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  1. Ranges from 6.8 - 7.5, but I usually play as semi-pro teams so that's probably got something to do with it.
  2. I have strikers with very different finishing and composure stats who are getting very similar overall returns and my suspicion is that the determination and semi-hidden personality-related attributes of players are more important than I've been giving them credit for.
  3. Until recently I felt much the same way. I had some success with a relegation-expected team with AML and AMR because when I was using an attacking role with them I was also using much lower line of engagement and when a support role just lower so they were around to help out a bit in defence and transition. In more attacking tactics they're prone to get forward too early so that when the ball gets to their zone they end up offside or have pushed up so far the space has gone. Often your striker is on support so if they do get space you can have no one for them to pass to. You also then risk getting countered if you let your centre mids get forward to ping in edge of the area shots because there's no cover on their side. Support roles are often useful and again dropping the line of engagement a bit or even dropping mentality and having some more progressive team or player instructions to compensate will be necessary. It's very tricky to get right and it comes much less naturally to me than a 442 so if I'm planning to use something with AML/R even as a secondary tactic I'll do a couple of preseason matches on at least comprehensive highlights to see if players are arriving at the right places at roughly the right time and repeatedly adjust mentality, line of engagement etc based on highlights to try and get everything to "sync" - FM20 seems very "all or nothing" so one small change can make a big difference. I remember that with both the flat and advanced versions "play narrower" made it work better as it helped the wide players have more "contact" with the striker.
  4. Good post. This is the sort of thing I find very useful as someone who tends to be able to come up with a logical tactical idea that works but then not be able to understand how to improve it when results tail off, usually rage quitting in season 2!
  5. Depends on your team really. If you're good at marking, positioning, tackling, heading and so on but your defence has poor pace then it can be the right way to go. Got to have a couple of players in attacking roles so you have an "out ball", and often you'll need to play direct. If you try playing out from the back when your tactic encourages the opponent to be camping in your half and you're likely to be making challenges to win the ball close to your own goal you're going to struggle to do anything on the counter and then it's just attack vs defence.
  6. Presuming you're playing the two together given their statuses. I'd see Gonzalez as a pressing forward in support duty with shoots from distance and shoots with power. Might think about unlearning does not dive into tackles if go down that route. Alternatively I might have him as a target man on support with the same shooting PPMs, though only if playing a counter attack based strategy where he's likely to find some space rather than being right up against the defensive line where his jumping reach might be a problem. Would consider adding comes deep to get ball in that case. I'd then have Thiago as a poacher with runs with ball through centre, rounds keeper and places shots. Or you could play him as an inside forward on the right with cuts inside.
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