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  1. I love this tactic. A few tweaks I like to do. If I come up against very defensive narrow opponents I put my IWBs on CWB which gives me a bit of width that I need to break them down. Doesn't always work but in at least 50% of those games where you are up against a parked tank it works for me. Another thing I sometimes need to take of is the hard tackling. I find that especially against very defensive opponents I cause way too many fouls with hard tackling. It pretty much always goes like this. Opponent has the ball, my player closes him down, opponent turns away from my player facing towards own goal, my player tackles anyways and causes the foul. TIL to avoid getting dispossessed just turn your back to your opponent and pretend he can't see you.
  2. This is true. Actually if you watch some big tournament in which you don't play, like let's say the World Cup or something like this you will often see the AI have the same games that the OP has described. Very dominant performance by one team just for the other team to striker lucky from a corner or on their first good shot on goal. It's frustrating but it's also more realistic. As a Manchester United fan I can clearly attest to that this season. In fact I find myself using the term "getting FM'ed" when it comes to real football quite often this season. Also the changes are an important thing to keep in mind. There will come the point when the opposition decides to throw everything at you and you can react to this by passing a bit more direct and faster to prevent your players getting into sticky situations. I found that for my tactic switching from mixed passing to more direct passing and from a slightly higher to a slightly lower defensive line works quite well to prevent the majority of pressure teams are building against me. Of course I still have those games where nothing I change seems to work because the players can't even hit the empty goal but you need to take these games for what they are, the odd bad luck game that just happens in football. I know this can be hard because generally when we feel we did everything right there is a feeling of unfairness or being cheated if we end up not getting anything from the game. Maybe a little critique though is that teams in FM never seem to be morally broken. I have seen teams go down to mine 3-0 before half time and then starting to throw everything at me just for me to exploit this and go up to 6-0 with 20 minutes to go, yet this still didn't break them, they kept on coming, wave after wave like angry wasps and ended up scoring 1 goal in the end. In reality I would expect a team that wants to start a comeback and goes down one or two more goals to be mentally broken and not able to keep up the pressure for almost another half, there just at some point would be some resignation I feel and yes they still might score one if my team becomes to cocky but the flow of the game that the team that is just getting demolished still runs on like crazy just seems off to me.
  3. Is it just me?

    I have witnessed this phenomenon too. Sometimes teams switch into Barca mode and it's not even important how good their players attributes are they just come at you with lighting speed one touch footy their way around your players. This usually happens to me when opposition teams are a few goals and switch to a more attacking approach. The thing is though I believe this to be a snippet of their play where everything fits together because their overall passing usually doesn't get very high so it's not like they can sustain such play over an entire game we just happen to see those scenes where everything for them falls into place with their approach and they create a chance, of course most of their passes will make it to their teammate. Another factor that I think speaks for this is when you look at the overall possession stats of teams those teams that just played around you in circles usually aren't the ones with the highest passing success rate or possession, so like I said I think what you are witnessing is a snippet of a game where everything happens to fall into place for your opponent.
  4. I think in terms of results this years FM is probably one of the most realistic I have seen. It's damn hard to really steamroll another team, while in FM15 I would be winning 10-15 games every season with 5+ goals more than my opponent and winning the league while scoring 150+ goals. This seems no longer possible and is a really good thing for realism's sake. What I don't really like about the current version of FM is the chance conversion and shots on target ratio. It seems that the shots count is about the same as in FM15, slightly lower probably, but I still can end up games with about 30 close range shots but the conversion rate has gone to complete ***** in order to keep the results at a reasonable level. I would rather see much less shots, like max 30 when you totally outclass the opponent but on average for a world class team somewhere between 18-21 shots per game and maybe a slightly higher conversion rate from really open shots. What I get a lot are those actions where a player is like 3 feet away from goal but still manages to somehow mash it over the goal. That should happen maybe once or twice per season but not every other game. So I feel toning down the amount of chances but given a better chance conversion on big chances would take a lot of frustration out of the game, at least for me that is. I'm also not claiming that this only happens to the player and not the PC controlled teams since I profited from this wastefulness as well in quite a few games against stronger opponents in Europe.
  5. The main reason why I still don't use 3D tbh. I just can't look at it for long, it's horrible.
  6. Excellent thread Ö-zil to the Arsenal. It inspired me to take a two tactic approach as well and since then I really am getting a grip on this 16.1.1 ME. It's really great to see that different mentalities can actually yield results in this FM and that having more than one good tactic isn't a waste of time.
  7. In my FMC game where I have a very good team it's certainly the same I often even see 50 shots in a game, it's insane. Oh yeah and I have no trouble scoring goals, I regularly end a season with 130+ goals scored for my team.
  8. Yeah Alaba has been vital to Bayern this season but I'm not even sure he is a Libero starting on the left CB position but more of a free roaming CB. There were games where Alaba didn't move back into defense at all especially against teams that were parking the bus he was basically the fourth man up front in the 3-4-3 helping the three attackers with pressing the back four of their opponent. I doubt this role can really be recreated in FM as it not only requires one of the CBs to move out of defense and into attack but also to act really smart and to know in which situations he can do this and when it will be to risky and he is needed in a more defensive postion. I absolutely loved the concept though as makes your setup extremely Flexible int he sense that you can have a spare man at the back and one up front but of course there wouldn't even be a lot players out there who could pull this off, not many players can combine the engine of Alaba with his skill and intelligent play. I feel a younger version of Lahm would have probably been capable of playing this role as well.
  9. Sounds like a great idea. I would love to take part in but as always I'm afraid I lack the spare time to really contribute much. Still I would love to see what you guys can make out of project like this.
  10. I play a 4-2-3-1 as well as my main tactic and the only time I change the roles is if I face formations that occupy a lot of people in the center. The 4-1-2-1-2 for example or any three defender setup. I usually have my AMC as an Enganche or an Advanced Playmaker but if I meet a team with that occupies the center very heavily I want to exploit the wings a lot more and having a playmaker role the AMC slot will be counter productive to that. So I usually change that player to an Attacking Midfielder and give my FBs/WBs more attacking duties. So basically I always have two different versions of the 4-2-3-1 in mind. One that attacks through all channels but makes heavy use of my skilled AMCs and one that mainly attacks down the wings.
  11. Yeah I pretty much came to the same realization and basically fell back to my own 4-2-3-1 which works pretty well for almost 3 FMs in a row now, it's basically my go to tactic if something else doesn't work. What I really liked about your tactic though was the great possession ratings and especially the passing success rate. It's also quite great to watch it if the tactic works well some of the play is really great to watch but like you said it probably requires a different set of players to really work perfectly. Especially my midfield in hindsight is probably a bit light weight compared to yours which might explain a bit of the defensive instability as well.
  12. I don't believe I mentioned the word "cracking" anywhere. It just so happens that teams change their approach when playing against you depending on what run of form you are on and your reputation. So I meat a lot of teams that try to park the bus and play very narrow. While that leaves the wings a bit more open for the overlapping WBs it prevented my IFs and striker from getting into any kind of space in the center to score. I often enough ended up games with 32 shots but 18 long shots and stuff like that. Granted I play my Man Utd save a bit differently than most and set myself the rule to only bring in players that can achieve the home-grown status and don't allow myself to extend contracts of players who can't get the home grown at Man Utd status anymore but in general I felt the players were a fairly good fit for the tactic. Januzaj/Di Maria and Brandt/Young were the inside forwards last season. CBs were Young, Evans, McNair, Rojo who are all fairly fast players albeit not world class defenders I have to say. The midfield trio were Fletcher/Neves as the CM(D) which probably was a weak spot for me after Carrick and Blind had left. Fletcher isn't all that good anymore and Neves still isn't fully developed albeit a fairly decent DM who by now has reached natural as a in CM as well but granted not the very best of players for this position. Herrera/Gaudino were my roaming playmakers albeit Guadino still has a lot of room left in development he is already quite good and Herrera fits the roaming playmaker role quite well. As the AP (A) I mainly rotated between Mata/Odegaard and Tielemans or sometimes even Rooney while Mata certainly got the biggest bulk of the game time. As the strikers I used RvP in my first season who was a beast 32 league goals. Rooney in the second season was still very good 25 league goals but in the third season he was starting to struggle getting a lot of bad ratings due to a lot of long shots going nowhere. Wilson and Zivkovic were my two youngsters for the second and now the third season but neither of them really was a great fit for the role of the F9. All in all I felt the players certainly weren't an amazing fit but did their job really well for almost 1 1/2 seasons. I only started using the tactic midway through season one. But like I said it became a bit toothless and when I reversed back to my own fairly basic 4-2-3-1 the results started picking up again. I guess I'll give your tactic another shot once I have developed some of my players further and I still have it as a backup tactic.
  13. Tried it with Man Utd for 1 1/2 seasons but had to scrap it as it totally stopped working for me in the second season. In general there seem to be too many shots from long distance and to few good chnaces being created unfortunately I get at least 3 CCCs now against me no matter how week the opponent is. The main problem that I see is that the entire attacks run through the center which leads to the AI blocking this area with a massive amount of players (4-5-1/4-1-4-1) and just hammering long passes forward that my defenders sooner or later miss which always leads to players getting clear through on goal. Offside doesn't seem to do a lot to prevent this. That being said I liked the high passing percentage and possession stats which was really nice for a change but unfortunately the defensive instability and the toothlessness in attack after a while makes it unusable at this point for me.
  14. CCCs from corners usually happen on rebounds if the ball isn't cleared properly. I had quite a few of these as well but somehow that's not happening anymore.
  15. Very good thread Jambo. I tried something similar like this a while back where I wanted the 4-5-1 without a DM to emulate a lot of different formations but in the end I have to admit I didn't quite get it done the way I wanted it to and I really found it hard to get a good attacking game going. But I'll keep an close eye on this thread and maybe try my hand on this formation again with all the great information you provide here.