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  1. Indeed there is an update of the database that I also download today.From what I read it has the latest transfers and also some stability fixes and so on.Also its written that there will be one more transfer update in the end of this month
  2. yes of course I understand that it needs valuable time.And I thought about you as you have more skills in editing than me.And if you have some time you can look:) Here is the database I had edit but hadn't been able to test it for season as my laptop has a poor performance and I need a new one
  3. I'm fond of your work and can't wait to see the results!:) In the meantime I had made my own database making Yugoslavia(rename Serbia).Not so detailed like the project you make as I want to use it for my own pleasure only.I want to ask you if you have time and if I can send it to you so you can have a look and tell me what I can change and so on.Im sorry that I ask that but my laptop isn't that powerful so I'm not able to test and test and things like that.Thank you!
  4. in any case have a look if you have time and let me know:) As I mention I made it only for my own pleasure to use and not to upload it to forums around
  5. Hey dear friend.I send you the file with what I had edit.I rename Serbia to Yugoslavia and I made a league include all ex yug countries.Change people,cities,staff.I let the club in continental competiton to its prior country.for example dynamo zag to Croatia and so on.i made the database for my own use only but if you have time you can have a look and let me know.I use a laptop but its not so powerful so I can't test it all night.Do change things and test and let me know if you please:) Thanks,Yannis YUGOSLAVIA.fmf
  6. yes I understand that it needs a lot of testing first! Well,i would do it like that and test it for a while to see if al works or not.Then i'll check again:)
  7. ok.So what if I transfer all cities,clubs,competitions,people to Serbia after I rename it Yugoslavia.But in clubs if I leave the continental cup competition to the country they belong and change only the rest would that affect the clubs and nations competitions? I mean that the competition could still choose a team from Croatia.Also I will like to make new nation rules and put all competitions from 7 countries into one.Will all that work?
  8. Oh! Now I get your point.i can understand that it will affect the clubs competitions and probably the nations one
  9. Indeed my friend! I had a look the previous days till my editor crashed! So only certain way is to rename Serbia to Yugoslavia and take it from there.But what about the clubs competitions? the teams I guess will continue to represent their home countries(Croatia,bosnia etc)
  10. I guess a lot of work! Well I can't wait to see your final result! Thanks for the tips! In the past it was easier as you could enable the continent and edit the nation and then you could see it participate in the competitions.But last years SI have changed things obviously:( Anyway,i will be waiting to download and play your database when it will be ready!:)
  11. I see.So you just rename Serbia to Yugoslavia for example? which that's the an easy way I guess.Or you do something else? Let me know if you have time cause I'm interested to make my own personal database:) Thanks
  12. if you enable continent and edit the nation you like.for example.Ussr or Yugoslavia how you will remove Serbia or Russia from the game? and what about the competitions they participate?
  13. ok.Finally I was able to enable the continent so I'm ready to edit extinct nations.Now my other question is how will I put the edited nation to all competitions?
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