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  1. Lurker alert Any of you about in the Meyzieu area tonight/tomorrow? Found myself in Lyon randomly for the match, might have a spare ticket too, not that there seems to have been a shortage
  2. You like saying Goretex, don't you?
  3. MJC

    Android Phone

    It's a change in Sense 5.5. There are ways around it, none of which are perfect. This is probably the easiest, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.jraf.android.nolock&hl=en
  4. MJC

    The Mayor of Toronto

  5. MJC

    Champions of Europe 2012/13 Thread

    Guys over on Jazeera the other night briefly mentioned Spain playing without a recognized a striker at the Euro's. Would never happen, even moreso in the league - but with Torres still lacking his mojo and no one ready to fill in until Jan at the earliest, could it in some way work? Certainly got enough talent in the middle, and hypothetically only an injury to Torres away from it being forced on you.
  6. MJC

    Lance Armstrong is charged by USADA

    Came across this today http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/biking/road-biking/My-Life-With-Lance-Armstrong.html
  7. Point is that its incredibly naive to go to a country where F1's presence is nothing but a vanity project for the government expecting the situation not to worsen, when the entire focus of the past 14 months has been against said government. How they've managed to keep up this pretense that everything's fine and managed to get the F1 circus in town is beyond me. Those Zayani quotes really highlight the incompetents in charge and how things are run. Rumours are that protesters are buying tickets for the race (still think something big enough will happen by Sunday for the race not to happen). Hey, at least the stands will be full for a change.
  8. MJC

    Great Gaming Theme Tunes.

    Guybrush Threepwood
  9. MJC

    Singles Thread - keeping it in the family since 2012

    Yeah sure why not. Currently basking in my singledom, do however have a very interesting Lebanese girl chasing me. Really can't be ****ed atm so just playing things super cool