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  1. FM17 FIFA Nations League

    One question i have for this database.I would love to download and play it! I want to ask if all the orther continentac competitions for nations are still play or they stop working cause of the nations league?
  2. New natio in qorld cup qualification

    Thank you! I appreciate your time.I will have a look around:-)
  3. New natio in qorld cup qualification

    Thank you for your enlighting answer! Unfortunately my experience isn't that big! I guess there isn't any other solution...
  4. Hello, I had enable Yugoslavia and made it a playable nation with its leagues and had changed players,cities,teams everything! Problem is its not in any qualification group and i don't want to wait till 2010-2020 in order the team to enter the copetitions.I had try every solution that came in my mind but without success.I remember 2 years ago it was possible to do that but this year isn't anymore? Any help would be appreciate it!
  5. Any chance Mr Hough will make and post any new tactics for FM2017? Does anyone know?
  6. Population is 0 in new nation

    Yes i had done that.Cause for Yugoslavia it shows the population and writes in the main screen of the nation about 22.5 million.But for the rest 2 nations nothing! Maybe its hard coded or its a conflict with the files.I have no clue...
  7. Hello, I had enable the extinct nations of Yugoslava,USSR,Czechoslovakia.My question is when i load the game and go to nations i see the population for Yugoslavia but for the rest 2 edited nations population is 0.Of course i had move cities,regions and so on.But i don't understand why it shows 0! Is it hard coded? Can anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance, Yannis
  8. Any chance to reveal details of how to do that?:-)
  9. Trouble with new nation edit

    You are welcome mate:-)
  10. Trouble with new nation edit

    Yes I know how to do that:-) you need to go to editor/data/format/database/nation.xml find this: <!-- Continent --> <record> <flags id="field" value="Ncti"/> <string id="name" value="Continent"/> <flags id="type" value="database_record_unique_id"/> <flags id="database_table_type" value="continent"/> <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true"/> <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true"/> and change <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true"/> u <boolean id="is_read_only" value="false"/> save file and reload editor
  11. Trouble with new nation edit

    Im not an expert but I see in your second screenshot that the ""continent"" is still grey! I think you must activate that and set it up
  12. Nation swapping - advice wanted

    Thank you for your advice.I will sim it for 2-3 seasons and see what happens!:-)
  13. Nation swapping - advice wanted

    So that means I can continue my file right? I mean Yugoslavia won't be in this qualification that's running this year but will participate in all the next years competitions if I understood well?
  14. Hello everyone, Here is my problem with this year data editor! Every year I activate some old extinct nations and set up leagues,cups everything.For my own fun.Now this year I don't know what I do wrong but can't seem to manage it! I went on and activate continent and set up Yugoslavia.I also tick the box to be FIFA member and set Serbia continent as Asia.I set up league rules,cups,change cities,teams,people etc. But nomatter what I do Yugoslavia doesn't compete in any competitions!!! Can you guys help me please? Im so frustrated!!! Second thing is the international rules.I want to set up the Balkan nations cup.But in international rules I can't seem to choose any nations but it only gives me the continent choose. Any help would be highly appreciated, Thank you:-)
  15. Hello,


    I have two problems so far with the FM2017 data editor and im so frustrated about it.I always go on and make my own database and I activate extinct nations(Yugoslavia etc) for my own fun.

    This year I want to do the same and I started with Yugoslavia.I activated it and set the nation's continent in Europe.I made league rules and changed players,cities etc.


    But the problem is that Yugoslavia isn't in any competitions no matter whatever I tried!!! Can you help me please?


    Second problem is that I can't set a cup in international rules


    Any help would be highly appreciated cause I had bought the games only few days ago but still can't enjoy it

    1. KUBI


      Please post it in the editor forum.