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  1. At least one croatian player will be happy today, as he enjoys losing. FO Vida
  2. Heh. Once chance, one goal. From a FK that wasn't one. I don't think this ref will be getting any more matches this WC.
  3. You can't help but wonder if that still has an effect. They are so bad.
  4. Wow, this is the best England team I have seen in my lifetime (and I was born in 66). Watching this, I am starting to think they might play a role in the later stages.
  5. Just came back from the pub now. What a classic German performance, the grit, the will to win What a party! Enjoying some comments in this thread thoroughly. Stick it, haters Still, the Mannschaft will really have to up their game to have a chance to beat more apt opponents.
  6. Are we going to get any 'normal' results yet?
  7. They could have ruled it out if not for VAR, that would really have ruined the celebrations ^^
  8. Can't believe people are knocking Ronaldo's performance. C'mon, a hattrick, what more can a player do?
  9. Where is the card for Ronaldo? Bah.
  10. Won the football pool at work. Bragging rights and €100 are mine
  11. 5. No passing grade. Only highlights being Iceland and Wales.
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