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  1. The Egyptian king

    This is how I'm setup. Salah isn't scoring as many as the system @Rashidi is using but the team are as a whole which is good enough for me at the moment. We're 2 points clear of Man City after 14 League games. Salah still has 11 goals and 4 assists in 12 games.
  2. The Egyptian king

    I really struggled to get something like this working at all. I couldn't even get him to have a shot on target never mind score 62 goals in 60 games. Obviously team instructions and player instructions play a part but what I've had success with for Burton and Plymouth did nothing. I lost 2-1 away to Chelsea having 9 shots 1 on target and 36% possession. Ive never had that low before. For whatever reason I can never get Liverpool firing so I never play as them on FM even though they're the team I've supported for over 40 years. Not giving up though!!!!! It'll just take a lot more thinking that usual because I don't normally have to I know what works and what doesn't for the most part so I know I'll make it work.
  3. What did you do to "not defend so deep"? It's not just about your defenders though it's about everybody as a unit defending. Your midfield play a part too and I always think that BWM aren't providing a screen for your back 4. I don't like using them as they can leave their position trying to win the ball and if they don't are caught out of position with noone holding. To start with if I have a 3 man midfield I never use a flat 3 I usually have someone in the DM position and start with the principal of Holder, Runner & Creator and go from there.
  4. Played the same game at home to Southampton with my current 4-1-2-3 formation and it was a 4-0 win.
  5. With the few changes I made it was a 0-0 draw at home to Southampton. Not a bad start but it seemed to lack urgency and the fullbacks didn't join in as much as I'd have liked. There was lots of unnecessary passing in midfield and the striker was isolated a lot. The stats aren't too bad though.
  6. I think you're too deep. Your defensive mentality coupled with Drop Deeper team instruction and noone breaking from midfield. Maybe have one of your BWM's as a BBM and your CM on defend and change the mentality to standard. I might try your system with my Argyle save and see what happens.
  7. Good season so far. It's working well looks like. Promotion maybe on the cards which is great. I'm 2nd with 8 games left 1st season I'll post pictures when I can.
  8. After a little bit of a poor run I changed things quite a bit and am now using this diamond. Forsell was available on a free so picked him up for a little bit of rotation up front but was injured until now.
  9. I wanted to add a couple of players to help 'make a difference' in the attacking sense so Barjonas and Baptista were available. Baptista has disappointed slightly but it's still early days but he has scored 3 but playing in that wide left area. The inside forward role is one I'm a big fan of and want him to get his fair share of the goals. The Segundo Volante is my favourite role on FM ever I think because it gives defensive stability and an attacking threat. Without the ball he falls back into a defensive position alongside the DM but with an attacking duty gets forward and has 3 goals in 9 games and 3 assists. The DLF which is mainly Church has 10 in 9 in all comps. So far so good. Feel free to try it out on our own save if you want to. I don't like using too many team instructions and normally stick to 2 or 3. In my Liverpool and Burton saves I have better players so have Play Out Of Defence too. I feel having a smaller amount of instructions gives the play a more natural feel rather than forcing things too much. That's why I don't really use too many playmaker roles. I tries a False 9 with this but it didn't do what I wanted and found him a bit too deep and not on the end f things. Different things work with different players though so it may have worked with someone else just not with what I have available to me.
  10. It's the one I posted earlier on in the thread. Nothings changed at all. I go between attacking and standard on occasion depending on the opposition but mostly attacking. I want to give them something to worry about instead of the other way around. Just because I'm expected to go down why should I lie down and defend. I like to take the game to them and it's working.
  11. Little update on how the tactic is doing after 5 league games. Seems to be working well. I've changed slightly to a standard mentality from an attacking one.
  12. So I started a save with Argyle and went with this system to start with. Don't have much time at the moment but I've just finished pre-season so after 2 or 3 games into the season I'll post some results.
  13. Losing patience with FM18

    Also I'd try lowering your tempo. This may help your strikers snatching at chances. Another thing I would do is maybe change your striker to a DLF attack and have your attacking midfielder as an AM on support. Your wingers aren't getting far enough forward either to create an option. 1 on attack will add a bit of variety and have a supporting role for your fullback or wingback behind him. That might help a bit. I have an Inside Forward on attack with a support Wingback on the left and a Winger support with a Wingback attack on the right.
  14. Losing patience with FM18

    A Ball Winning Midfielder will generally vacate his position to try and win the ball so he won't sit. You'd probably better off with a Central Midfielder with a defend duty. He will sit rather than go looking to win the ball.
  15. I love a challenge. I'm going to start a new save with Argyle and see what's what. I'll let you know how I get on and see if I can be of any help.