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  1. Thanks for the update! I always enjoy seeing how these saves pan out when the ultimate goal is achieved. You've done amazing with the national team as well!
  2. This has been one of my favourite saves to follow, and you are doing amazing Koetzer! Looks like your patience may pay off this year!
  3. Wow, what an incredible achievement! Did you get any decent players from Liechtenstein come through? How is the Swiss league doing in terms of reputation and European success?
  4. I do agree that this is somewhat arbitrary, and I was able to move on some pretty average players for large sums of money at PSV, more than they yield in real life. Dutch teams did seem to spend quite a bit too, and they actually did very well in Europe. Other countries should see more realistic values though, as I think the Netherlands is a bit overrated in this aspect. I guess it kind of makes sense that it's really hard to improve league reputations. After Porto won the CL or Ajax made it to the semi final, I don't think there was a big increase in foreign interest in the Portuguese/Du
  5. Go to any country -> Transfers and contracts -> Transfer values. I'm pretty sure this is what driving the valuations for a big part. It is just a bias so obviously other factors will play a role too (age, contract length etc.), but I think if you enter some higher values (let's say up to €80m for the highest reputation), you'll see big increases to the value of your best players.
  6. To add to this: as a workaround you could set pretty steep increases in values for the higher reputation levels. For instance, leave everything under 110 or 120 as it is to make sure bad/average players in Norway don't suddenly become impossible to buy for other Norwegian teams because they are too expensive, but increase values for the higher reputation levels. Don't use the values for the Netherlands as an example though as they are ridiculous, even compared to the biggest leagues. The top 5 countries in Europe top out at around €100m.
  7. It probably has something to do with the valuation that is in the editor for most countries. As seen within the spoiler, this is much higher for the Netherlands than for Norway. I went over some other countries, and Norway really seems to score pretty low for this. From a reputation higher than 160, no values are specified in Norway, but in other countries the values increase rapidly there, so I guess that would happen for Norway too. Maybe the low valuations also have to do with players simply not being able to reach very high reputations (let's say 170+), just because they play in a league t
  8. Out of curiosity, which team are you? Personally, I didn't encounter any problems at PSV Eindhoven, but they are a pretty big team from the start and players from the Eredivisie have been sold for big amounts in the past too. I do agree that it's very odd to see the sponsorship go down. What happened to your league reputation over the course of these 10 seasons?
  9. The Dutch league might be what you're looking for. Ajax clearly has a reputation of developing youth and are very rich. PSV has 15m to spend at the start of the game and a good youth set-up too. In my save with PSV I was able to sell for over a billion euros within my first 4 seasons, which allowed me to spend massively as well.
  10. To add to this: I also tested this on another save where I had played until the summer of 2024. I added some leagues and the player count went up more than initially projected. On top of that, more importantly, the amount of players with values of 1 for all hidden personality attributes increased from 2 to 5811.
  11. I have a save going with Os Belenenses, who are in the tier below the lowest playable tier in Portugal at the start of the game. Initially I only loaded the Portuguese leagues with a large database to holiday for a season to have Os Belenenses become playable. I then added some leagues, but the amount of players skyrocketed to 83.000, which seems way too much for the leagues I loaded. The main problem is though, that a lot of these players have awful hidden personality attributes, being all 1. I noticed that some players had totally different personalities than normally, and had a playe
  12. I was trying to do the same, but can't get it to work unfortunately, the kits remain white. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
  13. This looks great! How did you get the stadium picture to show up for the upcoming fixture? I think that's a great addition.
  14. That shouldn't matter I think. He can still shoot of course, but any shot that is going to be waved off since it's offside should have an xG of 0 because it won't count anyway. Let's say you pass to a player that is blatantly offside but one on one with the goalkeeper. His shot then would have a large value for xG, but it doesn't matter and the team shouldn't get 'credit' for this.
  15. Really liking it so far! One thing I noticed is that a goal that was called offside still counted for xG. Is this intended? I would think that shots that don't count since they came from an offside position should not be included in the xG count.
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