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  1. I started a save with this update with Ajax, but start date in Netherlands is August 10th. Can you set this date to start earlier, as with this, I missed the first 3 games of the season. Thanks @Darkness89
  2. Hello.. Anyone knows if I can run FM21 in Microsoft Surface 6, with Core I7, 16 GB ram, but with a shared video card as Intel UHD GRAPHICS 620 model?? Is this machine good enough to run 3d matches or just 2d? Thanks
  3. Is it possible to import graphics to XBOX version, just like we do in PC version? Player pictures, kits, etc?
  4. I tried the same formation from picture above, but did not get it all Positive. So I reached to this: Complete Forward and Ball Playing Def are set do Balanced. All other positions set to Positive. I'll test this with Barcelona, simulation 1 season.
  5. I'm tryng to replicate this in FM21, and so far I got this, based on first post: I did not tested yet, just set the positions and formation. What do you guys think I can change?
  6. Nice. I´ll try something like this later today. Get everyone with attacking mentality still impossible, right?
  7. Did you checked the mentality on each position? Can you show a picture of your tactic?
  8. Hi @Andrew James, just to know, it will be possible to fix this before full release, or just after full release? Thanks.
  9. Anyone knows if this bug will be fixed only with the release, or there´s a chance for a beta patch? Training- Training Schedules currently cannot be imported Thanks.
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