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  1. I never said it shouldn't. Just pointed out the likely reason for it being the way it was.
  2. It's probably because the stadium exists as two entities in FM. For Milan, it's the San Siro and for Inter it's the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Because the exist separately, the game probably doesn't recognise that they are in fact the same stadium. Though on a side note, there is talk IRL of the San Siro/Stadio Giuseppe Meazza being demolished and redeveloped so it could be that that's happened in game and there are two actually different stadiums now, given that you're far enough in the save for it to happen.
  3. Does this happen to anyone else? Literally every save I've played (and the same with some friends of mine) Nuno is always on my worst opinion list. In this save I've never managed in the same league with him or faced a team he manages. He always ends up disliking Human managers.
  4. Marxism is making a return in the form of German/Italian Goalkeeping:
  5. I think that much is pretty evident, I've just never known a Cup Final to be rearranged.
  6. They literally just moved the Carabao Cup Final for a FA Cup game...
  7. I say accept it. £250mil doesn't come every day!
  8. By the looks of things, he hasn't accepted your offer yet. If he had it would say 'provisionally agreed to sign professional deal on X date' (or something to that effect.
  9. Hi guys, I'm hoping that one of you wizards can help me. I'm doing a editor file for me and a couple of friends (as I've done in past FM games) and it's a simple edit where we have no players, but a very large transfer budget and wage budget. In this case, £250mil transfer and £2.5mil wage (and a £500mil balance). In previous years, I've done this without issue and everything works just fine. However, this time in FM21, I make the same changes I've done before and on the face of it, everything appears to be fine, but when I look a little deeper, my finances page (and my friend
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