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  1. Requesting a feeder club, then when the list comes through having to click on each clubs profile page individually to see the Junior Coaching / Youth Recruitment ratings. Can't it just be with the training and youth facility ratings which are displayed by default with the list? There's plenty of room for it. Edit: by list, I mean the group of 4 or 5 clubs you get given the choice of by the board. If you get the luxury of requesting your own club from the lot, the problem is even worse.
  2. This post by Seb suggests that staff can have an effect, it's just your HOYD will have double the effect. Two posts further down, he also states WWY and JPP of your youth staff will effect PA.
  3. Having recently been reading through various threads and learning (correct me if I'm wrong) that U18 coaches Judging Player Potential and Working With Youngsters attributes can effect newgen CA's, I'm wondering about the effect of the physios and sports scientists can have on newgens. I wonder if it's possible if the quality of the U18 medical team can influence the hidden injury proneness attribute of newgens when they are generated, or are they merely there to help youngsters avoid / rehab after injury? Historically I've always tried to fill my U18 staff with positive personalities
  4. Let us know how it goes - will be good to see a screenshot when the details come out. You're nearly there.
  5. Usually I find it doesnt go up that big a jump in one go. In your situation, I'd expect a stadium around about 45,000 that could maybe expand to 60,000. This is just guess work from experience, by the way. Will it have a roof though? Who will it be named after? Exciting times.
  6. Stadium was rebuilt in 2001, so taking into account the 25 year rule for a new stadium would mean it would be at least 2026 until a new one was even considered? It looks like you're close to that date anyway, so maybe hang on another year or so and the option should pop up.
  7. Hi bluestillidie00, love the skin - it's beautiful! Just a quick question... is it possible to change some of the details in the popup player info menu (the little circle you hover over next to players names)? Ideally, on the right i'd like to replace height and weight with preferred foot and personality. I don't even know if this is possible but I thought i'd ask. Thank you so much,
  8. This would be great mate, thanks. Look forward to it.
  9. If you ever cheat on your wife or girlfriend, she will most likely...
  10. Just had this happen to me, for the first time since 2011 (?). How exciting!
  11. I think, and I may be wrong, if they disagree with your warning / fine, they lose a sportsmanship atrribute point. This could change their personality over time- nothing worse than a model citizen 'downgrading' to resolute or something. At what rating do you fine them? 5.9?
  12. Hiya Smurf, Been keeping an eye on this thread for a while and on your recommendation I've taken the plunge on this one. My current laptop has an Intel i7 5500U... it'll blow that out the water, won't it? Thanks mate.
  13. I know you said you use your DoF for transfers, but do you have a scouting setup as well? Just curious (if so) how you set it up and what criteria you use. I feel it's a part of the game I can improve on. And would it be possible to post a screenshot of your DoF? Thanks mate. Really enjoying the thread!
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