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  1. go there : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data\comp editor\format\database\player.xml and change the lines "pace" and "jumping".
  2. you need to use FM resource archiver to extract "comp editor.fmf". Then, you will have xml files instead of fmf. And so you will be able to change the line you want.
  3. Hi, you can look at this : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/357109-FM14-New-Euro-Cups-by-Krlenjushka
  4. thanks for your answer. Perhaps, there is another code to enter in a xml file ?
  5. Hello, I often use extinct nations to create new countries. I know how to edit nations population : http://www.thedugout.tv/community/showthread.php?t=72801 But I'm still not able to change them. Even if we change cities or regions population, it doesn't affect the nation one. Are there new solutions for FM 2014 ?
  6. Hello, to give a continent to these nations, you need to read that : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/386682-setting-nation-continent
  7. It's probably because you have forgotten to change the continent of the competitions (US and Mexican ones). It's the same for the European countries you have put in the CONCACAF. But I don't know what will happen for the Canadian clubs of the MLS (and NASL, etc.). Moreover, it's possible that CONCACAF champions league rules are hardcoded. In this case, you'd have to create a second file with a new CONCACAF CL. Good luck !
  8. I think you shoud try to swap nations. Indeed, each confederation has a certain number of national teams. And if you change this number, you will have crashes. So, you need to change for example the continent of Mexico and put a European nation in the CONCACAF zone. And the same for South American teams. Nevertheless, you can ask people who have recreated 1990 European Nations (less nations than today) to have better information.
  9. Hi Alex, I think you have to check for each club what is written for "continental cup nation". It's in the club details.
  10. Hello everyone, I work for a data update (fmolympia.net/forum). We are trying to change the database with the recent transfers and loans in the World. We have no problem with the transfers : for example Dj. Cissé from Kuban Krasnodar will join Bastia on the 1st of January in 2014. But it's not the same with loans. Even they are correctly set in the editor, they do not happen in game. For example, "Sambou Yatabaré from Olympiakos will join Bastia on loan on the 01/01/2014" doesn't appear in this player record. And on the 01/01/2014, nothing changes. Yatabaré is still at Olympiakos in game, even it's written he must play for Bastia between January and June in the editor. Can someone give me a solution ? The link is here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/us9ioum1tbamf0e/Mercato%20hiver%20Olympe%20by%20FMOlympia%20(27-01).dbc Thanks.
  11. This is my new link. I can put it here, cause it's mine. There are French divisions until level 6 (division d'honneur, DH) and also CFA and CFA 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ghi631ajlzgzfkh/Divisions+fran%C3%A7%2A%2As%2As+2.2.dbc I've tested it until 2023 and it works well.
  12. Thanks again Krlenjushka :-) For the league cup, normally "European" teams (3+3 =6) - the ones which are qualified in CL and in EL- begin the competition in the 4th round. But in my games, it's random teams which enter the league cup in the 4th round. Indeed, I have not found any good rules to configure this correctly.
  13. I have verified all divisions. I have tested the file (not this one exactly, because I have made several changes) until 2019, and I had no bug. The file isn't perfect because I have problems for the seeded teams in league cup, and because the regional limits are not respected - for example after season 1, teams of Southern France are in Northern divisions. But it works. But perhaps, you would like to say that I need to verify all divisions in the editor before ?
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