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  1. Is it a certain level they will sign for or is it test and try?
  2. In League One, got promoted early so went to try and sign some players on my shortlist who's contracts were due to expire in two months time, but unable to do so? They were playing in the football league, two were on loan but American clubs snapped them up on free transfers. I had a player on loan with me and again I was unable to sign him. All were under 23 . As I was trawling through other potential out of contract signings and I was able to !Approach to sign" Any suggestions?
  3. I've just started a new save as Coruna following the latest update and reading the forum it says what a good player Diego Rolan is but he's not in my squad and seemingly not in the game at all when I searched his name under Scouting?
  4. As above. I can see my U23 Manager in coaching assignment screen for my first team but can't see U23 assistant manager
  5. Many, many, many thanks Smurf. Took the plunge and bought this one. Works a treat. Currently running 20+ leagues from 12 nations on 4 stars. Graphics are superb. Purchased it from saveonlaptops.com and it was delivered within 2 days, during that massive snowfall I would not say my laptop was old but it had the original FM 2009 installed on it! The difference is night and day. Once again my appreciation to this thread and the advisors on it. I would not have made such a smart purchase without your help. Cheers
  6. Many thanks. Will sit here with a hole burning in my pocket...........
  7. Typical, I found out what to buy and where, went to purchase today and the prices have shot up, by £100, and even the alternative by £80! So can anyone advise on the best time to buy? I'm guessing towards the end of month but not sure as it's Christmas? I'm looking to buy from saveonlaptops.com
  8. Last question before I take the plunge. I'm torn between the ASUS ZX553UD-DM-968T and the DM-969T the only difference I think being either an i5 and i7. Most comparison reviews are pretty much summed up by a recent PC Mag review which said " i5 is made for mainstream users who care about performance and i7 is made for enthusiasts and high end users". So as I only play FM and browse the tinternet I'm leaning towards the i5 but would appreciate other people's input or even if you think FM will advance to such an extent over the next 3-5 years that an i7 is essential? Many thanks, if it's any consolation this should be my last dumb question.
  9. Smurf, I've checked the ad and it says No SSD Storage included and no optical hard drive. As a technophobe I have to ask, are these items necessary, if so what and where should I buy them? Many thanks for the excellent advice you provide Bump .Can you advise please?
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