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  1. I'm taking a shot to add the lower Croatian leagues. One of the things that baffles me at the moment is that in advanced rules there are 3 different second tier leagues (or rules). The number of teams in the second tier is changing next year from 18 down to 16 so I'm guessing these multiple rulesets deal with that. One is for the starting (current) season with 18 teams. Three teams will get relegated and from the second season the competition will have 16 teams. So the ruleset named 'Croatian Second League (default 16 teams)' makes sense as the one that would be used from the
  2. Huh, you're right. I didn't understand it properly the first time. Thanks to both of you!
  3. I was referring to the red comment rather than any comments. I'm not using comments in the editor and I got those only by accidentally clicking in the wrong place. They are bothering me a bit and I'd like to get rid of them if possible.
  4. I got comments to show up in pre-game editor for certain items (attributes) but now I want them gone. How can I get rid of the comment fields showing in the editor?
  5. Hi @Weiry with 21.4 update out the old issues surfaced up. I managed to re-verify almost all the nations, some with minor adjustments, but Bosnia and Hungary are beyond my expertise. It looks like the issues are the same as when 21.3 got released so I'm hoping you still remember the magic you did then so you can apply it again to have the files work with 21.4. Pretty please...
  6. Is the file missing in the first post or is it just that the file name contains 21.3 in the name by mistake?
  7. Subscribing to the file in Steam doesn't work for me for some reason. Is it possible that you could share the file for classic download?
  8. I'm sorry if this was covered before but I just cannot find the answer out there and I'm still unsure how it works... When you list a player for loan and set fields 'Playing Wage Percentage' and 'Unused Wage Percentage' to 100%, does that mean that you will pay 100% of the wage or the club that takes the player on loan?
  9. Actually, relegating the worst team that is 4th from bottom among the 3 championships is the official rule as far as gathered from Hungarian links. I just don't know how to do it.
  10. This one is actually relatively easy to fix. You can do it in editor with basic rules. In 'Kup Federacije...' General section change 'Number of teams in competition' to 285. Change number of teams for 'Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine' competition to 285. Then in Cup Rounds section adjust number of matches to 29 and teams added to 58 in the first round, and in the second round change added teams to 227. But this only moves you one step further. Out of 34 Weiry's files, Bosnian was the only one I wasn't able to update to the newest DB. Whichever league I try to verify I keep getting the
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