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  1. The game itself seems to have a implemented that. I'm not able to get the youngsters from West Ham or QPR, but League 1 teams do let their younger players go on loan to Dorking. Scouting younger players from nearby premier league teams gives me a more realistic approach to the "here is a list of hot prospects released by their clubs". I would think Dorking would be keeping a list of local high profile youngsters and would try to sign them when they become available. As for expanding scouting territory: I would only consider it if the club went professional and is struggling to find player
  2. I currently gave my scout the assignment to go scout all u23 and u18 squads a one hour drive away from dorking. sometimes they cannot make a report because there is no information to get on a team (no players, no competition). But i like the fact that tour squad says there are a couple of good signings around here, no point on getting a Package trying to get info on northern based players.
  3. It actually is a prettig quick way to scout an entire team. Right now, this way of scouting got me a quick view of potential signings and loans from Sutton and Woking. Interesting players for loans appear in the scoutingmenu where I decide to get a better look at them. I think I might expand my scouting zone when my club gets a higher profile as it would appeal more to players living further.
  4. Hi guys, new to the forum and joined it exactly for a topic like this. I've been playing fm since CM 97/98 and am hooked on the series ever since. The last few years I turned away from quick succes games and started playing fm the llm way. It didn't bring me much succes or trophies, but a lot more satisfaction actually reaching something (even escaping relegation). I always start unemployed, no badges or reputation, no player search, every signing from scouts or staff recommendation, no quitting, self build tactics, ... and it's the only way I enjoy playing fm for a while. I cam
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