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  1. Phil Jones is versatile.....he is terrible in many positions. Except striker on fm 2020 it seems
  2. If a player is playing out of position then their stats should be dramatically decreased so it effects their performance. Phil Jones being top scorer as a striker and scoring 25 yard screamers is beyond any human beings imagination.
  3. When I see things like this I think I have arrived on another planet. This is not something to feel proud of. Its one of the most basic features in modern day gaming. I’m not suggesting these things are easy to code etc. But modern day expectations are not unrealistic. I mean no disrespect. I mean this for all match engine features that need improving dramatically. 2D designed engine visualised in 3D does not work.
  4. I’m bored of the what about the players who play on a 15 year old laptop etc. If we continue on this path then the game will never improve in the area that matters the most THE MATCH. There are many things to care about, players with stone age computers is not one of them. We are suggesting you upgrade your pc every 7 or 8 years not every 5 bloody minutes.
  5. Real detection like players joustling for the ball down the touch line shoulder to shoulder etc.
  6. People constantly relating things to FIFA and the like is pointless. Just a match engine designed for 3D would be a start so when we watch it the players move smoothly, no phantom ball touches, player collisions. The list is very long on what an actual 3D match engine would improve.
  7. I'm assuming this has been discussed previously at some point but has there been thoughts of audio commentary? When watching a game the text commentary is essentially missed.
  8. I would have thought match engine would be at the forefront on announcements. The fact it isn’t is a worry. The features sound pretty. The whole immersion falls apart when every single one of us has to use the main feature....MATCH ENGINE. The rest can be skipped or delegated etc when bored and repetition sets in.
  9. People like the game. Why concentrate on the positives??? It gets you no closer to a better game. The frustration comes from poor improvements in certain areas over the years. If you want a love inn write a letter to Miles. If you want better then complain, speak out, ask and keep pushing.
  10. Didn’t mean the insult I apologise. I was stating something which is factual in life. No competition makes people lazy.
  11. If you cannot distinguish players on a pitch from one another and they all look basically the same in 2020 then it’s laziness. Even an attempt to do the top divisions should be made.
  12. The players playing on low spec laptops etc have nothing to fear. The game should only be played on 2D currently because 3D is a complete failure. To have the option to have a massive improvement on a better pc spec should be made. When the players watch the new visuals and see it come to life........they will follow. By the way you don’t need to spend 500 pound etc. A basic graphics card would make what we currently have look like SKY BLOODY SPORTS
  13. I can imagine when the whole champ manager split happened years and years back that the staff were very worried and worked their ass off to make sure they had the best product on the market. Since the competition is zero there is no doubt that the game has very very slowly progressed. It’s a great game. But we demand more when it is essentially an unglorified database upgrade. Everybody would be happy with a match engine that looks better (not everybody cares about it) but they would be happy with it. 2020 deserves it for Christ sake. It’s a visual disaster that should be ashamed of itself.
  14. The day we see the game with high minimum specs will be music to my ears. If players love the series they will follow.
  15. So essentially we are stuck with a **** match engine forever.....sounds great when the match engine is shown on the new xbox.....I don’t dare wonder what players think
  16. They have to work on the visuals. They have mastered the data side. The huge database is why there is no competition, It would take too long for a competitor to create something similar. They need a team that can create something that is pretty on the eyes. Not the mess we currently see. Baby steps in areas like ask the agent is a nice touch....not something described as a new feature. Many examples like this year after year.
  17. Dbuk1

    3D Match engine

    Physics should be a very high priority. It is what you see!
  18. Dbuk1

    3D Match engine

    Is this game purely designed for 2d match engine? If so when are they going to move the game on to making the game look and feel better in 3d? This is essentially what the game is?? But when watching 3D players it’s crap
  19. 26th Sept 2020 Premier league game (BBC source) Brighton 0-0 Man Utd Brighton are the first side to hit the woodwork 3+ times in the first half of a Premier League game since Swansea in March 2017 against Burnley. Have they never seen football manager games lol
  20. Was wondering how to spot the future stars? My main focus is on 17.18.19 year olds at the top level? What stats would be seen as this guy is the future? Is it a 13 and above in relevant stats or does it need to be higher? Basically what stats are needed for youngsters to be the next big thing?
  21. At what point can lower tiered teams offer full time contracts to tie players down??
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