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  1. ok Wolf.Would be wonderful if you could make a guide of how to do that.So I can try to implement it in my own database:-)
  2. Sounds you do a very detail work! So about the rules,which one you add so the players can go back?
  3. How did you move the players back? can you give me a guide if its not trouble for you?
  4. ok.Understood.Stay strong dear friend.My thoughts and prayers on you!
  5. Hello there! Hope you are feeling better with your health issues.Just wanted to ask about the release date of the Iron Curtain! Looking forward to play it:-)
  6. of course it easy.Load your data editor and then find him.If he is in a contract with a team you can also add him for a national team and remove the other guy
  7. you are welcome!:-)
  8. its not in the editor.You have to extract it from the comp. editor and then you go and enable it.I had try it last year and this year as well.For my own personal use but in the end my laptop crashed.Also another thing I had done was that I had transfer all clubs,competitions,players,staff,cities to the new nation.The old Yugoslavia.So Serbia and the rest countries had none.But then my nation didn't compete in the international competitions Anyway its a lot of work.Easiest thing is to rename Serbia as Yugoslavia and transfer all parts there:) That's how I had done it in my own Yugoslavia database YUGOSLAVIA.fmf
  9. Hello! You mention you are good with graphics.Would you be able to make the flags of Yugoslavia,Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union and tell me how to install it in the game? Cause I had try to use the graphics from the former iron curtain in fm20 and it worked for a while but eventually it crashed:((
  10. Here is how you do it, n case others are struggling, follow this guide: Download the FM18 Resource Archiver from Steam and launch it. Click "Extract Archive" and find the file "comp editor.fmf" in your Steam folder "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data" Select a folder to extract the files to In the new folder, find "nation.xml" an open it. Note that there are 2 files called "nation.xml", but only 1 has the following text: <!-- Continent --> <record> <flags id="field" value="Ncti" /> <translation id="name" translation_id="229389" type="use" value="Continent" /> <flags id="type" value="database_record_unique_id" /> <flags id="database_table_type" value="continent" /> <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true" /> <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true" /> <boolean id="is_optional" value="true" /> </record> Change row <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true" /> to <boolean id="is_read_only" value="false" /> Save the xml file Before you go to the next step, make a backup of your "comp editor.fmf" file in case the process goes wrong for whatever reason Go to the Resource Archiver and package the file back together: Click "Create Archive" and save the archive file in the "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data" folder. Only overwrite the existing file there if you had made a backup of it. Launch the Editor and it should work.
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