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  1. I've been attempting a number of narrow formation tactics (eg. 41212, flat 433, 4321, narrow 4231) and my challenge has been to get the central players to drift wide, like genuinely wide, in order to open up space (or the half space) for the deeper players to attack. I haven't been successful with this idea, regardless of set up. This includes 2 AMCs, 2 STs, 3 AMCs, or 3 STs. Even with wide TI and PI, and move into channels, they only very occasionally drift wide, but mostly they just drift a little wide, not quite enough to open up the space by dragging the opponents fullbacks wide.
  2. To make it even better, I'd love the internal politics of it all. DoF makes a big signing, and he tell on you with the Chairman for not using the player enough. You're forced to use the player. Or you're forced to support certain players in the media because you have to protect the reputation of those above you. etc.
  3. Hi all, I want to start a new save in EPL, and add a B Team into League Two. I was able to do this, but then in game, my U18 disappeared and replaced with a C Team, which is above the U23 team, but the C Team isn't in any league so it only plays friendlies. What is the correct way to create a B Team, while also still keeping a U23 and a U18 team?
  4. I see what you mean. In general, I think most people play the big European teams, and gegen just suit the elite sides more, so as you said in the OP, it's easier to get it right than other systems. The fact that other styles can be successful too gives the game replayability though. For the easy laid-back run, if gegen works for you, that's good because you can then focus on other areas. However, you also know there is a possibility to find success with other styles, which offers hundreds of hours of new gameplay!
  5. The weird thing is, I started FMRTE to check, and FMRTE actually recognizes the name! This is super weird...
  6. Thanks! Will do. How do I provide proof though if I can't upload a save file due to it being too big?
  7. After watching "The English Game" I created an edited database where I changed Arsenal to "Woolwich Arsenal" so I can play the 2-3-5 formation. Everything works just fine, as it is just a simple name change. I exported the team to be played in FM Touch Versus Mode. However, when I tried it on there, the name defaults back to Arsenal, and the team logo also defaults back into some generic logo, not the one I had in my FM20 save. Does anyone know how to get an Edited Team to work in FM Touch Versus Mode?
  8. Coked-up senile Maradona is the real-life manager I didn't know I want, but now will devote my life to making it a reality.
  9. Every summer when managing one of the top clubs, I'd be asked to pick a destination for my summer training camp. My question is, if I choose to go to China or the US for those training camps and I arrange friendlies, does it have the same effect as going on tour in those countries?
  10. Hi, was just wondering what are the differences between the DL/R and the WBL/R positions? I know that there are more role varieties in the former, but let's assume the same roles. What would be the differences? Thank you.
  11. Hi, was just wondering what are the differences between the DL/R and the WBL/R positions? I know that there are more role varieties in the former, but let's assume the same roles. What would be the differences? Thank you.
  12. Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to upload the full game highlights from FM20 Touch to Youtube, and not just the goals?
  13. Thanks mate, I simply raised the issue because having played with your database before, my friends and I noticed a ridiculous level of aggression among forwards and strikers, that's all. Something else we noticed as well is that a lot of physically powerful players have high balance attribute but not as much strength. KUTGW. I'm really looking forward to FM20 database.
  14. My only gripe with the rating is the consistently high "aggression" attribute for attackers. I understand that this is because a lot of the ratings are based on PES ratings, which defines aggression differently. Aggression in PES is how offensive your mentality is, so poachers like Muller is considered very aggressive, while in FM it is the more general definition which we're aware of. So in the database, you end up with hardmen with low aggression, like every striker with high aggression, which is just super weird.
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