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  1. Given I haven't posted here since 2014, and this lockdown here in Spain is beginning to drag... Started playing FM12 today. Also thought I'd pop in to see if any of the old-timers are still around? Haven't played FM for years due to lack of time, still following my beloved Granada CF (and just read through some of my old threads), still on twitter @HeathGCF although I'm not as active as I used to be. Anyhow, nice to visit a former stomping ground, albeit very briefly!
  2. 18-year-old attacking midfielder Clifford Aboagye at Granada is worth a gander... ...I should know, I tweaked his attributes & potential in the winter research period. He was rated 3rd best player at last summer's U20 World Cup with Ghana and is really impressing everyone at the club. As such, he's now: Great lad too and you can give him a follow on twitter: @cliffortis
  3. He starts off at Udinese & is very difficult to get, unless you're at a larger reputation club.
  4. Bloody ages since I popped in to say hello, so... Hello!
  5. Hahahahaha... 1 - Granada beat Barca in the final. 2 - Manolo Lucena plays... and scores. 3 - The referee was Clos Gómez and he wasn't biased against Granada? ROFL.
  6. Nooooooooo... Whack it like Wangberg!!! [video=youtube;BccJJEBxsnU]
  7. I'm wondering if Ryan Giggs has future plans set to "Never Retire"
  8. Haha, I bet Cristiano Ronaldo's hair gel sponsors were absolutely delighted. Have been away from the forums for a while, simply because I've been so busy IRL with Granada CF and with Inside Spanish Football. I try to pop in whenever I can, but it's getting harder all the time with my other commitments. Hopefully I'll have chance to pop in and update the thread with the January transfer window additions.
  9. Looking forward to the January transfer update... featuring Carlos Aranda, Nolito & Diego Buonanotte Will likely start a new save & see if I can emulate new manager Lucas Alcaraz, with his solid 4-4-2 formation
  10. 5 league games without scoring a goal for my lot at Granada. Time for me to dust off my boots!
  11. Players like Mikel Rico and Iriney, kept on simple roles like MC "support" and MC "defend" will do that. Both are good workers, good ball winners and if you're using a slightly more direct (insofar as recycling position) approach, they're as solid as you could wish for. That said though, I ended up replacing Iriney with Andile Jali. He too has good strong defensive attributes, but better creative abilities too. Iriney will remain though, as a good backup. As I often mention, using roles that suit the players, without asking too much from them, can achieve great results from players who might otherwise be considered "average". It might seem strange, but when I manage a more "modest" club in FM, I struggle most when looking to improve the squad. I never seem able to get the best out of more renown flair players, in the same way I can at one of the big clubs. Therefore, I'd rather have a squad of solid workers that graft for the results.
  12. Managing teams like Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc... I'm flamboyant with tactics, because the players are there to do pull off all the fancy movement and tricks. With a team like Granada CF, I keep things more basic and simple. Post #8 shows the basic shapes I recommend, with the players available at Granada CF. In each of the formation images, you'll also see the player roles assigned. As for team instructions, as per the following: Balanced/Standard with now specific tweaks to any of the other settings. That's something that I'll do during matches, based on what's happening during matches. It's also the hardest thing to explain, other than to say that observation is important. I tend to have a variety of the match statistics widgits open during matches, so I can see how players are performing and observe how both teams are performing. If my team is under pressure, then I may get them to sit back a little and counter-attack, "get the ball forward" and "pass into space" - because if the opponents are pushing forward heavily, then there's a chance of catching them on the break. Just one example. I'll also keep an eye on opposition player ratings and morale, because if there's a player or two not performing well, I'll utilise opposition instructions to close down or tackle harder, putting them under more pressure. In this particular save and in the first season, I've mainly alternated between the 4-2-3-1 with 2x MC's and the 4-2-3-1 with 2x DMC's. The former I tend to deploy against teams who don't utilise AMC's, the latter against teams who do. Late in games if I'm losing or drawing, I'm not afraid to go for broke and throw everything forward. All out attack, taking more risks and getting the ball to forwards as quickly as possible. More than a few times during the season, this gained points with a late equaliser or winner in the dying moments of games. Sometimes though, it was a case of grinding out results. Sitting back, soaking up pressure, frustrating better quality opponents and looking to exploit them on the counter. I often see many people on the forums complain at losing to teams where they've dominated possession, had countless chances, yet lost to a team that's had one or two chances. Well, it works both ways and we can do it too! Finally, attention to detail. One advantage I have with this squad of players, is I know what the best roles are for them very well indeed. I did do the research for them, after all. Utilise the information available to you though, as with the different screens, you are able to see highlighted attributes for each position and role. Use a "hand in glove" approach, fitting the right player attributes with the right roles. For example, whilst I keep it simple in the centre of midfield to keep the shape of the team compact, if I introduce a more creative player like Fran Rico in the middle, I'll use him in a role that suits his attributes best - MC or DMC "Deep-lying playmaker" Support. Making sure you use the most suitable roles for each player, generally gets the best performances out of them. One more thing... it took me about three weeks on and off, to play through that season. Not as much time to play FM as I used to, but when I play a run of matches, I pay a lot of attention to detail. If I rushed through seasons, I can guarantee 100% that I wouldn't do as well as I have so far in this save. Team-talks can be one of the more frustrating parts of the game. My best advice, is to hire an assistant manager with 18+ motivating, then ask their advice or let them do it. What I quite like in FM13 though, is getting an assistant to give the "main" team-talk, but then still have the option to do use defence, midfield, attack talks, or individual player talks. For these, irrespective of what the assistant has chosen for the "main" team-talk, I often add a calm or passionate talk with the defence, midfield, attack. If the assistant manager talk has done well for morale, then I'll simply look at two or three individual players I can give a pep-talk. Most often, I'll choose a calm/passionate "I have faith" type approach. At half-time or full-time, I'm not frightened of a few harsh words, if the team are doing badly. Then I'll use an assertive/angry "where's your pride" type approach. I don't vary from these methods and they seem to serve me well. I might get the odd player reacting badly, but if that happens, I'll sometimes look at a private chat. Silly as it sounds, when I do that, I look at what some might consider lesser options, such as asking their opinion on potential signings and suchlike. Not contentious and sometimes results in a little boost in morale for the player.
  13. Fantastic evening of footy so far.. Watched the United game against Reading, or "how not to defend" as it will become better known. Valencia thrashed 5-2 at home by Real Sociedad was a shocker, then Pellegrino sacked afterwards... Barcelona giving Athletic a good old-fashioned pumping... 500th game for Iniesta, 350th for Messi... Now watching the Madrid derby.
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