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  1. This was a reaction to the sweeping statement that non-English people are making sweeping statements.
  2. It's fine when aimed at English football hooligans tbh. I will gladly sweepingly state that they are SCUM. There.
  3. I am glad I was young before social media were invented
  4. Call me a cynic but if the right amount of money goes into the right hands behind the scenes, this will be another 50k Euro fine and all is forgotten and forgiven.
  5. Bloody hell, completely bottled it at the end. Oh well, in good company I guess ^^ Thanks for organising this, was brilliant
  6. I think VAR was very absent all tournament. I guess they avoid getting involved very easily because who's judging what is an obvious mistake by the ref? Philips with the same sort of tackle. The penalty against Denmark. It seems to be that as soon as you can say 'the ref can give it/decide like this', there is no longer leeway to call it an obvious mistake.
  7. Have to say, that is an attitude I see far more often. What match was that? Italy-Spain, I think, where basically all the players were called 's**t' because, I guess, people weren't entertained enough. Fair enough, during the match. The time for subtleties is after the match. But c'mon. In reality, not one player on the whole tournament is or was 's**t'. Every single one earns a very nice wage playing professionally. It's all relative to the level they are playing at and some are better than others, is all.
  8. I follow several teams and I can testify that in Holland, Spain and Germany, the blame game is also in full force. Not an England special ^^
  9. The first lovable Italian national team ever and they deservedly won it. Congratulations, forza! Forza!
  10. è a casa... England bottlers of course, never in doubt, etc... Oh guys, I feel for you. Been there, got the t-shirt. Cry, and try again next year. Brilliant tournament, all in all.
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