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  1. Hi! Would anyone know how to add the "Top scorer" player instead of Vice-Captain in the Club Overview panel? Thanks in advance.
  2. I will get into Midjourney and get familiar with prompting until finding the right models. Once im confident enough, I will be back here asking for a step-step tutorial on this
  3. How do you guys deal with the "time factor" for young newgens? Do you just change it manually the best ones in the future? Do you leave aside aged pics? Im really stuck in that atm..how to handle the time factor.. Any help appreciated!
  4. How could I edit the font size in the tab? My game now shows different text sizes:
  5. Thank you. Yes, I messed with the configs and now its working.
  6. @lembergman that panel is "nation overview" and you will find some versions of it few posts back.
  7. https://www.fmscout.com/a-wannachup-fm23-instant-result-skin.html
  8. Hi! I am trying to fit some containers in my competition panel and the fixture bit doesnt fit with the full team names. Would anyone know the code to show the 3 letter abbreviation name of the team instead of full name? <widget id="hnam" class="team_button" this is currently the code in competition fixtures detailed panel.
  9. Amazing! Could you share the panel? I would like to try to add selectors, maybe on the Biography container, for career history and awards. Thanks in advance @keysi
  10. forget it. that ruined every other panel I have. I want the badge to show ONLY in that National overview panel
  11. I found a way but it doesnt show the nice flags from YACS that I have installed, instead the ones originally from the game are showing:
  12. I had the proper files but I dont remember how to get the flag, the federation badge and the Continent logo like in that image again. Could anyone help me with the config file to get the badge showing now? Thank you
  13. I knew how to do it but I forgot mate. Im searching around the forum but I recall it having something to do with the config file in the logo folder.
  14. Hi mate! Great stuff! How could I get my tab bar to look like yours? Those boxes around the titles in white? Thank you.
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