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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"


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    Moved to Granada in 2005. Pretending to be a tactical guru ;)

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    Granada, Spain


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    La Liga & all things Spanish football

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    Man Utd & Granada CF

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  1. Given I haven't posted here since 2014, and this lockdown here in Spain is beginning to drag... Started playing FM12 today. Also thought I'd pop in to see if any of the old-timers are still around? Haven't played FM for years due to lack of time, still following my beloved Granada CF (and just read through some of my old threads), still on twitter @HeathGCF although I'm not as active as I used to be. Anyhow, nice to visit a former stomping ground, albeit very briefly!
  2. Bloody ages since I popped in to say hello, so... Hello!
  3. 5 league games without scoring a goal for my lot at Granada. Time for me to dust off my boots!
  4. Fantastic evening of footy so far.. Watched the United game against Reading, or "how not to defend" as it will become better known. Valencia thrashed 5-2 at home by Real Sociedad was a shocker, then Pellegrino sacked afterwards... Barcelona giving Athletic a good old-fashioned pumping... 500th game for Iniesta, 350th for Messi... Now watching the Madrid derby.
  5. Just finished a podcast with Terry Gibson. Loves his Spanish footy and has a fantastic memory for details from matches in La Liga.
  6. Mad busy with Granada CF and Inside Spanish Football lately, so haven't had much free time of late.
  7. On the road again tomorrow... Real Valladolid v Granada CF. Setting off at 7am with a bunch of journo's from Granada.
  8. Not on Spanish telly, which is generally shyte That said, Marca TV isn't bad when they're showing match highlights... but laughably bad when they've got a panel of "experts", all taking crap at the same time & never listening to one another.
  9. · Granada CF training & press conference ✓ · Organised meeting & photo shoot with players & Irish Granada CF fan club members ✓ · Interview with local press about time following Granada CF ✓ · Published lots of stuff for Inside Spanish Football ✓ · Bought a lottery ticket ✓ but didn't win ☓ Time for a coffee and a damn good FM13 session ✓
  10. I love watching goals like that in the ME Cleon. Though the bullet header from the cross was a good goal too.
  11. It's funny, when I started with the beta version, I told Cleon I was far from impressed with the match engine. Although there's obvious flaws, it's rather grown on me. Probably has something to do with the improved lateral movement, especially full-backs. I know where you're coming from though, but hopefully with a few tweaks here & there, it'll be fine. Most frustrating thing for me, is the abysmal goalkeeping. "Look, no hands"
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