-for-PC-and-Mobile Please release me, set me free
  10. Excellent. Off from 4am for a long weekend, get sleep in and then stay up all Thursday night. Happy days
  11. Hahaha. Epic. Best. Post. Ever. Best bit is I am currently sitting in my local boxing club, my son does boxing, and I clicked on it and it came blasting out on my phone. Loads of people turned round and laughed!
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