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  1. Hi all Looking at this one, is there anyway to put on restrictions so that your starting team only has brittish and irish players or sigings? Just scared i will miss one.
  2. good thinking. id like to start in south america so maybe i just load those to start with?
  3. Looking for a good setup for like jounreyman maybe 30 odd leagues.
  4. Looking for solid mids and full backs. bit weak in that area. stacked out wide!
  5. hi guys Anyone have any good ideas for sigings when going up first season from champ? Either free guys, loans or young guys who can be developed?
  6. Trying lower league at the moment but still after a club just struggling to fall in love
  7. also has anyone ever got a good injection of cash? whats the best method to grow, just develop youth?
  8. anyone sold nico Williams? being offered 150 mil for him... plus 50% of next sale.. he is our best player by a mile (starting season 3) but i could grab a few others for this
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