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  1. Well here is how I see it in a very simplified way. Mentality determines basically the urgency and risk you take by passing the ball forward as well as your aggressiveness in terms of closing down. From contain as the most risk averse and slow approach to build up to overload as the just hammer the ball forward and full field press approach. Now structure determines how many players will take part in this behavior. Looking at your tactic I would say the approach is like this. Attack structured will primarily launch the ball forward to your three strikers and hope they can create something with it while the support roles in your team will also try to get involved in attack but much less aggressive than your three forwards. The fluid approach on the other hand will make sure that your two midfielders and WBs try to get involved in the attacking play with almost as much urgency as your 3 strikers, thus offering more options going forward but also leaving your 3 CBs more exposed. Now the tricky part is when to chose which approach actually. I feel that in FM 18 the only way to break super defensive sides is to overrun them. So against a 4-1-4-1 that sits super deep I would probably chose your fluid tactic while against a team that is in the big 6 and has the quality of players to hurt my with fast attacks and has between 2 or 3 dedicated attacking players on the I would probably go with the structured approach to be less exposed at the back. In my Dortmund save where I micro manage a lot I usually chose the following approach with my 4-1-4-1/4-1-2-2-1. Against weaker teams that play defensive I usually go with a counter mentality and a fluid, or even very fluid shape. This way I can commit a lot of players forward, keep hold of the ball, so not to lose it in any dangerous situation and run into a counter an overwhelm my opponents. Against teams on par with me that play a bit more open I go with a more attacking approach mentality but a structured approach. For playing with "regular" tactics I feel this approach has suited me fairly well so far. So to answer your actual question I would say no. It always depends who you are facing. Is the team you are facing super defensive? Do they press you like mad? Do they have a more balanced approach? See a lot of people struggle with tactics because they don't get this vital concept, teams don't always play the same against you no matter if you are the underdog or a top team. Of course against a top team the opposition will start defensive almost every game but even as the underdog if you have had an amazing winning streak and teams are starting to respect/fear you more their approach will change.
  2. I see it mainly as a "risk tacking" manipulator. With Fluid there will be more players participating in attacking transition phases which might make your team more prone getting hit while trying to counter yourself. Means if you have strong defenders you might get away with leaving them on their own defending, if you don't happen to have three CBs you are probably better off keeping the team in structured shape and let your three strikers make the major contribution to any attacking transition, while the deeper positions stay back a bit more. I'll probably take this tactic in my youth development save and employ it against much weaker teams while I will stick with the structured approach against the stronger ones. Gonna report back how my second season went, once I've finished it.
  3. Knap I think you have broken FM again. Used this tactic with my United save where the goal is to develop a lot of youth players and made no transfers in the first season and still won everything. Martial was a real beast on the right AF position.
  4. I have pretty much the same experience in all my games this season and the ****** long shots are one of the major reasons why breaking down very defensive teams is nearly impossible sometimes. Even players like Pogba who have long range shots 19 and technique 18 regularly hits the corner flag with his shooting. I had a look at my last 20 league games and there are 0 goals scored from outside the box for me and my opponents. There were versions of the ME where the long range shooting was out of wack but never to such an extend.
  5. Phillip is doing quite alright as the false 9, Götze is just coming back from a long injury but I will probably try him there as well. Auba on the wing might actually be a good idea of getting him back into team. Currently though Schürrle and Pulisic are doing pretty amazingly there while Reus and Brandt are my inside wingers, even though Reus is injured almost all the time. Brandt (8) is currently my best goal scorer along with Philipp (7).
  6. He still does the inside winger thing and up pushing FBs in certain games, mostly though it's just one FB that pushes forward, sometimes it even changes in one game. I reckon it depends on where Guardiola thinks an overload will be beneficial. I adopted the tactic in my Dortmund save with an IW-A on the left, since I don't have a left footed player in the team and put a FB-A/WB-S on that side who stays wide. Concerning the possession it don't really pay much attention to it because it usually lowers if a team just passes around at the back which happens for a lot of super defensive teams. The problem that I saw wasn't really my own passing which is almost every game above 85%, 87% average after 10 games and that looks really good, especially considering that I don't really have a striker atm who fits into the F9 role.
  7. @thejay I had a look at your setup for the 5 games so far and I have to say your setup probably gets the closest I have yet see to who I would expect a Guardiola team to play in game. Great job man. Pressing is the only thing I'm not yet 100% satisfied with but I don't think it's actually quite possible to press like City in game. It's still very good though.
  8. Interesting to see people have switched to a 4-1-4-1 here because that was actually something I had in mind as well. MIght take some inspiration from your setup ;-) and give it a try as well.
  9. Probably depends on the opponent you are facing, if the formation is narrow you will get away with IWBs, if not I found that it gets really difficult to prevent them from hitting you on the open flanks. That being said, the few games I looked at Kyanites tactic it feels like it's really well forming the 2-3-2-3 shape that Guardiola usually favors when attacking and the RMD is quite a good compromise between the winger and IF setup, which you might have to change as well from time to time if the opponent has WBs on attacking duty or anything else that creates an overload on the wings because attacking duty players don't really track the FBs that well.
  10. I had a look at Kyanite's attempt to recreate it and I have to say he comes pretty close to how they play IRL while still working well within the current match engine.
  11. Absolutely not. Watch more games of AI vs AI it happens to them just as much as it happens to you. It's simply part of the game to keep a certain balance and punish teams that overextend. A tip would be to go more defensive against weak opponents. Sounds counter intuitive but it really helps or at least it did help me to limit these games where you lose to some counter attack. While I always played Control or Attacking against weaker teams and like you had 20+ shots every game getting hit on the counter happened quite often. Now I approach these games much more carefully, try to keep the ball and not lose it in a dangerous situation. I generate only half the amount of shots but usually end up with a much higher conversion rate.
  12. Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas to y'all.
  13. Okay I can totally accept that as a good reason, no doubt. Although I always feel that it should be each players own decision how to play the game there is also a online function and it would probably annoy people if someone would use such "exploits". For someone like myself who only plays the game solo, the only one I can actually cheat is myself.
  14. For one being open with information like these will help with stopping the guess work that often surrounds these topics and spread like you say false information. If the correct information isn't out there then there is a good chance that this will happen again and again. I don't even know why things like this have to kept a secret? Are you afraid there will be too much "discussion" about if the weight of an attribute for a certain player is correct? The reason I brought this up is because the results of the testing around decisions showed not that decision was broken but that the players with the highest decision attributes also had the biggest drop in other attributes across the board compared to those with other attributes raised. Of course like mentioned if you don't want this information out there to avoid unnecessary discussion about the weighting for player x is right or wrong I understand that but of course that means you will have to intervene when the occasional "test" spills the discussion of attribute weights back up.
  15. Well his test showed that through the bench players with 20 in decision lost the most attribute points in other categories. Not in all mind but there was a clear trend noticeable. The higher the decision attribute the more the rest of the other attributes dropped. Wouldn't it also make sense that this is the case given that we have repeatedly heard that decision influences the effectiveness of every other attribute at least in a minor way? I don't get why this is even a "secret" or why there isn't a specific topic found that actually explains how attribute weighting works, all we get is well tests like these that somewhat indicate that certain attributes are more heavily weighted than others. That would actually go a long way to stop "rumors" and "misinformation". Just saying.