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  1. Actually just came in to post that. I was roaring with laughter all the way through it. I still think Ann Coulter is the greatest satirist of our time.
  2. Hopefully a good prospect for the future, but he'd better be as cover for Trippier rather than a replacement.
  3. Glad that this has been done relatively early in the window so we can hopefully go about putting some of that money to good use. Wouldn't expect us to be spending much this summer, but hopefully we'll see at least a million of that transfer fee go on strengthening the squad. Good luck to Jay Rod and keep your mucky paws off Tripper, Southampton.
  4. Don't really think he'll do it, but saw him at 50/1 for top scorer with William Hill the other day. Was tempted to just throw a quid or two on that. It's not like the defences of England, France and Ukraine are anything to shout about.
  5. Will actually hang myself if we sell Trippier to Southampton now.
  6. Tell you what, it's quite nice to be on the side that benefits from an inflated transfer fee for a change. Just sat here laughing at all the moaning that's going on about the Jay Rod transfer fee on twitter.
  7. Well, I certainly did not expect to see anywhere near £7 million for Jay Rod, so if he must go, at least we're getting a fantastic price for him. Cue mass panic about over inflated transfer fees for English players.
  8. Yeah, I can't say I'm too concerned about the Chris McCann thing. If Swansea do buy him, then £2m is a good price. If they don't, I just hope he can recover something approaching the form he showed prior to this injury. The one that worries me is Trippier. If we sell him, it would cost a fortune to find an equivalent replacement. We would almost certainly end up with a downgrade in that position.
  9. Seems like a few clubs are potentially interested in Jay Rod then. Here's hoping for a bidding war that bumps his price up. Would be disappointed to see him go to another Championship club though.
  10. I think a bit of experience is desperately needed in that squad. I realise he wants to keep the age of the squad down, but I'm not suggesting he goes around trying to tempt players out of retirement or anything. A couple of lads in their mid to late twenties who know the league would be good for us, imo.
  11. I wouldn't expect us to be back in for him if that bid was rejected. I was surprised to see us making such a high bid in the first place, tbh.
  12. He would have walked into our starting eleven every week this past season without a shadow of a doubt. Perhaps it was just a misguided move to get the average age of the squad down, as Eddie has seemed keen to do.
  13. I miss Wade Elliott. Really can't believe that we sold him in favour of signing Keith Treacy.
  14. No. I'm resigned to seeing Jay Rod leave, but I'll be highly annoyed if we sell Trippier, particularly if we do as we did with Fox and fail to sign an adequate replacement.
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