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  1. Do you know what, in all my time playing never knew there was such an attribute. Totally off-topic I guess, but what does it affect and how is it displayed in a scout report?
  2. What do you mean by pressure? Important matches? For me: Decisions Determination Team work Work rate Anticipation
  3. I wasted so much of my late teens/early 20's on CM/FM. Messed up at least one relationship because of it! Again, like others I have always assumed I was one of the older ones, 43 now. Started when CM/FM first came out. There used to be a cobblers in my home town that sold games. I went in there to buy Birds of Prey for the Amiga and walked out with CM instead. Just something about that picture on the front of the box, it reminded me of the old war poster 'Your Country Needs You'. Not sure why, but it worked.
  4. Yeah, that's why I would like the original tactic, see if there is something in that. Looking at the TI's it strikes me as just another tactic that ticks everything that the game can't cope with.
  5. Could you give us just a link to the original tactic, to exactly where you downloaded it from please?
  6. I asked for the save too. The reason being that with the original save and tactics etc we can use the same parameters. Running our own save then different tactics can produce much different results. The reason I asked for the save was to see if there was something flawed with the game in handling things that @russell9 was doing,, or if there was something deeply flawed within the game itself. While we are here @russell9, I take it you transferred Ben Winterbottom to Barcelona? Was that with a game editor or did you just make an offer for him in-game and transfer him that way?
  7. @russell9 is there any chance you could just upload the save? Leave your manager as he is, in charge of Liverpool, so people can look at the game and tactics?
  8. Whatever they say about FM and getting the Beta, it is highly unlikely you will get the Beta through CDKeys. I would cancel the order and go through Shopto
  9. So would be the same as Vardy and Jesus then? Not a great advert for the ME on FM20 whichever way you want to look at it. There is no way that a 17 yo goalkeeper should be scoring goals like that in the Premier league. Literally the ONLY goals he should be scoring are penalties and goals from set-pieces.
  10. If it was me personally: I would look at the forward roles. By that I mean Kane, VDB, Son & Moura. For me you are playing with 2 wingers who will naturally stay wider than other roles in the game and cross more. Who are they crossing to? Looking at Kane and VDB's roles you will likely only have Kane in the box, and even then, because he is on a DLF(S) duty even he won't be in there all the time - the role will want him to drop deeper. I can also see a conflict with VBD and Kane's roles. As mentioned above Kane will want to drop deeper than some other roles and I think he w
  11. Not sure where @Dundalis is presenting anything as fact. He literally states IMO. My 2 lads are mad on football. Won't touch FM because 'It looks like something from the 80's'. They might grow into it as they get older, my youngest son I think would struggle at the moment with the complexities of FM anyway. As I have said previous I really don't care for graphics. The dots do me fine, although I do agree that they could go back a few versions for them to when they we a bit better with the stadium etc, but again, doesn't bother me at all. However, the generation of my kids are hooked on g
  12. So you can't quantify your original post then, we can just leave it at that. Thanks.
  13. So, enlighten us on the development cycle then. Explain how FM released in November 2021, for example, wouldn't benefit from that extra year?
  14. Okay, I'm going to leave it now otherwise it is going too far off topic.
  15. In your post you say more time off doesn't mean more development time. I think you are clutching at straws as you have no idea how to quantify what you wrote in your original sentence.
  16. That wasn't what @Mars_Blackmon said though. I fully understand the needs of the business require a yearly release. But the point was that a year off would not mean more development time and that it was a misconception. I would like to know how it is a misconception.
  17. No, it doesn't. As I said a few posts back, no other game developer does what people are suggesting SI are doing here - turning the graphics settings down on a trailer. And, unless you know for definite that is what they are doing, everyone is just guessing that they are turning these settings down. For all we know they haven't and they are totally representative of the graphics (at the time the capture was made).
  18. Ah, okay. I hope though that the one with the more detail in it still isn't their best, and I am sure it is still not, because it still looks quite bad in comparison to some earlier FM's.
  19. What now, that's called marketing. How many other games/developers out there deliberately turn down the graphic settings on trailers to showcase the worse that a game will run? Most games have some kind of disclaimer at the bottom 'may not be representative of gameplay' or similar. Hell, how many other manufacturers of anything out there show you the worse bits of their product? It really doesn't matter to me as I only play on 2D anyway. However, the reason I play on 2D is because the 3D representation looks like it is 20 years old and doesn't hold any interest to me.
  20. I don't agree with this. A presentation, in anything, should capture the attention and wow the intend audience. It should showcase the best of what you have to offer - in this case FM21. There is no way that those graphics for the match, pitch graphics, textures etc, should look that bad in a presentation video. If you can't get them looking better than that then don't show them!
  21. Yep, in fairness the whole press conference thing and interaction has been stagnant for years. I and others have moaned about this so it HAS to be good they are doing something about it. I am still a little concerned that the whole body language thing has the potential to really mess up moral, but will just have to wait and see. I would like to see more on the ME and training though. The pitch textures looked poor in the videos - although this never bothers me as I still play in dots anyway. Hopefully on 19th we might get some news on the ME, fingers crossed. Good effort SI.
  22. Yeah, okay point taken, toxic was perhaps a strong word. But there is no need to tell someone to shut up just because their views differ from your own. I guess my poi t was that people shouldnt be afraid or made to feel bad when they voice an opinion that someone else doesnt agree with, as long as it is done in a fair and respectful manner.
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