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  1. Finally i had luck!!! I move the data location and it works all good again! Now my question is should i leave it as it is or again move items back? Cause i think now that i made work after spend my entire afternoon i don't want to bother again!
  2. ok.I will try all the above steps and see what happens and i will post again.Thank you!
  3. Here is what i did and still doesn't work.I removed the custom skin.I clear cache and preferences.Then i went and verify the files as the video shows above.I launched the game and went to match but i only see the bar under with the commentary and above the teams name and the score.No pitch in the middle and i can't see the game.Don't know what else i can do cause i didn't had this problem before:(
  4. Hello everyone. Please forgive to interrupt but i have a problem.I had another custom skin that was outdated so i went back to the fm20 skin.Unfortunately i can't see the pitch during a match.I clear the cache and the preferences.Also i delete the custom skin.i had unistall and reinstal fm20 but still nothing! Any ideas?
  5. ok Wolf.Would be wonderful if you could make a guide of how to do that.So I can try to implement it in my own database:-)
  6. Sounds you do a very detail work! So about the rules,which one you add so the players can go back?
  7. How did you move the players back? can you give me a guide if its not trouble for you?
  8. ok.Understood.Stay strong dear friend.My thoughts and prayers on you!
  9. Hello there! Hope you are feeling better with your health issues.Just wanted to ask about the release date of the Iron Curtain! Looking forward to play it:-)
  10. of course it easy.Load your data editor and then find him.If he is in a contract with a team you can also add him for a national team and remove the other guy
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