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  1. I think that much is pretty evident, I've just never known a Cup Final to be rearranged.
  2. They literally just moved the Carabao Cup Final for a FA Cup game...
  3. I say accept it. £250mil doesn't come every day!
  4. By the looks of things, he hasn't accepted your offer yet. If he had it would say 'provisionally agreed to sign professional deal on X date' (or something to that effect.
  5. Hi guys, I'm hoping that one of you wizards can help me. I'm doing a editor file for me and a couple of friends (as I've done in past FM games) and it's a simple edit where we have no players, but a very large transfer budget and wage budget. In this case, £250mil transfer and £2.5mil wage (and a £500mil balance). In previous years, I've done this without issue and everything works just fine. However, this time in FM21, I make the same changes I've done before and on the face of it, everything appears to be fine, but when I look a little deeper, my finances page (and my friend
  6. I share this sentiment, though it's my first time having to use the 25-29 age bracket...
  7. I've bought the game every year since 2014 and in that time, the version with the least hours play time is still at 1318 hours so this is absolutely good value for the money. I can't think of another game (excluding free-to-play games) where I can get better value for my money. To think that all they do every year is squad updates is extremely narrow sighted and ignores every bit of hard work that SI put into the games every year.
  8. Yeah, using the search bar should allow you to find him. Question, was the league added when you created the save and was it fully added or just view only? If it wasn't added at the beginning or was added in view only, not all players are loaded in.
  9. Have you tried going to Porto and checking he's not in the B team? Also, have you checked their transfer history to see if they sold him at any point.
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