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  1. Yeah if they are already in that role at your club this doesn't seem to be a problem, just if I want to bring new guys from other clubs, even those who hare two roles at those clubs. I'll try maybe doubling the wages but the weird part is they don't even make a counter offer they just immediately break off negotiations when I suggest two roles.
  2. It's so weird. Like I even tried to sign someone who already had the exact same two jobs that I wanted. Before I had tried with free agents and I was thinking okay, maybe they simply don't want two jobs despite having good ratings in both but the one who already had those two jobs I was genuinely surprised as he wouldn't even negotiate with two jobs selected. Is there any indication from the game if a staff member is willing to do two jobs or not?
  3. Just out of interest is it possible for a human player to ever sign staff on a double role? At Barca you have several staff on double role duty. Whenever I try to sign someone on a double role duty he will immediately walk away even staff who are already on a double staff duty at their current club. Is it supposed to be that way, that Human controlled teams can't sign staff on two roles or am I missing something I have to offer them if I want them on a double staff role.
  4. SI plz. Fix the ***** team meetings. Won the league 3 out of 4 times and two in a row. "No way we can win the league, you are very unrealistic." Won the CL 3 out of 4 times "Yeah let's defend the title, that's easy." Let's win the FA-Cup "Whaaaaa this is the hardest trophy to win in the universe, we as puny Manchester United would never be able to achieve that." Common man I'm not asking for much, just like a bit of consistency and players who can actually factor in past successes the right way. It seems that atm the only thing that influences players reaction to the goals set for a seaso
  5. - Manager gives me praise, I say thank you very nice, hopefully we can get a win on Saturday, he loses, after game is like typical of me so small time the way I handled myself - Player wants to leave my club despite him being here since youth level to a club with lower reputation and in a lower league, I tell him common let's talk about it how much money you want 'no my mind is made up I want to leave the most reputable club in the world to play for a team that hasn't won anything apart from a domestic super cup in 4 years and I won't even listen to your offers.' - End of season meet
  6. Bielsa was right. If you counter the opposition it doesn't matter how **** the team is you field you can still win, even with a FB in goal and switching the GK after ech goal scored. +
  7. Gave your tactic a quick testrun in FM touch with United in the first season. The tactic was decent but no wonder maker or anything like that. Got second in the league and knocked out in pretty much any competition fairly early on. My Martial scored 23 goals in the league and 25 overall. Greenwood (right IF) and Rashford (left IF) scored 23 and 21 scored the most goals in the league and conceded the 3rd least, which is pretty nice given that United doesn't have the best defenders around. Oh yeah it was the vanilla Squad, so no players purchased. Only Diallo joined January.
  8. Well yeah, you are right that is even faster.
  9. I usually make one corner setup, save and export it and then load it for all three tactics and adjust a couple of positions, so it fits into my overall plan for standards again. Isn't superfast, but it saves a bit of time compared to setting up all routines from scratch.
  10. Oh man, thanks for that advice. I didn't even know this was possible and that after playing the game for like 12 years now. D'oh.
  11. Yeah that's pretty much what killed it for me in the end I think. Should have taken the first result after reloading the game and moved on, would probably have been better than what I did afterwards. Whelp going to start a new save with Sevilla and play that for a while, maybe I'll get back to the Dortmund save in a couple of weeks.
  12. So I had a pretty fun save game with Dortmund running. My first season I beat RB Leipzig to the title but got pretty much schooled in the CL by the big boys and knocked out in the first round by Manchester City with a 1-2 and 1-3 defeat. I know losing against City is somewhat expected, but I felt we were pretty much without a chance throughout the whole tie which was a big disappointment for me in an otherwise great season. Now I went into my second season, strengthening the squad a bit in areas where I wanted to improve, and I got a really brutal CL group with Real Madrid, AC Milan and B
  13. Your defenders are too slow to play attacking football. Hummels, Zagadou, Toprak have all awful acceleration get rid of them and replace them with defenders having at least 13 acc and speed.
  14. It's a bit random somehow. In my Manchester United save Bayern hasn't won the league in 4 years. It was Dortmund, Leipzig, Leverkusen and Dortmund again. In my Barca save on the other hand Bayern has won 3 out of 3 seasons so far, well and in my Dortmund save they haven't won any because I won the league 3 times in a row but Bayern came 2nd, 2nd, 4th. so far, but they are useless in the CL, never get past the 1st knock out round.
  15. Yeah like I said, I still generate a ton of chances, even on cautious and have nice possession but it simply doesn't improve results at all. Like usually if I play a very defensive bottom half team with my all out attacking approach I will have between 12-20 shots on goal and if it's one of these games I'll end up scoring about 2 at max. Now if I go balanced or cautious I'll end up with 10-15 shots on goal and score about 0-1 goals in these games. The only difference is that I usually end up with a bit more possession but it neither improves my conversion nor does it help me to win these games
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