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  1. Despite the fact that Liverpool is incredibly strong and there were many goals from set pieces, this is still impressive.
  2. I 100% agree with this. It's demotivating to see that you put a lot of thought into reading guides, reading the forum here and then trying to translate that to FM and then find out that it just doesn't work the way you'd like to see. And not because you do not have the 'hard' work for it, but purely because a tactic with crazy pressing and contradictory roles and team instructions generally wins over such a self-made approach.
  3. Hi @Zendahl are you going to continue with this? Really interesting read so far.
  4. Hi @knap is ID 1463 the most recent BEOWULF 442 with AF's ?
  5. I wouldn't look too much at the average rating. Especially when the goals / assists ratio is good.
  6. Inconsistent in what area? Goals/assists? Average rating?
  7. From real life football knowledge, you would say that it indeed makes a lot more sense to give your wingers the instruction 'stay wide' in possession of the ball. Unfortunately, this doesn't work this way in Football Manager. I think that's why you see so few good working tactics with this choice enabled. It is the eternal discussion, do you make a tactic with only parts that you think should work well? Or make a tactic that works well. If you know what I mean
  8. Just two. center MC > DM slot WB's > FB slot In the original tactic Knap posted, the wingbacks were pushed one slot higher
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