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  1. I have witnessed this phenomenon too. Sometimes teams switch into Barca mode and it's not even important how good their players attributes are they just come at you with lighting speed one touch footy their way around your players. This usually happens to me when opposition teams are a few goals and switch to a more attacking approach. The thing is though I believe this to be a snippet of their play where everything fits together because their overall passing usually doesn't get very high so it's not like they can sustain such play over an entire game we just happen to see those scenes where everything for them falls into place with their approach and they create a chance, of course most of their passes will make it to their teammate. Another factor that I think speaks for this is when you look at the overall possession stats of teams those teams that just played around you in circles usually aren't the ones with the highest passing success rate or possession, so like I said I think what you are witnessing is a snippet of a game where everything happens to fall into place for your opponent.
  2. I think in terms of results this years FM is probably one of the most realistic I have seen. It's damn hard to really steamroll another team, while in FM15 I would be winning 10-15 games every season with 5+ goals more than my opponent and winning the league while scoring 150+ goals. This seems no longer possible and is a really good thing for realism's sake. What I don't really like about the current version of FM is the chance conversion and shots on target ratio. It seems that the shots count is about the same as in FM15, slightly lower probably, but I still can end up games with about 30 close range shots but the conversion rate has gone to complete ***** in order to keep the results at a reasonable level. I would rather see much less shots, like max 30 when you totally outclass the opponent but on average for a world class team somewhere between 18-21 shots per game and maybe a slightly higher conversion rate from really open shots. What I get a lot are those actions where a player is like 3 feet away from goal but still manages to somehow mash it over the goal. That should happen maybe once or twice per season but not every other game. So I feel toning down the amount of chances but given a better chance conversion on big chances would take a lot of frustration out of the game, at least for me that is. I'm also not claiming that this only happens to the player and not the PC controlled teams since I profited from this wastefulness as well in quite a few games against stronger opponents in Europe.
  3. The main reason why I still don't use 3D tbh. I just can't look at it for long, it's horrible.
  4. Excellent thread Ö-zil to the Arsenal. It inspired me to take a two tactic approach as well and since then I really am getting a grip on this 16.1.1 ME. It's really great to see that different mentalities can actually yield results in this FM and that having more than one good tactic isn't a waste of time.
  5. In my FMC game where I have a very good team it's certainly the same I often even see 50 shots in a game, it's insane. Oh yeah and I have no trouble scoring goals, I regularly end a season with 130+ goals scored for my team.