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  1. @Pompeyboyz I gave you tails and tossed a coin for it. It came up tails, so I won't pick Spain. I'll have Lorenzo Pellegrini please. Thank you.
  2. So I can pick now yes? (But not Spanish obviously)
  3. Giorgi Gocholeishvili please. Thank you.
  4. My apologies guys. It's my birthday today and I totally forgot to check in online Took the day off to go staycationing at a riverside hotel, eat an all-you-can-eat Spanish restaurant and enjoyed a 150 minute massage What's my pick now?
  5. France is the favourites, but then so were they in 2020. Mbappe will want to deliver a EURO before he leaves France, of course. Probably the last tournament we'll see Griezmann operate at a world-class-ish level as well. I think Spain can surprise people. Not a fan of Southgate's squad nor do I think he'll use it properly (incoming Foden out wide again). Germany looking good for sure. Kroos can have a fairy-tale ending to his career with both UCL and EURO (the last thing he hasn't won).
  6. Ondrej Duda please. I'm going for worst team ever in a Gizzy draft
  7. Sorry for ruining the game guys. I did not expect it would be such mismatch of time. Having said that, I've sort of "opened" up the game for other people by being forced to pick from the worst teams every time
  8. Sorry, I'm here now. IT's always my turn in the middle of my night Who can I pick from?
  9. Stanisic of Leverkusen (Croatia) please. Thank you.
  10. yeah, been a rough draft for me for sure
  11. Can I still the two picks I made?
  12. So i get to make my picks now yes?
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