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  1. Think he’s exactly the same as far as I know. Model citizen too which helps a bunch for his progression. I had him on the original database and he was great.
  2. This irked me too, almost puts me off starting a save and signing him knowing this. Has anyone actually had a save where he plays for Germany instead of Cameroon?
  3. I find him really difficult to sign too, even stemming back to last year’s game too. Even if Burnley get relegated, the quoted fee is always over £50m or so from experience.
  4. I genuinely think it's an error during game creation (I've seen it too) because he's hard-coded in the editor to be a model citizen based off of his hidden attributes.
  5. Have you had much success with leadership courses? I do it once a player is close to his full potential, I have gained a couple of leadership attribute points by doing this on different occasions.
  6. Check him out in this simulation: I'd imagine he's been buffed to his absolute maximum possible but my word, look at those attributes.
  7. As alluded to in this article, Gonzalo Villar looks absurdly good as a mentor in the long-term, he has been buffed a lot as well as being given a model citizen personality.
  8. Yeah he’s absolutely cracked, I did anticipate they’d put his potential really high though even before his inclusion. Does anyone know how much you can get him for at the start of the game? Not on my PC at the moment.
  9. Knew this thread would be made ASAP. Apparently potentially as good as Messi too, mind blowing.
  10. Oh right, my bad! Did you just save the day before it confirmed which teams were promoted until it was Redditch so you could control them or did you use the tier 10 database?
  11. Love this thread mate, the level of detail you go into is unrivaled. Just out of curiosity, how did you manage to get Redditch into the National League North as of the second season? Just because I know they are further down in the pyramid.
  12. I've played him as a striker virtually all throughout his career, he's awesome. Not quite at the peak of his potential as seen in my original post but all the same he has some unreal attributes.
  13. If I can enlighten at least one person to his qualities, that’s good enough for me!
  14. Leo Greiml and Dejan Ljubicic are good prospects in your team too.
  15. From my own experience, his decisions and composure let him down ever so slightly at the start of the game but he improves so quickly that it'll soon be rectified.
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