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  1. Sorry back again. So I had a little look and found Troubleshoot. Every time I check "Hardware and devices" it detects a problem, applies a fix and advises me to restart. Now every time I start, or restart Steam "Verifies installation", and in a little experiment as soon as the verification was complete I went to Troubleshoot and the problem was identified and fixed. Unfortunately it doesn't say what the problem is/was or what was done to fix it. Now I'm guessing it's something to do with the Steam "Verifying....." and I've had a look and tried the Exit Steam prior to switching off computer but as soon as I restarted the same box appeared. I also note there are lots of Google entries for suggesting how to stop this happening but all the ones I've looked at have not worked for everyone. Has anyone current advice (for a simple technophobe) for these issues please?
  2. Only when processing. Graphics are high, never tried to lower the setting. I went to "Troubleshoot" and it found something wrong so it fixed it and I've restarted. No issues so far but I did the same thing shortly after and it found more things to fix. Again I restarted and thus far no issues. Could not see what the Troubleshoot found to be the problem
  3. Ok. I kept preserving and took out a load of leagues, took on a team straight away and had no issues. I played a full season and had to resign. I then went on holiday and it crashed again. Fortunately I took a photo of the crash and it says STOP CODE: TDR_FAILURE What failed: nvlddmkm.sys I've had a quick look and it seems a common problem on Windows 10. One website had a tool to download to rectify the problem but I'm not too sure how trustworthy it is. Any suggestions please? The other stuff you suggested me doing was far too complex and although I tried I failed miserably....
  4. Ceres- How do you change back to the integrated video card?
  5. Shows how crap I am. been unable to do either. Will have to get some help and get back to you. Will play Touch in the meantime which is unaffected
  6. Done it, but no success. Crashed again on 30-31 August 2017
  7. Sorry, I'm a technophobe. Can you explain how to "Play in the window mode" please?
  8. Uninstalled again, deleted all my saved games and started a new one, Unemployed. Crashed again "Football Manager 18.3.3f1074698 has stopped working". Please advise.
  9. Nope, still crashing. One thing though, I thought when you uninstalled it wiped everything? I've still got my old saved games
  10. There was no message. It just showed a QR Code/Reader. I've uninstalled and literally just started re-installing
  11. Not getting the Stopcode any longer. All just show the small grey box that says FM18-with the above number- has stopped working
  12. Update: I have verified the gaming cache on Steam, so now my older saved games just crash and stop working, but my latest save goes full stopcode and causes the whole computer to restart. On that one, I start unemployed and try to take a holiday to December. Game crashes at the end of July 2017
  13. I'm here now. Didn't have the "Notify me of replies" switched on
  14. Yes the blue screen, says it's sending a report to Microsoft, then restarts. I saw the words STOPCODE just before it restarts
  15. Felix, Now I'm just getting a stopcode and the computer restarts No crash dumps found but DxDiag attached. Many thanks DxDiag.txt
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