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  1. One thing u dont see much or ever tbh is two players coming together in a challenge and both getting up and pushing each other and both getting red cards. WOuld be cool to see this happen obvious not often but yeah
  2. Anyone got any good corner rountines for fm 19? I barely score 2-3 goals from them a season
  3. Can you build up away support My team averages 25K at home yet we only seme to take 250 or so for away games in stadiums of 15-20K. Seems a tad unrealistic?
  4. Far out I've heard at win at all costs but to actually pay a ref in game to win a video game is up there which the most insane haha
  5. Why does Pep have such a high score for what he has won which is like 15 trophies less than Sir alex? Sir alex looks like he has not as much as he should have? How does it actuallt calculate these starting hall of fame scores?
  6. True i am not finding agressive working.. My players press like mad men but I lose shape, eg 3 players chase one player and Centre defenders run off like crazy. Its hectic and counter attacking kills me with long balls and high line
  7. how should i set up in defence for possession football? Should i press hard, high line or sit back retreat to own half
  8. Hey guys struggling a little here PLaying a higher D line, standard line of engagement, more urgent pressing but my team gets hammered on the counter attack late in games.. A3 players all swarm to one player even my CD. Anyway to like take the edge off my pressing ?
  9. I also picked up E.Palacoius he is nice
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