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  1. Thanks Chef. How your tactic doing so far? Have you used the Gegenpress presets to start?
  2. Hello Chef, Can you show us what PA's you set? Also, can you show us the staff's you hired? As you said, this year it's very hard to find good staff. Thanks
  3. My contribution for this issue to be solved. Still facing some lag during the 3D matches. Thanks. CPU.docx GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  4. Hello, Finished my second season, with some great results. I was able to retain the League and won the Champions League against Liverpool. But the most difficult game was the semi final against Man City. Lost the first leg at home, then won on penalties at Manchester. Time to start third season pre season. I´ll try to retain my team, but everyone are being chase by major European teams. So far, only major lose was De Jong to Barcelona, but this was already know at the very beginning of my save. From my youth intake, so far only normal youths. No one that deserves a spot at principal squad. I´ll keep you post for the third season transfers later.
  5. Hello @AndySummers, what are the major tactic change you do during the matches? When you face better teams and when you face team you know you will beat easily? Only change from balanced to positive/attacking? To hold, go to Defensive? DO you change any player role to face better teams?
  6. Nice. I'm starting my pre season in second year with Ajax, and might change to WM tactic based in your inputs and Clean thread. I'll try to keep De Ligt, as this tactic plays with only one DC. I'll have to go to market for 2 HB (or 1 Anchor and 1 HB), as I didn't produce good players on this position in the first season. Might be using Blind and another one, as De Jong will leave. Thanks for the tips on this WM tactic at the beginning of this thread.
  7. Hello @AndySummers, WIll you continue using the WM this season? How is the performance in defense?
  8. @Cleon just a quick off topic question. What camera you use on replays above?
  9. Hello @zlatanera, Can you detail a little more your tactic and PI? First season Champions league winner I think it was a great achievement. You only change from Positve/Cautious? Thanks
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