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  1. True, my tries have ended in us just being murdered by the good teams and scraping wins against bad opposition. What would you use as a role for the right wing if you used Claesson/Kulusevski instead of Larsson? My thinking was to use either WM(a) or IW(s). For Claesson I would want to replicate his late movement into the box, which I feel I get with a W(a), but am a bit afraid to leave the right wing exposed.
  2. @TommyToxic seems like a nice tactics, but not exactly "the Sweden way", judging by the screenshots. It's not really likely that Sweden would win the possession statistic against Spain and Belgium. I'm no expert, but seems to me that this low block is too aggressive. Sweden does not really play the aggressive low block, but are happy to let the opponent pass around and cross, or take a shot from distance. Then on certain opponent actions (such as mistakes), a player will initiate press, triggering a short spur of intensive press in order to win the ball. Also not sure about the overlap instruc
  3. IRL it is handled by all teams qualified for Europe playing an extra game before the summer break. If that is not possible it would be better to just move a whole gameweek from autumn to spring, since the schedule is quite loose before summer.
  4. Of course, but that does not take away from my points. Ludwigsson is a good player, but he should not have amazing technical attributes. He's a limited player with physical skills and a sense on where to be. He should not get higher technical skills just to raise his "CA", it's as daft as if I would demand that Goitom should get higher pace and acceleration. I think Ludwigsson is a player that might be underrated by scouts in game, but lethal when deployed correctly like he has been in Örgryte and Hammarby. The second point still stands as well. Nothing about Hammarby's defensive performa
  5. Couldn't disagree more. Ludwigsson is extremely limited technically. He scores points due to his work rate and off the ball, which seems to be represented fairly. If anything his dribbling looks to be overrated. THe last thing the Swedish database need are more overrated Hammarby players. In FM20 there was something crazy like 3 out of the top 10 central defenders played for Hammarby, when their defense i absolute rubbish.
  6. Is there a guide on how all the tactical instructions effect play somewhere? Like with "look for overlap" that reduces winger mentality and passing tempo, while raising the wing backs mentality? Same with player roles, what hardcover backend behaviour is tied to each role? Can I for example create a BWM by taking a CM (s) and adding the exact same instructions? I know that playmaker roles have an underlying ball magnet instruction back end, but is it compiled for other roles?
  7. Season Roundup Season 1 - 2020 - Autumn -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allsvenskan Winners: AIK Qualified for Europe: IFK Norrköping Malmö FF Relegated: IF Elfsborg Varbergs BoIS Superettan Winners: Jönköpings Södra Promoted: Trelleborgs FF Relegated: Dalkurd FF AFC Eskilstuna Division 1 Winners: IF Brommapojkarna IFK Värnamo Relegated: IFK Haninge IF Sylvia Tä by FK Qviding FIF Torns IF Oskarshamns AIK Motala AIF Swedish clubs in Europe Djurgå
  8. October Season 1 - 2020 - Autumn -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allsvenskan 3GP - 1W 2D 0L - 4GS 2GA - 5P Fixtures - Table - Stats Overview The Title Race Matchday 28 was the first match ball. We met rivals IFK Göteborg, while competition faced off Halland strugglers Falkenbergs FF and Varbergs BoIS at home. IFK Norrköping delivered, and beat Varberg 4-0 without much trouble. Malmö FF however only managed a draw, meaning they were out of the title race no matter what happened in our game. We started great against IFK
  9. September Season 1 - 2020 - Autumn -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allsvenskan 5GP - 4W 1D 0L - 9GS 3GA - 13P Fixtures - Table - Stats Overview We started with two difficult fixtures against second and third placed teams IFK Norrköping and Malmö FF. Against IFK Norrköping we needed at least a draw to keep them behind us, and Malmö were chasing only five points behind. I had done some tactical adjustments, pushing up the defensive line a bit more to make us more compact in the opponents half, and it seemed to work. Without o
  10. Summer months Season 1 - 2020 - Summer -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allsvenskan 9GP - 7W 0D 2L - 15GS 5GA - 21P Fixtures - Table - Stats Overview The summer means that games are spread out thin, and we played our only game in June in the middle of the European Championships against Hammarby IF. Due to Sweden’s early elimination we had Sebastian Larsson back in the line-up, while Hammarby could field Muamer Tankovic. I decided to sit tight, but to press their main playmaker hard. Bojanic has brilliant vision but is slow s
  11. May Season 1 - 2020 - Spring -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allsvenskan 7GP - 4W 3D 0L - 10GS 5GA - 12P Fixtures - Table - Stats Overview The month of May started with the toughest possible fixtures. In the span of seven days we met top candidates BK Häcken, Malmö FF and IFK Norrköping. To my surprise, we would exit these fixtures with 7 out of 9 points to our name, managing three separate match situations. Against BK Häcken we found ourselves behind after one half, and needed to go out of our comfort zone to take risks. T
  12. April Season 1 - 2020 - Spring -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allsvenskan 6GP - 3W 3D 0L - 6GS 2GA - 12P Fixtures - Table - Stats Overview In summary, my first month of Allsvenskan has been okay. After six games we find ourselves second in the table with 12 points, four points short of early season success IFK Göteborg who only lost points in one game in April. But while our position in the table is flattering we have struggled offensively, scoring only six goals while meeting three of the expected relegation candida
  13. Allsvenskan - Season Preview Season 1 - 2020 Board Expectation: Finish in top 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title favourites Malmö FF - Always the favourites to win. The Champions League adventures of the 10s means MFF have the biggest budget and the best squad. New manager Jon Dahl Tomasson has a lot of pressure to deliver, as Malmö has failed to meet expectations two seasons straight. Hammarby IF - Risen from obscurity to title contenders in the last few seasons. Last year Hammarby combined the grea
  14. Friendlies and the Swedish Cup Season 1 - 2020 - Pre season -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friendlies Fixtures As a first-year manager, pre-season was mainly about getting a feel about the players capacity and trying out the tactics for the season. We started out with a win and a loss on tour in Portugal against lower league sides SC Olhanense and Portimonense SC. The first game was comfortably won by our senior squad after a bad start, while the youths struggled to get their game going in the second game. That second game wa
  15. Transfers and Squad Season 1 - 2020 - Pre season ------------------------------------------ Transfers >> Outgoing transfers * I joined AIK with roughly a week left of the international January window, so any player I was looking to sell internationally needed to go quickly. Enoch Kofi Adu and Panos Dimitriadis did not survive the cut. Dimitriadis was unfortunately not good enough and carried a large salary, and I was pleased to sell him at any price. I wanted to keep Adu, but with one year left on the contract I felt I needed to sell him directly when we c
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