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  1. Which panel uses the boxes I marked in blue? I want to adjust the dimensions.
  2. Bunu duyduğuma sevindim. eski fmf. dosyayı silip kullanabilirsiniz
  3. The fmf you will open from Extract Archive. Select the file and upload. Then a section will open asking where you want to save the file you opened. Find the folder you want, select it and that's it. I hope I can explain.
  4. You can open fmf files by installing football manager 2023 resource archiver program from Steam.
  5. "panels/widgets" Download the file below and put it in the folder match players bar widget.xml
  6. Hello everyone I'm trying to create my own skin. I want to delete the top part in the player overview dropdown but I couldn't find the solution. Can you help me?
  7. Teşekkür ederim. Yanlış yere konu açtığım için de özür dilerim
  8. Yeşil alanın rengini değiştirebileceğim kodları bulamadım? I couldn't find any codes to change the color of the green field?
  9. How can we set injuries to 50% from the editor. I want to do it but I can't find how to change what?
  10. Taktik bölümünde ki işaretli olan kondisyon kodları hangi paneldedir?
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