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  1. Here is a file with "Pre-Ireland" instead of Kazakhstan in Nations League C. You will have to use 2 files instead of 1 to start a new game with your created nation. I have used this method for Brittany, and it works. Don't forget to make the 2 tests in the editor with your main file, because it's compulsory now. If you want, you could put the Isle of Man in League D instead of C. NL Isle of Man.fmf
  2. Your file works with basic rules. I have tested it and it works. You should save it with an another name. If you do that, you will need another file with an edited Nations League. The other solution is to integrate FIFA WC Qualification - UEFA in your file. But it's more complicated. You should ask Krlenjushka for this.
  3. You have to edit UEFA Nations League following Krlenjushka's method or to use a separate Nations League file in addition of you first file (in basic rules). If you use advanced editor, you might have to edit 2022 European Qualifications too.
  4. You have to edit UEFA World Cup Qualifications. Because the nation you moved to Asia is still registered in the European WC Qualifications. I have been able to begin a new save with the 21.4 database using the basic rules. But to do that, you need to have a second file which concerns UEFA Nations League. Nevertheless, this method is useless when you want at least 2 new nations to compete in Europe. Because I've had several crashes when I tried to use 2 new nations at the same time (I created 4, using a custom database to avoid conflicts). Indeed, the European WC qualifications are limite
  5. During the first season (2020/2021), it's normal because it's a new league. So, you have to wait until 2021/2022 to have your clubs in European competitions. Do your problem concern 2020/2021 or 2021/2022 ?
  6. Hello, Here are your files. You have to use the first file in the editor and change what you need to do. I just made the minimum. The second file is for the Nations League registration. You don't have to change anything in this file, except if you want your national team in League C (or B or A) because I put it in League D at the beginning. But you will have to select these 2 files when you will start a new game. Yorkshire.fmf Yorkshire in N.L..fmf
  7. Great idea ! But can we use OpenOffice or LibreOffice instead of excel ?
  8. you should look at this : You have to make changes to the UEFA Nations League.
  9. OK. Le monde est petit / the world is small :-)
  10. Thank you very much Krlenjushka ! I've seen it works with a nation like Serbia. I have a question though. I have created my own nation (like the Isle of Man) in basic rules, I have added a nation (mine) to the UEFA Nations League, and then I converted the rules in advanced rules. But the Nations League doesn't appear in my nation advanced rules list. How did you do that for the Isle of Man file ?
  11. Excellent work, as usual ! Congratulations. Just a very small problem I noticed last year, but I didn't tell you. Derby de l'Anjou for SCO Angers vs. Stade Lavallois is not a good idea, because Laval is not in Anjou but in Maine : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine_(province) So, in my opinion, a better name for this derby could be "Derby Anjou-Maine".
  12. I precise it was for FM 2019. I don't have FM 2021 yet.
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