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  1. Good to see you lurking around. Please tell me you will be posting some tactics this year 🤞
  2. Adding those instructions may help keep right IF and Mezzala further apart. As an added bonus keeps AI defence on their toes if altering instruction in match. Giving it a go.
  3. Yes being doing that. Seems to pile on the pressure. Also changing to WB attack duty both sides and upping def line seems to put pressure on. Perhaps will leave def line if it is raised by mentality any way. thanks for sharing the tactic.
  4. @FuSSDo you have a Hail Mary approach when you are entering final throw of the game and really need to score? interested in thoughts. Beautiful tactic by the way. Plays some lovely stuff.
  5. Thank you for the response. Appreciate it. I am sure you are right. They are working for me but I have to work very hard with them and familiarity is an issue due to the changes. Will maybe concentrate on one and tweak from there. Now working on a 451 on that basis as I find it to be the most balanced formation. thanks again.
  6. I would be grateful for some thoughts on the various tactics versions I am using in the three slots. i always like to have a base tactic, a more aggressive version and a more countering version to suit match situations. Have been using the ones below with some success but would be grateful for a critical eye. Like to keep them simple without many special roles TIs or PIs. first the base tactic Idea is to have a balanced/flexible system with shorter passing to start matches with. No added PIs. More Attacking version with higher pressure. Both wingbacks have cross more often
  7. No worries. So do I. Still plenty to learn from well crafted ones. Understood though.
  8. @OJ firstly, many thanks for sharing your thoughts around this tactical system. I always appreciate the effort some members of this community go to with providing their thoughts around how they play the game in order to assist others in different ways of playing this wonderful game. If I was asked to articulate how I wished to play this game and visualise how I would like to see any team I manage playing the game then I would be struggling to describe it any better than you have pointed out in your opening post. It is exactly the way I would like to see my team playing and would commit to t
  9. Agree that this website has a huge amount of useful information. it is a difficult and overwhelming read at times though! in FM18 they gave some great example tactics that were great to build on. Difficult to work out what the best team and player instructions for each style are though from info on the website. Be brilliant if it was laid out in a simpler way. Your tactic looks great though and i have built some good ones myself using the info supplied from guidetofm.
  10. @Y2Jones are there plans to do any more analysis? This was a great read and very interesting. Great to read an in-depth read of a tactic. You learn so much. Have developed my own 352 but always happy to pick things up. Would love to understand your thought process in matches more. What is the thinking behind moving LOE? I move it up when applying pressure or trying to keep attacking opponent at bay but lower it if coming up against a brick wall to try and get them to come out. Never tend to move defensive line from higher unless lots of balls going over the top which isn’t very often.
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