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  1. Try removing PI's. I removed all PI's on TIME451 and tweaked it a little bit. I now have IWsu on the right and IFat on the left, and they both perform really well, also rating-wise.
  2. I think this is indeed the best option, as the last ME update absolutely killed long throws. Looking forward to TIME451 and TIME4231
  3. I don't think so, the fact that you have a HB somewhat eliminates this risk.
  4. The suggested formation you advised was as follows: With this as counter-attacking option: I've based my tactic on the counter-attacking one. So, when you would suggest a Plan A and Plan B tactic, how would you advise me to set it up? Maybe the first one in matches where we're equal or better and the second one against stronger sides?
  5. Currently playing with FC Metz in the French league. Media prediction is 15th and as it stands, I'm overachieving. But as you can see, I'm really inconsistent. Winning - losing - winning - losing gets a bit frustrating and I know I can do better. Also, we have the most scored goals in the league apart from PSG so I must be doing something right. I've set-up my tactic as a 4-1-3-2 direct counter which Experienced Defender suggested somewhere in an older topic (and cannot find anymore ), and tweaked it a bit. PI's: BBM - take more risks IWsu - sit narrower PFat - roam from
  6. Hi @michaeltmurrayuk I use the FM21 Base dark skin in combination with the scoreboard & player faces match mod. Everything works great, there is only one screen that takes a few seconds to load and that is Training. Could this be the skin + mod? The only other thing I use is a cut-out face pack.
  7. In FM21.5HOLYGHOSTFIRE451P107ECCC the AMR man-marks the DL, but the AML has no man-marking. Is that correct or is AML supposed to man-mark the DR?
  8. If you need some inspiration using a F9, I won the title first season with this:
  9. Can't seem to find the classic BEOWULF 442 with two AF's. Is that because the version with CFsu and Poacher works better?
  10. Squad screen > Players > Registration > switch League to training camp squad
  11. Thank you for the reply @FMXX I already assigned Team selection to myself, so I decided to delegate it for one day en then take control again, and it worked Now I'm curious why it wasn't working at the beginning of the game, because I've had the Team selection in my control since I installed FM21 and set up the staff responsibilities when I made my manager profile.
  12. I've started a game with Tottenham on FM21. First thing I did is release some Portuguese staff who were part of Mourinho's team. Among them was the assistent manager. Then I set staff responsiblities as follows: But no staff was appointed. I'm now in september 2020 and I still have no assistent manager. When I take control of hiring and firing Tottenham coaching staff, I get the inbox-message that we need an assistent manager, but when I delegate this task again, again nothing happens.
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