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  1. Won the football pool at work. Bragging rights and €100 are mine
  2. Rate Euro 2016

    5. No passing grade. Only highlights being Iceland and Wales.
  3. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    I wanted to see Ronaldo cry, but not this way :/
  4. They did it!! Incredible!!
  5. Nothing against Wales but please let this go to 120 minutes. One of the greatest matches to watch in the whole Euros so far.
  6. Fellaini stood on both players there. Two yellows then?
  7. These 30 minutes beat yesterdays 120 hands down
  8. Was just gonna say that I think the ref is excellent. None of this 'underdog gets away with murder'-stuff.
  9. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    So, Sir Bobby Charlton, would the team of '66 have beaten Iceland? -Yes, 1-0 Only 1-0? -Well, we're all over 70 now...
  10. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Brilliant!! Fantastic!! All of Europe are celebrating now. Well, except for the exit-monkeys of course
  11. Karambeu as commentator on German TV: The Irish really have this typical British property called 'fighting spirit'. Oh dear
  12. Only 4 minutes extra time. That's frankly scandalous.