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  1. Enjoyed this a lot Ben even though I never posted, and can't wait to see how you'll do in Switzerland!
  2. First of all, I absolutely love this skin and have been using it since its release. Thank you very much! One (hopefully) small question: Is it possible to edit the attribute player overview so it shows a flag in front of the nationality? If so, which panel do I need to edit?
  3. Nah I have no idea, but my guess would be to a country that is one spot away in the coefficient ranking for an automatic spot in one of the European competitions. I also gave all the first team players in the Lithuanian teams 200 CA and PA to make sure they stayed on top of the ranking. Suduva got relegated and won the Champions League haha, and the EL final was a Lithuanian affair too. Still, only the 6 teams that were currently in the league qualified for European competitions. I didn't holiday any further, but it seems that the only way second tier squads could qualify is through the cup.
  4. That actually still happens! The team finishing 6th still qualified for Europe! There should be 7 European spots however, and in my quick test only 6 went into European competitions. You're making great progress by the way! Are the other Lithuanian teams helping you out in Europe a bit?
  5. I got curious and decided to test it haha. It seems that only the the 6 teams from the top league qualify, the teams from the second league can only qualify through the cup.
  6. Yep I agree, unless you are willing to go into some real time editor to see the value for their weaker foot, you can't really use this. And even then you would have to question what weight to attach to this. Anyway, I hope that the fact that the A Lyga is a summer league will give you an edge over other teams in the qualification rounds for continental football, since your players won't struggle with match fitness.
  7. Very interesting save, will follow this! I lived in Lithuania for a while and would love to have a save there, but the 6-team league and general awful state of the football there is putting me off. Do you take into account how good a player is with their weaker foot? This has quite some impact on a player's attributes, but it's probably hard to incorporate since you don't get exact values for this.
  8. I'm loving this save and always admire the dedication and patience people have with saves like this, especially when it takes so many heartbreaking play-off losses in Serie C. Do you have just the Italian leagues loaded in order to be able to go through seasons quicker?
  9. Thanks for the update! I always enjoy seeing how these saves pan out when the ultimate goal is achieved. You've done amazing with the national team as well!
  10. This has been one of my favourite saves to follow, and you are doing amazing Koetzer! Looks like your patience may pay off this year!
  11. Wow, what an incredible achievement! Did you get any decent players from Liechtenstein come through? How is the Swiss league doing in terms of reputation and European success?
  12. I do agree that this is somewhat arbitrary, and I was able to move on some pretty average players for large sums of money at PSV, more than they yield in real life. Dutch teams did seem to spend quite a bit too, and they actually did very well in Europe. Other countries should see more realistic values though, as I think the Netherlands is a bit overrated in this aspect. I guess it kind of makes sense that it's really hard to improve league reputations. After Porto won the CL or Ajax made it to the semi final, I don't think there was a big increase in foreign interest in the Portuguese/Du
  13. Go to any country -> Transfers and contracts -> Transfer values. I'm pretty sure this is what driving the valuations for a big part. It is just a bias so obviously other factors will play a role too (age, contract length etc.), but I think if you enter some higher values (let's say up to €80m for the highest reputation), you'll see big increases to the value of your best players.
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