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  1. you have to put your file here ; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data\comp editor\format\database ui.
  2. Hello, you have to go to "UEFA Nations League C" in database. Then, you have "registered teams" : put your Isle of Man team instead of Kazakhstan (or put another country from Nations league D instead, and register Isle of Man in League D). So, Isle of Man national team will participate to the UEFA Nations League and to the European Championship (not in 2020 although, but in 2024, 2028, etc.).
  3. No, unhappily I don't have FM18. Perhaps, it could work with my FM19 file. But I'm not sure at all. Try to import it. Nations league BZH.xml
  4. you will also have to put Kazakhstan back in your Nations league file instead of San Marino.
  5. Hello Cata89, you should look at this : Then, download the files (normally, there are 2 files) and look at "UEFA Nations League" in the second link (not the Greenland one). You have "registered teams" : delete Greenland and put your team instead. Then save it. You will need to use 2 files : yours + a second one with the Nations league rules. I don't have FM18, but this was the method I used for FM19. And my nation was able to participate to the Nations league and the European championship.
  6. I noticed I had a new "comp editor.fmf" (created on the 20th of February, I had saved the first one in another folder) here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data I have put my broken comp editor files elsewhere, and it worked. I have extracted the new file, made the same changes I did before and it still works. So, I don't know what was the root of the problem.
  7. I've tried to do what you said (deleting my editor cache folders, uninstalling and re-installing the editor) but it was still the same. But I've finally found a solution. I've made some changes with the comp editor folder, and that was the cause for my problem. So, it was my fault. I'm sorry. But Thank you for your answer.
  8. Thank you for your answer. I followed what you said, but unhappily nothing new happened. When I select/unselect the other entries, I still can't see the details panel appearing. It's the same when I use the details panel button. I also changed the resolution, but with no result. I even modified the size of text and images, and the retina option. But without any success. I often create new nations with the editor. And someone asked me to change a small thing (deleting B teams) in a cup. But I was unable to do it, because I couldn't see the details panel button. So, my problem is not only for kits. Nevertheless, I have been able to create kits for my created nations in december/january. I don't know what happened after that.
  9. Hello, I would like to change/add teams colours in the pre-game editor, but it's impossible. Apparently, I have a problem with the "details panel". I can't see it or it doesn't work. Moreover,when I add something in this "kits and colours" section, I can only add a shirt, but not shirts and socks. I don't have this problem with FM2019 pre-game editor. Could someone help me ? Thanks.
  10. Hi Nine Iron. Congratulations for your work. I created my own new nations (Brittany and Corsica), and I have some problems. First, in some of my saves, I have problems with UEFA coefficients. You mentioned 0.122 could be a good solution : does it work ? I have also an issue with the FIFA ranking : it seems that a victory, for example, gives less points to my new nations than to a classic FIFA nation. So, my new nations have always a very low ranking, even if they qualify for the World Cup or the European championship. Do you have the same problem ? And last problem, which is minor : concerning Brittany, my regens first names are strange. They are often Italian, Spanish or from other European countries. While their family names are French, so ok.
  11. yes, I have created my own nation and it worked. Except for the Euro 2020 because the qualifications begin in March 2019. But for 2024 and 2028, no problem.
  12. you have to go to "database", "UEFA Nations league C", "registered teams" and then, put your team instead of Kosovo or Kazakhstan.
  13. In database ui, you have a file called "db record lists". Open it and find : <!-- local region table --> Then, you can change the file to allow the creation of new local regions. It worked for me. I tried the same to add new currencies and new continents, but with no success.
  14. OK. You will have to download my file. Put your nation.xml in a specific folder (in case you have a problem with mine) and put my nation.xml in the good folder. It's for FM19, not FM18 or 17. After that, load FM 19 Editor and normally, you will be able to change the continent of every country. nation.xml
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