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  1. The Parisienne Walkways 4231 with that 3 tweaks that guy was talking about, who played with Barça a couple of pages back. BWM > DLP PF > AF mentality > positive
  2. Played with this tweak in 20.3 for 20 matches with Ajax, won 17 drawn 3 and 0 losses. Goals for 64 and goals against 8.
  3. Are there going to be screenshots added at the testing results @ https://mrltactics.com/ ?
  4. You might be on to something with this tactic. First 15 matches with AC Milan: Losses were against Barcelona (friendly) and Juventus (Serie A).
  5. I haven't played with that tactic recently, just like the formation. And I kinda have a squad right now that fits this set-up. But I find the midfield-roles CM-DLP-CM and two AF's kind of boring. But if you have some other combinations that might work with this formation, be my guest
  6. Hello Knap, are you willing to release an updated 4-3-1-2 like this one? Maybe with some different player roles? ---------------------- SK ----------------------- -- WB ------ BPD ------ BPD ------ WB -- ------ DLP ------ BWM ------ BBM -------- --------------------- AM ----------------------- -------------- PF -------- DLF ---------------- or something like that
  7. Can't decide for you. mate. My starting eleven was: Ter Stegen; Roberto, Piqué, Umtiti, Alba; Sergio; Dembélé, Rakitic, Coutinho; Messi, Suarez.
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