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  1. At what point can lower tiered teams offer full time contracts to tie players down??
  2. I have uploaded my save, file name is Dale Bull (v03) (v02).fm Also the contract info screen is blank just like the career history stats. I think it started happening after the patches were realised as the screens were visible when I first had the game. I have tried reinstalling the game and a new game but the same problems occur
  3. When I try to upload the save file it takes forever and then times out and fails??
  4. Every single player has empty/blank career stats. I only get this screen??? any ideas???
  5. My whole save will revolve around this database. Keep going! lol Great work
  6. When this is complete will the lowest tiers players be generated completely randomly?? so basically all the low tiers will be of random ability or will the databased be tiered in player ability?? sorry if this is a dumb question great work by the way
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