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  1. well iv gone with cautious and extremely urgent and regroup.. is that ok
  2. Hey guys Playing with a standard D line and much lower line of engagement, pressing as much as possible but I guess when I lose possession should I instructe to coutner press or regroup? Also should I use tight marker and an offside trap? Cheers
  3. Friend and I are doing a challenge over a few seasons in the premie league. Does anyone have a good scoring template for certain league positions, cup rounds etc. Cheers
  4. yeah just curious how you would implement their sytle in game
  5. Should I use hold position when lost ball or counter press? Also how important is using be more disciplined?
  6. No i dont want to download i just wanna know some of the in game instructions i might use for a defensive 4-4-2
  7. Any good guides on here with how to defend well with the line of engagment, D line, pressing and narrow or wide def?
  8. Anyone have a decent setup in fm 19 defensive in his classiv 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1? Cheers
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