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  1. Anyone else missing a horizontal line from each 6 yd box in the 3D match engine? Only started recently!
  2. Agree that this website has a huge amount of useful information. it is a difficult and overwhelming read at times though! in FM18 they gave some great example tactics that were great to build on. Difficult to work out what the best team and player instructions for each style are though from info on the website. Be brilliant if it was laid out in a simpler way. Your tactic looks great though and i have built some good ones myself using the info supplied from guidetofm.
  3. Away from home at the moment but an example would be my HOYD. Regen Kai MacDonald who has determination 15 man Managment 20 motivating 16 jpa 20 jpp 20 judging staff 20 negotiating 16 tactical knowledge 16 all of his coaching attributes are over 15 with attacking and tactical at 20. he is happy to be working with me in German Liga 3 on £1.7k a week. Should be managing Liverpool!
  4. Is it just me or are the attributes for staff in the German lower leagues off the chart. Picking up staff that Liverpool would snap up! Think it might be an issue.
  5. @Y2Jones are there plans to do any more analysis? This was a great read and very interesting. Great to read an in-depth read of a tactic. You learn so much. Have developed my own 352 but always happy to pick things up. Would love to understand your thought process in matches more. What is the thinking behind moving LOE? I move it up when applying pressure or trying to keep attacking opponent at bay but lower it if coming up against a brick wall to try and get them to come out. Never tend to move defensive line from higher unless lots of balls going over the top which isn’t very often. I see that you sometimes move to a 4411. What is the thinking behind that and how is it constructed? Are there other formations you move to in a match? I sometimes move my DLP from the 3 man midfield in my 352 to AM which can be effective. Also CWB up to the wings if really needing to attack. From your thread you mention swapping defensive midfielder from Anchor man/defensive midfielder/half back what is the thought process? Also what effects does the situational PIs have on the match for your tactic? Any info on any of the above would help my learning and hopefully can transfer some tips to my own tactic Great thread well done. Great to see well thought out threads. I would lap up any more info and hope the thread isn’t finished
  6. Thank you very much or sharing. Haven’t tried yet but will give it a go at some stage. It is always great to see tactics laid out with details behind the thought process and the types of players and attributes that make it most effective. It seems to fit in with many other successful tactics that employ an attacking mentality with a high press (albeit through pi). It also appears to utilise the sensible choice of playing a riskier mentality with lower tempo and passing length which works well in my experience. The one thing I am always interested in from those who write up the more successful tactics is how they modify them in certain circumstances. I feel that is the part I can really learn from. For instance if you were being overwhelmed by an opponent do you do something different? Lower mentality but increase tempo and passing length for example? Do you change any roles? Knowing how you adapt would be of most interest to me. In any of my own tactics I have a base I would use to probe the opposition, a version that is more expansive and one that is more cautious allowing opponent to come on to me before hopefully countering them. This tends to work really well. However, that is just me and how I play. It may be that you just play this one way and have them always adapt to you. Anyway just interested in your thoughts thanks again for sharing
  7. @VinceLombardi Are you still developing your playbook? I’m still using it and enjoying experimenting with various things. Still works great. Haven’t heard from you in a while.
  8. This was an enlightening read and contains some solid principles I will try to incorporate into my own tactics. It is especially interesting the positive effect small changes to roles and duties can have. I am always interested in examples of this. What I find difficult at times is to fully understand the effects the TIs can have under the hood on the match engine. For example I am not sure that I have always appreciated that tempo has an effect on passing and wbib and pood also can have an effect on each other. Thus I’m not sure even having read your thread whether I still fully understand the effects. Is there a source that explains the effects of TIs in greater detail than contained in the game to further understand this?
  9. Interesting. I have experienced this kind of thing many times in the season with Liverpool on the journeyman save. What you have described above works well. The team has a great deal of pace and skill and given we have won 23 games drawn 2 and lost only one in the league I am coming up a against a lot of parked buses home and away. I almost exclusively use 34 formation away from home and the nickle at home. My experience of dealing with matches is mostly based around decisions taken on TIs and using the base formations. If really trying to force things then really attacking space on the left or the right along with tempo changes (no huddle) or changing to two strikers is very effective. If the opposition is backing off control TI works very well. The cover TI and base formations is very solid when protecting what you have or taking on difficult matches. Beat Man City away doing this and they are very strong in my save which is now in 2024.Pep still there and have won EPL last four years. in game shouts of demand more and get creative have an effect. Finally attention to player traits and getting the right personnel for the positions is critical. Football is great and this team is having great success but keeping Man City at bay is challenging in this save as despite the run of wins I am only 4 points ahead.Hopefully on track to end Liverpool’s long wait to win title in my first season. All in all the system is brilliant has lots of variety and is great fun to use and experiment with. Love it. Congratulations -many people would get a lot of enjoyment using it . I know sharing has helped you sort it out in your own head but very glad you did!
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