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  1. 6 minutes? Where did that come from?
  2. davehanson

    Fm18- Spurs

    I have just taken over from Pochettino in the 4th season (he went to Real Madrid) after I had a fairly successful spell with West Ham (Won the League Cup, FA Cup and finish in 3rd Place my last 2 seasons). Spurs squad is by and large the same at the start. I have Isco which has been the only really major addition (Poch bought him for £26 million in the 3rd season). He sold Dier to City unfortunately. All the rest big names are still at the club which is great for me. I was wondering Don_69 what you did about an away/hard game tactic? You have obviously been really successful and to be honest I am really struggling on the road with Spurs. At West Ham I played direct, got stuck in and tried to bully teams, but that just isn't working with Spurs, and to be honest isn't really 'the spurs way of playing'. My home tactic is quite similar to yours, I don't use be more disciplined at home, I try to let them be a little more creative and the roles are different as I obviously have different players. As I said am just really struggling away, if you can share you tactic(s) it would be appreciated to give me some help.
  3. I would imagine you checked disable transfer budgets at the start of the game. You can check this by seeing if any transfers at all have taken place.
  4. Okay, so from my point of view Counter in the games mentality doesn' really equal counter attacking football. It makes the team a little more careful as to how and where they move the ball, but it doesn't okay quick counter attacking in the way that most people would imagine it plays. In my opinion anyway.
  5. Mine is a little different from herne's, but for quite a few editions now I have felt that the Mentality titles are very misleading and confuse a lot of people. Do you think these should be re-named and if so to what?
  6. Firstly, this is brilliant. I love the work that has gone into this and the time and effort you have spent on developing this, excellent. I don't normally post in here much anymore, guess a little out of playing the game for so long and not really needing to come in here much anymore. However, this week I have been away with work and have found myself reading loads of threads on here and yours took my fancy, being a Man Utd fan and honestly loving that era of Man Utd. The 2009 semi-final away to Arsenal will always stick in my memory for one of the best counter attacking goals I have seen. The pace of it was just frightening. Anyway, I play in much the same way to you, as Man Utd. My shape is different I think and some of my player roles are different. I alternate quite a few of my roles depending on which players I select, so Fellaini won't play the same way as Mata does in an AMC position, but both are equally effective as long as you can set the players around them to suit. One thing for me that doesn't change however is my 2 central midfielders - they are a DLP-D and a DLP-S. I found, like you, that a lot of other roles seem to pull them too far away from where I wanted them. The only other role I did consider was a standard CM-S instead of a DLP-S wth a few PI's, but to be honest the DLP's together seem to work well. Defensive wise we have been good, I seem to allow quite a few long shots at me, but that seems to be born out of frustration from the opposition not being able to find a way through rather than anything else. When I get home at the weekend I will put some screenshots up and go into a bit more detail about it. Please keep posting if you can - it's a really good read and very interesting to me.
  7. To be honest I used to come in here quite a lot, I started the Valencia thread a few editions back. But it does seem dead now. What I don't think is helping, and I am going to be honest here, is that I can't remember when I last saw a Mod post in this forum. There has been very little 'tidying' up done over the last year or so. What I mean by that is there was always a sticky at the top of the thread where you could find all the started threads. FM17's hasn't been updated with new threads in ages. Various club threads have been created and not added to the links in the opening post. This thread itself was created to keep things in order and let people have the opportunity to say what thread they want to do. I don't think that this is the case, and people have real life commitments and I fully understand that, but to the average forum user here it must seem like the mods just don't care about this section anymore. As I said I am not blaming anyone, but that is just how it appears.
  8. Can someone from SI give us any info on an update or workaround for this? I am guessing I am not the only one who literally can't play the game until this is fixed. Thanks.
  9. Me too. Any idea what we can do as at the moment this is now made the game unplayable. We have to register the squad, but can't so all the players become unhappy.
  10. Playing as Chelsea, come to register my squad for the Champions League and it will only let me select one player!! I select whoever, say Fabregas and then it won't let me select any other player. So, great I have one player selected for my champions league squad. Any idea's??
  11. Is there anywhere (youtube, here etc) a in depth guide on how exactly to use data analysis and scouts this year? I only seem to get very few players in my 'known' players list even when selecting the top package, I think I may be doing something wrong, but to be honest, as usual, the complete lack of information means I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.
  12. I'm playing the new campaign for Warhammer 2. Got a night shift to do tonight so hope it comes tomorrow and not tonight