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  1. I've bought the game every year since 2014 and in that time, the version with the least hours play time is still at 1318 hours so this is absolutely good value for the money. I can't think of another game (excluding free-to-play games) where I can get better value for my money. To think that all they do every year is squad updates is extremely narrow sighted and ignores every bit of hard work that SI put into the games every year.
  2. Yeah, using the search bar should allow you to find him. Question, was the league added when you created the save and was it fully added or just view only? If it wasn't added at the beginning or was added in view only, not all players are loaded in.
  3. Have you tried going to Porto and checking he's not in the B team? Also, have you checked their transfer history to see if they sold him at any point.
  4. Ahh I see. I guess it was a random pick then.
  5. Looking at the last screenshot, I gather that you lost against PSPS? If so, I imagine they went through because of your head-to-head record.
  6. Don't worry, I figured it out. Didn't realise you had to go and find the stadium separate to the club itself. Thread can be closed now. Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, I'm messing about with the editor trying to create a custom DB for an online save with some friends and I'm trying to change the stadium name but every time I do, the field just goes blank and I'm not sure if the name is changed or not. Please can someone clarify what I'm doing wrong please? Or if there is an alternative way to do it that would be better.
  8. A player's information about their favourite club(s) is in the Overview > Information section. However, sometimes you do have to scout the player before the information is revealed, but it will say scouting required if this is the case.
  9. It's funny you mention this as I've also had Lennon go to Juve in 2022. He didn't have too much luck there (only winning the Suppercopa), but in 2024 he went to Benfica and he's sweeping the trophies there (and is still there to date - I'm half way through the 26/27 season). I've also had Lennon go to PSG in the second season on previous saves. It seems the Celtic success somewhat skews the AI's judgement. Messi is currently managing Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. I've got Frank Lampard managing Celtic and Stuart Kettlewell is Chelsea manager, they've been through many ma
  10. So this unheard of person has just taken charge of Eintracht Frankfurt and the fans are questioning his appointment.
  11. Is the stadium named after your manager? Cause that'd be even cooler.
  12. Well neither are what they used to be, but it would still be impressive! And given all the rumours flying around, it wouldn't surprise me if it did happen.
  13. I remember on CM06 I always tried to buy Messi for Man Utd whenever I had a save with them. Sometimes it worked but most times it did not. On the more recent FM's I have managed to sign him but it's only ever on a free when his contract runs out. In my current save, he went to Juventus for a couple of years and then him and Ronaldo retired at the same time
  14. Could be the contents of the contract offer. It could also be that they just don't want to move country.
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