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  1. Sandinista, hat skin is that? Looks class; and your youth look like they could turn into something for you!
  2. American Samoa will probably have a triple nationality since it is a principality of the USA and most of their players are already dual nationals
  3. Just a note on the Waiver Draft. The order is chosen by the waiver order list, which is determined by last year's league position. Also, if you pick a player in the Waiver Draft, or put a claim on a layer during the season, you go to the last pick in the waiver order.
  4. So unfortunately due to a power outage, and my own brain fart, I lost the Southampton save. So, same manager and country, but this time I've decided to go outside the peripheral box and join up with Sweden's only European trophiest in IFK Goteborg.
  5. Deodato Paredes has been named the manager of Southampton as the saints make their return to the BPL. Hopefully the fantastic facilities at Southampton will provide me with multiple regens from Equatorial Guinea. I have also signed just about every coach who has Equatorial Guinea as their nationality.
  6. Gonna give this a go with Margate. Should be fun!
  7. After a holiday through Holland, WKE pop up as the only promoted team. SO here we go, another team predicted bottom, 18th this time, and a small squad to work with. HOwever, the two players from the island formerly known as the Netherland Antilles are full internationals representing their country in the Gold Cup. Hopefully they will play a big role in deciding our fate this year. The goal is survival, and I'm planning on taking a more conservative approach than I did in Germany.
  8. So, I've been fired from the Wormatia job. Could get consistent results after a torrid losing streak. Going to restart in the Netherlands and see how I get on there.
  9. Well we sit in 20th after 22 played, only 5 points from safety, but on a 13 game winless streak. We started off very strong winning 3 of our first 5 then faded immensely. The players have very low moral and are struggling to find a way to win games right now. It looks more and more like I'll be restarting next season with a nex club. Youth Intake Not horrible. We got 3 players worth a look and a couple more who have key stats that may be able to contribute. We are losing money and are in the red, but hopefully this won't effect the youth too much. YP(1) - Dennis Wagner (AMC , ST) - 5* pot. -> A decent looking player with immense potential. Can play two useful positions in my formation stable, but may not be able to contribute right away. YP(1a) - Enrico HoBmang (DC) - 3* pot. -> another useful player who will need some time before he can contribute, but witht he poor performances from my current CB pairing, he may get his shot sooner rather than later YP(1b) - Jurgen Theisen (DR) - 2.5* pot. -> a right back with a knack for the long throw, could prove to be useful at some point I've also given contracts to Greissbaur, Lorz, and Wisniewski. Oh, and if I get beat by a far post cross where my fullback gets caught pinching in for some god forsaken reason one more time, I may just punch my computer >_<
  10. Giving this a go in Germany. Jose Gainza has just appointed the manager of Wormatia Worms. Predicted 20th the German team will look to survive their first season in the 3rd division. Facilities are what I expected so it may be a couple seasons before some real starts come form the Bachbutzer Academy
  11. Wolverine is the mascot for the University of Michigan. Makes complete sense. I'm playing this with an amateur team from Florida and the equivalent is the Sunshine Cup and the NY on is called the Big Apple Cup. Kudos to the creator for putting so much effort into this db. Great job so far though!
  12. Of course my player hasn't featured >_< I'm only 100x the player of anyone else on my team
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