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  1. Nope, just installed the update, then downloaded the latest patch and played. I guess I'm going to have to do a total reinstall?
  2. I'm not sure if it's related to Windows 8.1 or the latest patch, but my game is all pink now.
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. I only said wage budget as they're usually interchangeable and it might be more clear that the wages have been spent on terminating contracts. Sorry, but I totally disagree. I think there are two separate issues here: 1 - Clubs are letting you release players that they can't afford 2 - Clubs are letting you effectively spend the same money twice The first one is pretty clear cut, I think we'd agree? A lower league club can't just pay out that sort of money in contract terminations. They can't afford it. As for the second, the wage budget is the board saying "this is the most we're letting you spend on player wages at the moment". That's how much they've allocated for wages, that's how much they've budgeted for, that's how much they're willing to let you spend. If the wage budget is £20k a week, they're letting you spend just over £1m a year on wages. If you decide to terminate the contacts of players worth £5k a week, you're paying out £520,000 if everyone has 12 months left (excluding loyalty clauses). If you don't sign anyone else, you've spent just over £1m in total (half on wages, half on contract terminations). If you use that £5k a week wage budget to sign new players, you'll spend another £520,000 on wages. Total spent £1.5m. Surely you agree that they can't just give you that £5k a week to spend again on other players? You're trying to spend the same money twice. The board haven't given you that money to spend, so you shouldn't be able to spend it.
  4. This is the key part. You are still spending the exact same money on wages, you've just decided to pay them all at once to get the player to leave the club. I'm not saying that wages should be directly linked to the clubs bank balance. I'm saying that if you decide to terminate a players contact, you should have to pay that out of your wage budget.
  5. Well, what would your solution be? As you're spending money that should have been spent on wages, the two options I can think of are to either reduce the transfer/wage budget, or artificially keep a chuck of the wage budget allocated to reflect that it's already been spent. The latter seems really confusing, so i'd say the former is the simplest.
  6. I don't think the current system works at all. I actually considered posting this in the bugs forum it's that screwed up. The wage budget is what the board have told you that you can spend on wages for the season. That's what the club have let you reduce from the budget. By terminating a players contract you're spending that money on wages, but in a different way. It doesn't free any budget, you're spending the game money. Just like if you spent it on a transfer. If you have spare money in the transfer budget, than it could obviously come out of that instead as they're interchangable. At the moment you're basically not impacted by releasing players.
  7. I don't really see how anyone can disagree to be honest. If you sign someone on a 1 year deal at £1k a week, in simple terms you've agreed to pay £52k. If you then terminate the contact, you're just paying that £52k upfront rather than spread over the year. The same money has been spent as would have been spent on his wages, so as far as I'm concerned, it should be taken from the wage budget. Otherwise you can basically spend the same money twice. As for the advantages, quite frankly there aren't going to be many. If he's disrupting other players you don't have that any more, and if he's taking up resources, you've got rid of that too. Quite frankly, there shouldn't be many. You're paying someone to leave the club and getting nothing at all back in return. In the lower leagues you should be forced to try and make the best of what you've got a lot more than you do now. Clubs struggle to make ends meet as it is, they shouldn't just let you pay a load of money to cancel a contact and then let you spend that money again on wages.
  8. I really don't like how releasing players works in the game. Basically I have two main issues: -Terminating players contracts shouldn't free up space in the wage budget -The boards of lower league clubs should block a lot more contract terminations It makes it far too easy to get rid of dead wood and free up wages. Yes, it reduces the club balance, but that only has a tiny impact upon your running of the club, especially in the short-term. You're basically paying the players their wages, but all in one go, so it should reduce your wage budget accordingly. Here is an example from my home club, Morecambe. Wage budget: £17.3k per week Wage spend: £15.9k per week Club balance: £231k (To be honest, given the clubs financial problems, that's probably a bit generous!) One day after confirming my season expectations, I decide to release the entire squad (24 players, cost £950k), and all the staff (7 staff, cost £325k). Terminate some guy who is on loan too. Two player terminations are blocked. Wage budget: £17.3k per week Wage spend: £1.8k per week Club balance: -£815k Ok, that's an ridiculously extreme example, but the basic idea is the same. At smaller clubs, players should only have their contact terminated if they are on a relatively negligible wage (such as youth players), the club has a large available balance/transfer budget, or they are coming to the end of their contacts. Players at lower levels should probably be a bit more receptive to mutual terminations than they are, especially if the players are moaning about a lack of first team football and it's inside the free transfer window. Again, this should cut the wage budget by the amount saved, but not the full amount the player was being paid. Any thoughts?
  9. I'd like to be able to set my starting reputation like in the full game.
  10. Yeah, huge black borders on my Ainol Elf, would really appreciate a 1024x600 skin, but I guess it's not a very popular resolution. It runs super quick though! I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm not using the interface correctly, but if I have more than one job offer, there doesn't seem to be a way to view the others without rejecting the first offer?
  11. How is the game down at levels 10 and 11? Does the 1-20 attributes system really work that low down?
  12. I'm still getting L2 and L1 teams in the qualifying round, even though I specified which leagues they should get teams from for each stage.
  13. I've given it a go, and it doesn't seem to work, I still get them picked in the wrong order. How would I go about seeding them?
  14. Anyone know if it would be possible to have more input into which divisions get added to each round of a cup? I've been trying to create a GB Cup, however everything I do results in the English L2/L1 teams getting picked before the lower division Welsh, Scottish and NI teams.
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