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  1. Okay, thank you for explaining. Apart from that, the Google Doc could use a revamp in general
  2. I thought you used the results (points per game) in your Google Doc in clumns H - M.
  3. @knap FM Base updated the tactics testing results. Time for an update on the Google docs?
  4. Tea For One Uro 4231 is ideal for Chelsea at home, with Kanté as a BWM.
  5. Kashmir VOL2 with very attacking mentality is suicide sometimes, especially in away games (playing with Barcelona and yes, I saw the screenshot). How do you guys handle this? Just set mentality on attacking or even positive? Or changing anything else?
  6. Thank you. I did notice in Hard time the PFs are on support instead of attacking. Looking forward to it
  7. Can you confirm tactic ID 1440 - Hard Time Killing Floord Blues 4132 P104 EC FA is the updated (really successfull) FM19 tactic? Because that one was called WULF 4132. It has the exact same player roles. Wulf 4132 is also in Google Docs but hasn't been updated to 20.4
  8. For me it's - Preachin Blues 451 vol 4 - Black Echo 4231 - Beowulf 442
  9. Just wondering, isn't it much more logic to make the AMR a winger and the AML an inside forward because now the IF and CM will run in eachothers spaces?
  10. The Parisienne Walkways 4231 with that 3 tweaks that guy was talking about, who played with Barça a couple of pages back. BWM > DLP PF > AF mentality > positive
  11. Played with this tweak in 20.3 for 20 matches with Ajax, won 17 drawn 3 and 0 losses. Goals for 64 and goals against 8.
  12. Are there going to be screenshots added at the testing results @ https://mrltactics.com/ ?
  13. You might be on to something with this tactic. First 15 matches with AC Milan: Losses were against Barcelona (friendly) and Juventus (Serie A).
  14. I haven't played with that tactic recently, just like the formation. And I kinda have a squad right now that fits this set-up. But I find the midfield-roles CM-DLP-CM and two AF's kind of boring. But if you have some other combinations that might work with this formation, be my guest
  15. Hello Knap, are you willing to release an updated 4-3-1-2 like this one? Maybe with some different player roles? ---------------------- SK ----------------------- -- WB ------ BPD ------ BPD ------ WB -- ------ DLP ------ BWM ------ BBM -------- --------------------- AM ----------------------- -------------- PF -------- DLF ---------------- or something like that
  16. Can't decide for you. mate. My starting eleven was: Ter Stegen; Roberto, Piqué, Umtiti, Alba; Sergio; Dembélé, Rakitic, Coutinho; Messi, Suarez.
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