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  1. @Cleon just a quick off topic question. What camera you use on replays above?
  2. Hello @zlatanera, Can you detail a little more your tactic and PI? First season Champions league winner I think it was a great achievement. You only change from Positve/Cautious? Thanks
  3. Hello @Cleon, Saw your post last week on this. This is a good time to get this thread a revival, isn´t it?
  4. I´m 40, and I´m from Brazil. Playing since CM97/98.
  5. Just a quick question. What you guys recommend for a regular FM player? Play with this public Beta version, or wait for this version to be released as retail version?
  6. Hello O-zil, out of this topic, but I used your Arsenal Invincibles with Ajax in Fm2019 with great success so far. Hope you have time to play Fm2019 this year and produce some great threads again.
  7. Good feedbacks the last two above. Really waiting for this version to go public. Thanks SI.
  8. Any suggestions for coach to hire for Dortmund?
  9. So far, almost the perfect season with Ajax. Doing some rotations, and a lot of the youngs are getting playing time. I'm using a version of The Arsenal Invincible, shared some time ago from Cleon and Ozil The Arsenal: https://community.sigames.com/topic/373859-arsene-wengers-invincibles/ https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/arsenal-invincibles-part-one So far it's working pretty well.
  10. Hello @Cleon, Besides City, what other teams are recommended to try possession tactic?
  11. Hello @Cleon, any chance you still have the pictures from first page?
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