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  1. Kawee

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    With my new job, I am always on the road (more so than I am at home, easily 200 days away a year) so naturally, I would like to play some FM while I'm on the road. Unfortunately, due to expenses back home, I can't afford an expensive one. Is it possible for a 200-300$ laptop to run an FM game? If so, is there any recommendation?
  2. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    Good game guys. It lacks a bit of drama and climax which I was expecting, but it was definitely a good first experience. I didn't ask all those questions to blend in (and NO, I was not ordered to shut up or act dumb wtf ) I did it to learn a bit more about the game. I wanted to know how the villagers go about their business. I'm still not sure how to work out who the wolves are, if they're not giving anything away.
  3. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    LYNCH WALLIN Cos no one has given me an alternative. I hope you're right BP
  4. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    I'm going to bed soon, tell me, who should I vote? I'm inclined to vote follow BP and vote Wallin. He's the only one to put in the analysis. Any other suggestion?
  5. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    But what information have we got to work with? And as Profil pointed out, we're backs against the wall, and honestly, I have no effing idea who to trust.
  6. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    I would, but we can't PM, so how? There's information asymmetry.
  7. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    I don't understand how it's even possible to figure out who the wolf is. There's just no information to work with at all. No PM'ing or anything.
  8. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    So Boro voted for me right? I'll vote for him then! That brings him up to 2 with me, correct?
  9. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    I'm confused now! I'm trying to figure out who to vote to save myself! lol
  10. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    Sorry. Long Weekend here in Thailand, so I've been away for most of it. Will be more involved for sure! I'll have the time tonight to read up on people's reasoning so I can better understand how people decide who to vote on.
  11. Kawee

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Werewolf!

    First timer here, be nice! I'll just follow the masses lol.
  12. Kawee

    Christmas Werewolf! - DEAD THREAD

    Never been part of one, so I'd like to give this a crack!
  13. Kawee

    A guide to how to treat women

    I never understood this. Does it work? I think it must or else why would they do it? And if it does, what's the success rate? What's the type of women who are sleeping with these men? I need to know because I've never even thought of doing it, I don't know any men who has ever done it, and I don't know any woman who would appreciate it.
  14. via Imgflip Meme Generator I don't know if you guys ever played the Board Game series 'Deception,' but I thought it would translate well into a forum game. It is basically an investigative game where players work together to solve a crime. Among the investigators (players) is a murderer. The roles are the following: Forensic Scientist (ME, the host) Investigators (The good guys) Murderer (The bad guy) Accomplice (The bad guy side-kick) The ratio of good guys to bad guys will be 4:1, with any leftovers going to the good guys side. I will PM you your role. Each player is given 4 'Means of Murders' and 4 'Key Evidences,' all of which are public knowledge at all time (presented in the thread for all to see.) Before the game begins, the bad guys team PMs me 1 Mean of Murder and 1 Key Evidence of their choice, both of which must belong to the murderer. OBJECTIVE: The Investigators must identify the Mean of Murder and the Key Evidence. IDENTIFYING THE MURDERER WILL NOT WIN YOU THE GAME! CLUES: To help the Investigators, I will be providing 6 different clues, two of which will always be 'Cause of Death' and 'Location of the Crime.' The nature of the 4 other clues will be random. Investigators must use the clues to figure out the Mean of Murder and the Key Evidence, while the bad guys will of course try to derail the investigation. SOLVING THE CRIME: At any point in the game, a player may attempt to solve the crime by PM'ing me what they think is the 'Mean of Murder' and the 'Key Evidence.' I will reveal their attempt in the thread. If they're correct, then Investigators win, if they're wrong, all I will say is 'Incorrect.' No more, no less. Put in your PM title 'I WANT TO SOLVE THE CRIME'. Anything else and I won't consider it official. Each player can only have ONE attempt at solving the crime. Once you've had your attempt, you may not solve the crime for the rest of the game, but you can still participate in the game. GAME ROUNDS Each round is separated into 3 phases: 1) A discussion round. With access to all the 'Means of Murder' and 'Key Evidences' and my 6 clues, the players have 24 hours to discuss among themselves in an attempt to solve the crime. Please do not post in the thread after the 24 hours is up. 2) By the end of the 24 hours, EVERY PLAYER must PM me a presentation of 1-2 lines long of their thoughts on the crime. I will reveal them all at the same time. 3) I will replace one of the clues with a different clue. The nature of the new clue is also random. This will provide new information for the investigators to work with. Then we go back to phase 1. A game lasts 3 rounds. By the end of the 3rd round, anyone who hasn't attempted to solve the crime, must do so. I will give an extra 12 hours for them to PM me their attempts, in case they were busy during the final discussion period, so they can catch up. PARTICIPANTS This forum game can handle up to 20 players, although I highly doubt we'll get anywhere near that number The minimum amount of players would be 8. Anything lower and the murderer is way too easy to spot. The more the merrier for sure. Preferably, I'd like 16 Investigators, 1 Murderer, and 3 Accomplices.