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  1. This happens when the club has a takeover. There isn't much you can do but accept the transfers (if they go through) and then play them or sell them on if you don't want them.
  2. So this happened in my save...identical record in the league. Just goal difference separating them... Get's even more interesting. City needed just a draw on the final day of the season (or to maintain their goal difference over Spurs in the event of defeat) then they went and lost 2-0 and Spurs won 3-0 to snatch the title away!
  3. This is actually rather a cool sounding thing to do. If I had dual screens, then I certainly would do it too
  4. My main one relates to numbers. Star players always get their 'preferred' squad numbers. If there are two players who want the same number, then whoever has been at the club longest get's their preferred number and the other one gets something inline with the below. Striker numbers always end in 9. Main play maker gets either 8 or 10 depending on the above and what I think will suit them better. Second play maker gets the other one. 4, 5 & 6 go to my first choice CBs and holding midfielder, the above depends on which gets which. If my CB is my captain he will get 5, don't know why, just always done it that way. Goalkeepers get 1, 13 and 25, 1 for most senior and 25 for cup keeper. My main left winger gets 11, right gets 7 (think Giggs & CR7). Numbers 17 and 22 go to my second choice left and right wingers, doesn't matter which gets which. 3 for LB. 2 for RB (think Evra and G Nev). Youth players get numbers from 35 and up. Once a player becomes a first team regular, a more appropriate number will be assigned (if available). Players don't lose their numbers unless they leave the club permanently, they may lose them during a loan move if I'm looking to move the player on. When I join a new club, numbers are a free for all. My non number thing is constantly searching for the best youth players in the game. Every time I start a new save, I keep telling myself that I won't do it but I just can't stop myself.
  5. You should be able to add them to your training camp squad on the signing email. Alternatively you can go to the registration page (under the squad area) to register. Not sure if you can remove players if you have a full squad though.
  6. There's nothing wrong with the logic in all fairness. The more players there are in the DB, then the more options any manager has to improve their squad (or replace potential outgoings). If there are multiple players who can improve your squad then you're going to get the one that represents the most value for money. So say there are 3 CBs who you can buy, each are 4 star players for your squad. You have a preference for target A, but their team wants more than you're prepared to pay, so you move on to target B and so on. If there was only the one player, then you'd be more likely to pay what the selling team is asking for. Think of your example the other way, Liverpool paid 70+ million for VVD and Alisson, not because they wanted to, but more because these players were the only realistic options for them for what they needed, a world class CB and GK. These amounts were unprecedented for a defender or a goal keeper at the time and people said they overpaid.
  7. Question: how do you have your database set up? If you have too many players loaded for not enough leagues then it can make it very difficult to sell players for large amounts because there are lots of options out there that the AI will go and find instead. It does make buying easier though. The opposite is also true where not enough players in too many leagues makes it difficult to buy but easier to sell.
  8. Well this isn't the kind of scoreline you'd expect in a Champions League game between these two...Including 4 goals after the 85th minute
  9. I've always used a 4-2-3-1 formation, always loved it and have always used wingers, I love to play as wide as possible and really stretch the game. Used it way back when in the days of Championship Manager 2006 (the crap Eidos one which was my first of these games). When I came back to the genre with FM14, I used this formation again and have used it in every game since. Always done me proud. In FM18, I did tweak it a bit to 4-3-3 (I'll explain below) when I ran out of AMCs that I liked further into the save and have occasionally switched to this in FM19 and will probably do it in FM20 too. My 4-2-3-1 either Control Possession (Attacking) or Gengenpress (Positive) depending on if I feel I can dominate the game or not. AF(a) IF(a) AP(s) W(s) DLP(s) BBM(s) WB(s) BPD(d) BPD(d) WB(s) SK(s) My 4-3-3 (same mentalities as above) AF(a) IF(a) W(s) BBM(s) AP(a) BBM(s) WB(s) BPD(d) BPD(d) WB(s) SK(s) In both formations, sometimes one of the BBMs is a BWM(d) depending one who I have available and who I'm playing against.
  10. Has the player come to speak to you about it? That's when you know that the player wants to leave. Much like real life, don't believe every news story you read. Also I've found that the figure quoted can change from one article to another. Often when it comes to the other team making an offer, they're never going to spend that much and even if they were to pay it in the end, it never comes from the first offer. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself would you be prepared to lose the player (it looks like you are) and would you realistically want to sell to a direct rival (this is the bit where you're hesitant). Once you've worked that out you need to think of the minimum amount that you'd be happy to let him go for and negotiate from there.
  11. I was in your exact same situation (even down to being at the same club) where I kept appointing myself as being in charge of loans but it kept going back to the Loan Manager (I figured it was because that's the only job he's got at the club) so I fired him and I haven't had the issue since. Now I'm free to control who does and doesn't go where when it comes to my loans
  12. You could train said player to not dive into tackles... Also, I believe there is a team/player instruction to tell them not to dive into tackles and to stay on his feat
  13. He takes penalties and free kicks for Rangers IRL so it's not overly surprising. Was gonna add the below too but someone beat me to it!
  14. Quick question, how much was/is the player 'worth' in game and how much were you bidding to pay? I've not yet played FM20 so I don't know if this is something game specific, but iirc, in previous iterations of the game the board would block transfers if they felt you were paying far too much. If this is not the case, given that this is a new release, I would raise it in the bug forum
  15. Fulham I'm not so bothered about and Charlton would probably be on there if it wasn't for the fact that I was on some course when I was about 17/18 and a part of it involved Charlton and a fair few of the first team players came along so I have great respect for them in that regard. See, I refuse to sign Neymar. Don't like his attitude at all, plus I had him on one of my saves and I dropped him because of poor form and he just couldn't take it so I shipped him off.
  16. As a Man Utd fan, I will never play as Liverpool, Man City or Arsenal. With Gillingham being my local team, I would never play as Swindon or Millwall. As a Dortmund fan (I ended up following them quite a lot in the late 2000's [after a save on an old FIFA and CM game] and have always been a fan since) I won't ever play as Schalke or Bayern Munich.
  17. So checking what the standings are after all the groups games have been played in the Champions League and come across this gem...
  18. Yes, you are correct @s0ni42 the stars are relevant to your squad. Check your scout reports to see what level they are playing at
  19. Firstly, congrats on the unlikely promotion. It's a really good feeling achieving something like that. With regards to contracts, if they're on long term deals, I wouldn't offer them a new one just for the sake of it. Maybe if there's some interest in them, then do so (but only if it doesn't break the bank). Once I finish a season, I usually work out who I want to keep and who I want to move on and then scout for relevant replacements. I only schedule friendlies once my pre-season start date is determined. If I get a promotion and I don't think I can sustain it in the league above (especially with shock promotions), I might see what job offers are out there and use my 'risen stocks' to get myself a better job offer either in the same country or abroad.
  20. Here's some of my best. This first one was a friendly (9-6), but it was against Inter so I guess it counts. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889155188 This was a 7-1 Champions League win against Barca. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1248621039 Lastly, not the finished result, but a German Cup game (early on I believe) where I was 7-0 up after 10 minutes. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235867752 Interestingly, they were all on FM17!
  21. Difficult to tell from the screenshot, but either 1-1 or 2-1.
  22. @HUNT3R has a point there with the agent. If you don't have a good relationship with them, they will demand higher amounts as they won't want their clients there. Another point to add, have you tried to go for him before? If so they may be less likely to want to go there after things didn't work the first time.
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