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  1. This would be great mate, thanks. Look forward to it.
  2. If you ever cheat on your wife or girlfriend, she will most likely...
  3. Just had this happen to me, for the first time since 2011 (?). How exciting!
  4. I think, and I may be wrong, if they disagree with your warning / fine, they lose a sportsmanship atrribute point. This could change their personality over time- nothing worse than a model citizen 'downgrading' to resolute or something. At what rating do you fine them? 5.9?
  5. Hiya Smurf, Been keeping an eye on this thread for a while and on your recommendation I've taken the plunge on this one. My current laptop has an Intel i7 5500U... it'll blow that out the water, won't it? Thanks mate.
  6. I know you said you use your DoF for transfers, but do you have a scouting setup as well? Just curious (if so) how you set it up and what criteria you use. I feel it's a part of the game I can improve on. And would it be possible to post a screenshot of your DoF? Thanks mate. Really enjoying the thread!
  7. Good start to the thread. Is there any chance the OP could change the players pics into attribute screenshots please? That would be awesome! Thanks.
  8. My experience with this is that you cannot have a Model Pro at the age of 23 or below. He may have the right hidden attributes (professionalism 20 etc) but he won't be labelled a Model Pro until his 24th birthday. Age has no effect on Model Citizens, as someone else has said. I try to get a Model Citizen HOYD and as many Model Pro / Citizen youth coaches to maximise my chances of a good newgen. Just so you know, I'm no expert at all so I may be wrong - this has been my experience of it.
  9. On the topic of professionalism, I've started a save where I try to make my side as professional as possible. I had my eye on Kompany and Florenzi (both Model Citizens) with regards to a career of tutoring. Florenzi won't budge from Roma, but managed to sign Kompany for £20m in season two. So far, both Gomez and Arnold are now model citizens as well as a couple of newgens. I have Kane and Rulli (Model Professional) and Zobnin (highly versatile Model Professional) tutoring the rest of the youths in the squad. It's really enjoyable and makes a big difference to the squad - I'd recommend it as a save. The only thing I can't make up my mind on is Perfectionists... their low temperament really puts me off, but I know they're professional. I've avoided them for now.
  10. My experience wasn't good with this clause. As Liverpool, I was trying to sign a player from the Mexican league (which wasn't an active league). They locked in the clause, but didn't find a replacement in time and the window shut so the deal fell through. Six months later, and I re-enter negotiations only to find the clause is STILL locked in - bid accepted, wages agreed, held on whilst they looked for a replacement all through the window. They didn't find anyone, and it fell through. If I remember correctly, it happened for a third time and I just gave up. I think though, that had I had the Mexican league active they would have been more active in the transfer market and actually found someone to replace him with.
  11. Good to see a few attributes changed, such as Firminos determination increase, and Lovrens concentration and decisions (I think). Still think Mane is under rated though, although he performs well.
  12. Fingers crossed the custom column widths stop resizing themselves to weird proportions. Might only be a small cosmetic issue, but my god it drives me mad!
  13. Ok, thanks for your reply. I'll see if I can find the transparent base skin to download from somewhere.
  14. stevemc, sorry to interrupt - do you mind me asking what background pack you're using please? It looks really nice. I like your attribute colours too. Great thread everybody, keep up the good work. Enjoy reading it.
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