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  1. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Thank you! I got the effect but would you know how can I change the color of the text inside the highlighted area to avoid this..
  2. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    Skin Help - sidebar

    did not work.. <widget class="table" id="club" mode="select_rows,fill_rows,hide_headings,dont_allow_click_unselect_single" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false"> <flags id="row_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/normal/row"/> <flags id="row_over_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/over/row"/> <flags id="stripe_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/alternate/row"/> <flags id="selected_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/selected/row"/> "tables/custom/sidebar/selected/row"> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record width="-1" column_heading="Icon"> <record id="column_properties"/> </record> <record width="-3" minimum_width="100" column_heading="Name"> <record id="column_properties" alignment="left,centre_y" colour="secondary" font="control" size="11"> <record id="secondary_text_properties" alignment="left,top" colour="white" size="normal"/> </record> </record> </list> </widget>
  3. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    Skin Help - sidebar

    I got the effect now, but the text is getting white inside.. <!--club table--> <container id="CLUB"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="bottom,extend" gap="0" offset="0"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="table" id="club" mode="select_rows,fill_rows,hide_headings,dont_allow_click_unselect_single,drag_rows,drop_on_rows,insert_on_drop" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false" selected_appearance="tables/custom/sidebar/selected/row"> <list id="column_table_properties"> <record width="-1" column_heading="Icon"> <record id="column_widget_properties"/> </record> <record width="-3" minimum_width="100" column_heading="Name"> <record id="column_widget_properties" alignment="left,centre_y" size="normal"> <record id="secondary_text_properties" alignment="left,top" size="normal"/> </record> </record> </list> </widget> <widget class="table" id="cluF" mode="select_rows,fill_rows,hide_headings,dont_allow_click_unselect_single" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false" auto_size="vertical"> <flags id="row_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/normal/row"/> <flags id="row_over_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/over/row"/> <flags id="stripe_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/alternate/row"/> <flags id="selected_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/selected/row"/> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record width="-1" column_heading="Icon"> <record id="column_properties"/> </record> <record width="-3" minimum_width="100" column_heading="Name"> <record id="column_properties" alignment="left,centre_y" colour="secondary" font="control" size="10" gap="0" > <record id="secondary_text_properties" alignment="left,top" size="normal" colour="secondary"/> </record> </record> </list> </widget> </container> Would u know where is the command to change the inner text color?
  4. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    Skin Help - sidebar

    oh My..oops..but now ts correct, even tried with white..nothing changes..
  5. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    Skin Help - sidebar

    Thanks but it didnt work.. \graphics\tables\custom\sidebar\selected then edited the xml.. <!-- image properties --> <properties> <!-- image slices determine the points at which the image will be sliced to enable scaling --> <!-- the image will only slice in the directions slicing values are provided for--> <record id="image_slices" left="1" right="16" /> <colour id="red_replacement" name="secundary"/> </properties>
  6. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    Skin Help - sidebar

    Please mate, how can I get this effect on the sidebar for the highlight - selected row ?
  7. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Hi, I haven been messing with my side bar and right now I have no highlight - selected effect on the side bar at all..could you help me pointing which files and graphics i should edit? I remember someone in the forum changing the highlight to the secondary color..for whatever reason I cant find that post anymore..
  8. <<Macaco-RJ88>>


    Never mind, I figured it out.
  9. <<Macaco-RJ88>>


    Hi, Thanks, I finally got it to work! Now, I have an issue, for example; with this code..the contrast is perfect for every club that does not have white or light colors as PRIMARY.. <colour id="red_replacement" name="primary"/> <colour id="green_replacement" name="white"/> BUT, for white/light primary color clubs..(see attached) My question is, how can I avoid teams like Real, Fulham, Valencia, etc..to have a sidebar like that? *Instead of making it Primary and Secondary as this will make some teams to have very difficult reading as well..
  10. Hi mate, is this sidebar and titile bar working for FM2019? Could you help me to set up this please? This looks amazing!!!
  11. <<Macaco-RJ88>>


    Hi, I am tweaking your skin a bit for personal use and Id like to add to my panel the style of nation Flag behind the face.. But, I can not find the file.. file="yacs/widget/yacs person snapshot club" How could I get the codes^? - Currently on my staff snapshot the flag is small and below the staff name..I would love to have the flag behind as you have it..
  12. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    How can I put the background logo on my title bar?
  13. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    [FM18] Solid color in sidebar and in titlebar

    Is there a way to stop the NEXT MATCH screen change the sidebar and title bar to green? Cheers
  14. <<Macaco-RJ88>>

    FM19 - BOXES - Colours & Text

    I found a way to change the text color here: (button.xml) <record id="font_spec"> <flags id="font" value="fonts/link_button"/> <colour id="colour" name="link_button_inbox"/> - If I replace this for GREEN, I see the text in game GREEN </record> BUT If I change in settings.xml the RGB of <colour id="colour" name="link_button_inbox"/> , there is nothing changed in the game.. <!-- Link button used at bottom of inbox panel--> <colour name="link_button_inbox" red="X" green="X" blue="X"/> <!-- Main button colour - red_replacement -->