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  1. First time ever for FM I won't be pre-ordering. Far too much wrong with FM20 to be stung again. Will wait for the Demo and try that.
  2. Where did I say it needed to as depressing as you are painting? FM is a football simulation. It tries to simulate real life football as closely as it can whilst staying within the boundaries of avoiding legal ramifications. That is why you don't see player X involved in a failed drug test etc. Real life, all games more or less across the globe, are being played behind closed doors. The income of all clubs is being affected and IMO this should certainly be represented in the game.
  3. Because it is effecting real-life football. And will effect real-life football next year. Teams will play behind closed doors, not sure for how long, but all the experts are saying around Christmas. The finances of all clubs have been hit hard. SI/FM tries to replicate real-life football as much as possible, so Covid has to effect the first season, at least, of FM21.
  4. I would change some of the roles you are using. Advanced Forward with very little support from midfield is going to get isolated very quick. I would personally change him to a DLF - try support first. I would also change the CAR to a MEZ to try and get some support to the striker.
  5. Excellent post. This is very similar to a tactic I have built and am using for my Man City team (2025/26). Mine varies a little in that I don't have Work Ball into Box selected - I just don't like how it seems to restrict things. I also tinker around with my defensive width depending who I am playing and a few different roles, but overall quite similar. Can I ask what you do when you face either the other top Premier League teams (Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea & Arsenal in mine)? Or those top teams in Europe? I struggle sometimes, especially Arsenal (used to manage them and they have a very good team) to get results. Play is encouraging and we generally dominate possession and good chances but very seldom get a win away.
  6. I personally stick to the standard defensive width setting and adjust in-game if I feel I need to. For me, if I start seeing a lot of through balls against my team in the highlights I will defend slightly narrower. Likewise if the opposition is getting the ball out to the wide men to swing in crosses then I will go to a wider defence setting. I should say I play with 4 defenders, no idea if it makes any difference playing with 3 or 5.
  7. Yes, I am still in Europe (Semi-Final of Champions League). Date is 29/04/2023.
  8. No, will get some screenshots No. Feyenoord are not in Europe at all. So, that shows his minimum release fee. Can't upload anymore so will link to the next two: That shows me offering the release fee. Then: They negotiate to £120m and won't accept any less.
  9. Hi all, Need some help, not sure if this is a bug, I think it is, but just checking I am doing nothing wrong. I am Arsenal, in season 2022/23. I am in the Champions League. My scouts have found my a player (regen) from Feyenoord. He has a Minimum Fee Release Clause of £67m to clubs in European competition. However, even when I bid this amount the club don't accept it. The fee is all upfront. No add ons. No clauses. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  10. That is unacceptable then. Regardless of what people think of the game and it's state there is no need for any kind of abuse. Sorry to have questioned it.
  11. Who has twisted his words or abused him? I can see a lot of people who are not agreeing with him. This is a forum where people will all have different ideas and views. Is it a criteria of this forum now where we all have to totally agree with the mods and SI staff or we get told we are abusing them?
  12. See, now you are spreading false information: FM20 - 5.2 User Score FM19 - 6.3 User Score FM18 - 5.8 User Score FM17 - 5.3 User Score FM16 - 6.9 User Score FM15 - 6.1 User Score FM14 - 5.7 User Score FM13 - 6.8 User Score FM12 - 7.9 User Score FM11 - 8.3 User Score FM10 - 8.8 User Score So, by and large the trend line for user reviews of FM is declining. From a high in 2010 users have found that it has, generally, got worse. And, only 4 versions under a score of 6 out of 10. Do you wonder why there are only 44 reviews for FM20 as opposed to 284 for FM2010?
  13. They are critic reviews. Do some looking at the user reviews on Metacritic, the people that actually spend money to buy and play the game, rather than a critic who speed plays through 1 match and just see's shiny new things, and you will see this is the worse reviewd FM on there. Fact. Steam reviews are massively skewed (wonder why) as they only allow reviews and scores to count from people who have bought directly through steam. I can, and have, reviews the game on there but it doesn't count as I didn't buy it through steam.
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