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  1. This is an interesting Champions League First Knockout Round draw in my 2024/25 season. With the exception of Dundee United, every team I've managed in this Journeyman save has qualified too.
  2. I think option 2 looks the best, though I would add that it needs the year the club was founded seeing as it's a centenary logo. Special shout out for number 1 though as it's a really clever design.
  3. I'd have said it's what Dreams are made of but yours is better.
  4. My actual PC is nothing too special. Though it is covered in stickers and glows green on the inside. It's more that it's connected to a 42" 4K TV so I get to see a lot of FM information on one screen
  5. You can ask them about representing your country but only after they have obtained the nationality.
  6. It depends if the player wants to take up a second nationality. Not all of them do and just want to have their birth nationality. Players also often take it for league registration rules rather than to play for the country, especially if they feel they have a better chance with their birth nation (or they just really want to play for their birth nation). Also, some nations don't allow dual nationality (Turkey being the only one I know about for definite).
  7. If sarcasm was in your sentences, why would you create a post such as this one? Commenting on another thread is one thing, but to create a wholly unnecessary thread about it is something else.
  8. Have you looked into why he's not doing so well? Is he a good tactical fit for your team? What is Martinez's preferred role? Are Aguero and Jesus a better fit for your tactics? Could it just be first season bedding in problems? Check the players coach reports and that should tell you their strengths and weaknesses so you might get a better understanding of what's going on
  9. The Milan derby is a rather fierce one. It's mostly to do with the financial aspect and also I believe it's because of limited space in Milan for a Stadium of such proportions. It's also quite a common affair for Italian clubs to stadium share. Lazio and Roma both share the Stadio Olympico for example.
  10. Thought I'd ask to be sure. I'm guessing it's the case that the players in question don't want to take up the Serbian Nationality. They'll have take the citizenship as it can help with eligibility but some players either don't want to be dual nationals or doing so means they lose their other nationality as some nations (I believe Turkey is one example) don't allow dual nationality.
  11. Stupid question, but have you spoken to the player about representing Serbia? Sometimes you can't call up a player that has dual nationality until you've had this conversation.
  12. I think I did well in this week's Team of the Week...
  13. How far into the game is this and what squad does PSG have? Winning all but the two games they played against you is very impressive, especially for the AI!
  14. Tell me about it! Messi and Silva were free transfers. Aguero was 45mil and Modric was 5mil. Granted they're all on the wrong side of 30, but it's still a formidable team!
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