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  1. Is it possible to add real fixtures to a country file from this pack? For example, the Spanish file has 5 levels and from FMF Update there is a Real Fixture file for Spanish top 2 leagues. I cannot select both files to start a save and the real fixture file only works with the default database, which has only 3 levels for Spain. Is there a way to merge the files to have 5 levels available and the top 2 leagues with real fixtures? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I would like to know if its happening to others too? My game is EXTREMELY slow, specially on loading the database. I have deleted cache & pref folders, reinstalled couple of times, update every driver...now Im on a clean start, no custom graphics..and its taking 30 minutes to load 6 leagues. I have a Yoga C740, 16GB of RAM SSD, I7 4 cores... This is outrageous! Game should be running VERY smooth on this machine. As I was on a long save before..I could bet this happened after the last updates. Please any advice? Thanks
  3. Hello. How could we edit the Brazilian players and nicknames for the upcoming newgen? There are some weird names altogether... Id like to add some names to my new save. Thank in advance.
  4. I was just about to start working on my file of the v2.0.0, you saved me a century! THANK YOU!
  5. @EST Touiro Thank you so much for helping! Unfortunately, I did not get this to work. Game Language and Data language changed between Japanese and English didnt work and I tried deleting my editor files and downloading again the files from Karin´s data but again no positive results:
  6. Hi, thank you! But thats exactly what I did. Downloaded the latest version from the data file and the 2.0.11 facepack from your site.
  7. @EST Touiro I have noticed something weird. Downloading latest version from the link above and trying your latest file as well, I found this: - New Players folder has a gap of 2309 between image and right player BUT the foreigners( I tried five) have 7171 gap. This makes impossible to batch and rename the files in a practical way. Could you help?
  8. @EST Touiro Hi! how is your facepack relate dto the latest version of this https://fm-j-league-pack.firebaseapp.com/ ? I just downloaded but i going crazy trying to get the right pics to show for each player. Thank you!
  9. I found something useful while we wait the full package. If you open file by file in the editor, you can delete the "common name" field which is filled with japanese characters. I tried a couple of players from Antlers, deleted the Japanese characters and when i started the game it was working. To do that, takes a lot of time, but if you want we can share the work
  10. I believe they will release the FM20 updated data soon!
  11. Hi Timo! First of all thank you for the great work shared with the community! on my save, in 2028 the leagues from Argentina stopped to work. Have it got fixed?
  12. He is. I dig into some Japanese sites and they are working on a new release. https://fm-j-league-pack.firebaseapp.com/
  13. On FM20, how can I change the dropdown menu colors of the FM button? My settings xml doesnt have any code related to that..
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