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  1. Oh that's interesting. I always thought they are a hard overwrite but good to know that they at least help mitigate the effect of "shoots from distance" for example.
  2. I don't think they actually can. I remember one of the mods on here saying that there is a hierarchy to instructions which if I remember correctly goes like this. Tactic Settings < PIs < PPMs. Meaning every setting in tactics or PIs that is contrary to the PPM of the player gets overwritten by the PPM. The same goes for PIs overwriting tactic instructions. For example if you have your entire team on get stuck in but set one of your players to "ease of tackles" he will ease of in the tackling department unless he has the PPM dives into tackles.
  3. I have to say the main problem for me is that a team can even get to 40 shots in PL games so regularly. At the current time Manchester City have 541 shots after 29 games, which makes approximately 18.65 shots per game. My Manchester United side is currently sitting at 597 shots after 20 games, which makes approximately 29.85 shots per game. Of course if you end up getting nothing out of those 40 shots it feels extra harsh. I would hope that they could town down the overall willingness of players to shoot a bit so that excellent games maybe end up with around 30 shots and the average game you end up with around 15 shots, so it doesn't always feel like your team is missing 3 games worth of chances in one game. That being said I also feel like at the upper end and with your team getting very much used to the tactic these games keep happening less and less, I just had a run of 24 games won in a row with Manchester United so I can't really say I see too many of these results anymore.
  4. First of I really like how fluid the game feels during processing, no idea what happened but the entire game feels much more snappy and a good bit faster when it comes to the UI interaction and game processing of the days. Second I really like some aspects of the ME in this version and some I really don't like. On the one hand there are some wonderful moves here and the football looks a lot closer to real life than it did in other versions of the game imo. On the other hand it's a bit annoying that so many goals seem to come from standards while my team can't score from the best chances and open shooting opportunities, most shots simply look like a pass back to the opposition goalkeeper. And it's not only me suffering from this. In my first season Liverpool scored 25 goals from idfk and 13 goals from corners. This season I have found a pretty good setup for standards and overall have only conceded 8 goals after 23 games. That being said I find the overall match engine experience in this version more entertaining than the one of FM19. Third, I still think the interaction and press conference stuff is utter trash and easily the worst element I have ever encountered in any game, luckily you can bypass this but why there has been no update to the logic in that system, or you do the sensible thing and finally scrap that garbage system is beyond me. Alone the fact that so often I can't even answer what I would be answering irl and just have to pic the answer I know from experience will do the least amount of damage or get a positive reaction, makes this a system that is completely bereft of any fun or value to the overall experience. I know FM touch doesn't have all this but, well it also hasn't got a lot of stuff I find engaging and fun which makes it a bad trade off. I know I'm late to the party but I really started late with FM20, so yeah this is my first impression of the game after 1 1/2 season played.
  5. I know this isn't really a discussion that belongs here but I also feel this is pretty accurately mimicking real life. While only 10 years back all the rage was funneling your attacks through the center, as famously the legendary Barca teams with Xavi, Iniesta & Messi did, these days it's all about the space that can be found on the flanks and in the half spaces, horizontally between CB & FB and vertically between the defensive and midfield line. I kinda like that the match engine is actually reflecting that trend.
  6. Btw they also do this if you set the GK to be never closed down. Very frustrating.
  7. I have to be honest for me it comes down to laziness. I don't have the time to play as much FM as I used to anymore so P&P-tactics offer an easy time safer for me. For my tactical fixes I usually watch Rashidi's YouTube videos while playing FM myself.
  8. What OS are you on? Windows 10 has a tool called Snipping Tool which allows you to take shots of the entire screen or just the parts you find relevant. On MAC, you can take a SS pressing Shift+CMD+4, it also allows you to mark the relevant parts of the screen you want to take a SS of. Oh yeah and of course like phnompenhandy there is the Prt and ms paint option if you aren't on windows 10 or MAC OS. Edit: Forgot that FM has it's own SS function. See dafuge's comment.
  9. I hope they will be fixed in the next match engine patch? Will it be out with 19.3?
  10. Shot blocked, shot blocked, corner, shot blocked, shot blocked, corner, goal, shot blocked, shot blocked, shot blocked, shot blocked, corner, goal. Current ME in a nutshell. I think it was never as easy to keep clean sheets as in this version but it's also boring as hell to watch.
  11. Sorry, my bad. @42816 here are the PI's you need to put in yourself AF: Take More Risks, Dribble More, Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter SS: Shoot Less Often, Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter IW-At: Pass It Shorter, Cross More Often, Sit Narrower, Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter IW-Su: Pass It Shorter, Cross More Often, Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter BBM: Take More Risks, Dribble More, Shoot Less Often, Get Further Forward, Move Into Channels, Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter DLP: Dribble More, Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter IWB: Pass It Shorter, Dribble More, Shoot Less Often, Tackle Harder BPD: Dribble More, Shoot Less Often, Stay Wider, Close Down Less, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter G: Pass It Shorter, Take Fewer Risks
  12. I don't know why we are arguing I totally agree with everything you said. My problem is rather that even on the side with the ball I can not get the winger to stay wide they always keep running inside with the ball. That means either the ME is not working properly or the PPM "cuts inside from the right" isn't working correctly and makes him cut in from the left as well. Just out of curiosity, what's your lineup and roles looking like?
  13. The scenario that you describe is basically where Silva is occupying the inside forward space. He isn't one in the game, certainly not but he essentially fulfills that role if the winger on his side is staying wide. The winger of the side that's without the ball often cuts inside, mostly Sterling, that's true but my problem is to even get them to stay wide at all. As soon as Sané gets to the box he will hover at the edge of the penalty zone. and not stay near the sideline as he does in reality. I know some of you are having success with this, I don't, I never managed to have a winger play like an actual winger would let alone get them to a level where they are effective. So yeah I'm obviously missing something or the current match engine just simply doesn't allow to copy Guardiola's style at the moment.
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