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  1. I'll have Mats Hummels and Yann Sommer please, thank you.
  2. I'm here. Will pick in an hour once I get home.
  3. Dude, my team is competent I'm also picking a certain Swedish who never made it past the QF to manage my team
  4. I'll be in home in 15 minutes, and I'll use my PC to do a quick research for my next pick.
  5. My bad, I thought this literally meant appearing in a SF or F match.
  6. Oh, this changes everything. I've been wikipediaing the crap out of SFs and Fs to find gems for my shortlist
  7. Did I misunderstand the rules? The players must have played in an SF or F right, to count as part of that quota?
  8. Ahh, that's true. My bad. This is what happens when you pick in a rush
  9. WAit, but I thought they have to "appear" in SF for it to count?
  10. I'll have the Ballon d'Or winner Allan Simonsen and one of the few great Italian defenders to have never played in a SF or Final, Ciro Ferrara please. Thank you.
  11. I'm doing a no champion no SF team anyway. Although, I already messed up by picking Gerets
  12. Can I still pick then? I'll be home in an hour if that's okay. Just finished my birthday dinner and is on my way home.
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