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  1. 25. The Vultures Are Circling.... Start of Season 3 It was late at night on the eve of the pre-season transfer window and I was sat in my office, staring at the telephone. I was preparing myself for a busy month ahead, not just making plans for a full on assault on the C-League and Hun Sen Cup, but also wondering how many of my current squad would be wearing an EDC shirt for the big kick off in March, which was three months away. Starting from tomorrow the transfer window would creak open once more and the vultures will be circling over Prey Veng, ready to swoop for Veasna, Ch
  2. Thanks Colski. I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far..
  3. Part 24. The Gang of Six Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. There has been a ticking timebomb all season at Prey Veng and as we approach the end of November 2021 that noise is growing louder. Six of my best players have part time contracts which run out at the end of the month, meaning they would be free to leave the club for nothing and horror of horrors join our rival clubs, such as Nagaworld and Beoung Ket. The 'Gang of 6 are: Sok Chanraksmey Suon Veasna Tum Saray Maul Daravon Kong Rafat Phanny Y Rotha At various times in the season I have
  4. 23. End of Season 2 Round Up A couple of days after our stunning but ultimately futile 7-2 victory over Phnom Penh Crown I arrived at the training ground to tie up some loose ends with the players for the season, following a light session to keep them going and a fun kick around. As I pulled into the car park at Prey Veng I looked over to the training field and noticed a bunch of kids having a game of football. I did not recognise them as my Under 21 squad, or my reserves. There seemed to also be a coach with them, who was joining in the game. Puzzled I parked up and app
  5. Thankyou glenn, glad you are enjoying the story. Me joining Nagaworld would be like when Clough joined Leeds United and we all know how that ended...lol. Any future job I take will be outside the C-League I think.
  6. Thanks Ben. Yes I'm already about 4 games into the 3rd season in real time, but the story is a few posts behind as always so it gives me time to create storylines. Judging that EDC are a part time club and Nagaworld and Beoung Ket are professional we did really well.
  7. 22. Mixing Sport with Politics - The Hun Sen Cup Final There is an old saying, 'Never mix sport and politics.' It seems though this saying never crossed the Gulf of Thailand into Cambodia, as their principal football trophy is named after their Prime Minister, Hun Sen. This guy has been in office since 1985 and is one of the longest serving leaders in the world. Naming your major cup competition after your Prime Minister got me thinking, what if they did this back in England? Currently the FA cup would be known as The Boris Johnson Cup and I can imagine that Liverpool and Everton f
  8. Thanks that's great to hear from somebody who has actually been to Cambodia. I've never been anywhere near there, so have to rely on websites and Google Earth for my information. I wanted this post to be factually correct, respectful to Buddhism, but also funny at the same time by putting it in a footballing context too.
  9. Seeking Divine Intervention The C-League Table with 2/3 Games to go 1st Beoung Ket 49 2nd EDC 49 3rd National Police 48 4th Nagaworld 47 5th Phnom Penh Crown 43 The Run In We have the hardest last two games of the league season, with trips to rivals, Nagaworld and Phnom Penh Crown, who are in 5th and certainly no pushovers. Therefore we must beat Nagaworld as they have relegated Kirivong at home on the last game, which as we found won’t be a gimme, but someone they should beat. Boeung Ket also face the bottom side and the unpredictable National Defence.
  10. Thankyou. Glad you are enjoying the story so far Glenn
  11. Yes this season is reminiscent of Newcastle in '96, but that's what makes FM such a great game
  12. I'd Love It If We Beat Them, Love It!! (Picture of Kevin Keegan pointing his finger during his infamous rant in April 1996) "If EDC win the C-League it would be the biggest footballing shock since Leicester City won the 2015/16 Premier League season in Rudd's home country of England and there are certain elements in the C-League who would want a similar thing to happen here in Cambodia, to put it on the footballing map. It is obvious to me and to other managers in the league that some teams are not trying hard enough to beat them in order to make this dream a reality." - Sam Cha
  13. From a 1 horse Race To a 5 Horse Race Currently EDC are together in electric dreams, over halfway through the season, eight points clear and favourites one would think to easily do the unthinkable and win the Cambodian C-League at a canter. Football though is a cruel game and Football Manager can be even crueller when the inner gods which lurk inside the game suddenly turn against you... Add to that complacency and tiredness and suddenly what seemed so simple can become very difficult indeed... Match 21: EDC v National Defence – Prime Minister’s Cup Quarter Final Pre-Mat
  14. High Voltage Football My little fancied team, Electricitié Du Cambodge have lit up the C-League with some impressive results and performances, as we find ourselves five points clear at the top of the C-League, halfway through the season. Can we continue our amazing start to the season, starting with a home game against familiar foes, Vishaka? Suon Makara Announces Retirement I start with some sad news. My versatile D/MC, Suon Makara has announced he will not be renewing his contract and will seek to wind down his career. Makara put in some steady performances during our survival
  15. Could we do a Leicester? EDC, after 9 league games are surprisingly top of the C-League on goal difference after an excellent start to the season. While this is an unexpected turn of events, as I only really had ambitions of a top half finish in the table and hopefully a good cup run, perhaps this team is better than I imagined. After my intervention with the unregistered players I do now feel at least I am playing against the best players in the respective teams and most of them have been well contested matches. Match 12 – National Defence v EDC 29/05/21 We travel to the
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