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  1. The scenario that you describe is basically where Silva is occupying the inside forward space. He isn't one in the game, certainly not but he essentially fulfills that role if the winger on his side is staying wide. The winger of the side that's without the ball often cuts inside, mostly Sterling, that's true but my problem is to even get them to stay wide at all. As soon as Sané gets to the box he will hover at the edge of the penalty zone. and not stay near the sideline as he does in reality. I know some of you are having success with this, I don't, I never managed to have a winger play like an actual winger would let alone get them to a level where they are effective. So yeah I'm obviously missing something or the current match engine just simply doesn't allow to copy Guardiola's style at the moment.
  2. Of course not, that's why KDB and Silva are basically supposed to act like inside forwards but with a defensive mentality like the one, I use it's practically impossible. Also beating your opponent on the wing is vital to how City plays if they, how they stretch the playing field wide enough to open up space in other areas. There we have the problem that even great dribblers like Sané and Sterlin are barely able to beat a FB 1-on-1.
  3. Very similar setup to mine. I use a PF(S) though and two MEZ(A) and only play on cautious mentality. Possession is around 70% more often than not but the team lacks punch in attack, mainly due to the defensively minded mentality. Even with counter and counter-pressing active, the mentality seems to deny any fast attacks after winning the ball. Another problem that I have is that even though the instructions are set for my wide midfielders to stay wide, they set very narrow in attack. I tried to combat that with a very wide width in attack but still, they just don't hold the wide positions you see them do in real life which in return condenses the central area too much for KDB and DS to be as effective as they are in reality. I think it's the main reason so far I find replicating the roles of the two CM in Guardiola's system almost impossible. Especially Silva almost operates like an inside forward that already starts in a central area. These vertical penetrating runs are hard to replicate if you can't stretch the play wide enough to open up spaces. It also doesn't help that the passing even with good players can be immensely imprecise at a higher tempo, let alone the fact that even good dribblers can barely beat their man due to the absurd high tackling success rate the current match engine has.
  4. Okay, so it does count? Weird because it never seems to have any positive influence on the players that are upset in my games. I'll have a closer eye on that in the future.
  5. What I have been curious about for a while is what's the reasoning behind it only taking league games into account. Not even CL games, which should have a much higher value, seem to count towards a players happiness, which seems a bit odd.
  6. And the top? Where are City and Chelsea who both have a very high passing success rate?
  7. What would really interest me is if there is actually a significant difference between teams. What I mean is, if I look at the stats in the PL I see the top team Manchester City sitting at 89,5% while the bottom team in terms of completed passes is Cardiff with just 64,2%. So there is quite a high difference between teams, highly depending on their playing style and quality of players. I feel that in FM it's never really displayed correctly with all teams sitting within 6% of each other, which at least to me is very frustrating to watch.
  8. Also just look at the tackling percentage. I doubt you see a team in real life with 80% tackling success across the board. Players seem so easily tackled off the ball in the current ME, it's imo part of the reason why technical teams such as Man City so severely underperform in the current ME.
  9. Same here. Hope the next patch will also make it possible to play a possession style of football again. Looking at the stats of the PL and seeing City sitting at 77% passing success just destroys any immersion I have with this game, especially since I was planning to play a more City like style once I arrived at the higher leagues.
  10. Flohrinho

    [Help/FM19] 4-1-4-1 DM

    There is definitely a problem with closing down atm. See this happen all over the pitch even higher up, opposition CB has the ball and gets closed down by my left IF, my MEZ and my striker, all closing down the same player.
  11. I noticed that too. Especially Barca and City always seem very weak in my save games. Like OP said saw this in FM18 as well. I never really play with these teams but it's kinda weird seeing them being so weak. Another thing that irks me is that Messi almost never gets more than 12 - 15 goals a season and barely gets 30 games a season because he seems to pick up a lot of injuries, it's just kinda weird to watch given that he is almost never injured in real life.
  12. They got 77 points and finished 3rd in my first season. I wasn't playing in the PL. Guardiola got sacked at the end of the season.
  13. I actually felt like playing short passing game for once looked like short passing was supposed to look and even with my basic 4-4-2 the variety of goals was, while still being dominated by crosses was miles better than it is now, After the 15 or so games I have played so far I have yet to see more than 2 or 3 goals from through balls. It's either balls over the top, crosses, corners scored by a head from a defender or rebounds from crosses being kicked in from the edge of the box.
  14. Well, somehow I feel the match engine during the Beta looked a lot better than the current one. Anyone else has that feeling? Actually, I really liked how it looked during Beta.
  15. Love the WOF against those pesky super defensive 4-1-4-1 I encounter in almost every game after a while. If I don't play against those formations I use the PILGRIMAGE and it's a great combination for my Dortmund side.