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  1. Whey! World Cup Win incoming. I say if you win the world cup, then you're entitled to chose any team from now on.
  2. Then I stand corrected. I haven't had a groundshare in any of my saves so I assumed it was the case.
  3. Good to see you back! I've missed getting updates on this
  4. I assume that the game is programmed to not ground share with rivals.
  5. Hope everything goes okay! Even if you can't resurrect the save, then I'm sure there's an opportunity to start a new challenge!
  6. Irrespective of that last game. You can be proud that you ever so nearly achieved promotion with a team destined to go down. Dare I say it, but you nearly pulled off a Leicester.
  7. It wasn't Juve. It was Valencia. That's what makes it funny. Valencia signing Valencia
  8. Playoffs! Woop woop! You didn't just get the result, you smashed it
  9. He's the guy heading up McLaren's F1 programme so he's got a couple of backups!
  10. Great job on staying up again! How long do you think it'll be before you can put forward a promotion push?
  11. Awesome job! Back to back promotions. Should be a shoe-in for the England job now
  12. I'd be very interested to see the groups they were in to not top them
  13. 1.2mil a week!?! Seriously? I know it's Messi, but still.
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