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  1. No worries dude, we all experience it from time to time! I've got another manager as Germany, yeah. He's on penalties and free kicks for Germany so he scores a lot more for them, on top of some friendlies against obscure nations haha. I've never noticed it as vast as that before myself either! It may well correlate with the strength increase.
  2. Unfortunately not, I will tinker with the settings when I create the next GIFs though! For your convenience however:
  3. Chances are the one who is wanted by the better clubs will have a higher reputation, it is never necessarily a sign that one is better than the other and the 75 rating is generally dependent on other factors such as form, professionalism/ambition and reputation. An unambitious individual tends not to develop very well for example.
  4. Karim Adeyemi Three time Ballon D'Or winner at 21 and overall absurd goalscorer, one of the best players on the game, given you really aggressively train his finishing.
  5. Louis Munteanu. Young, cheap, lots of potential, would allow you to put money elsewhere then too.
  6. I've always wanted to sign Trent on a save, it's virtually impossible doing so when managing Everton though. I hope you manage to pull it off!
  7. This is my usual starting eleven mate. Brooks, I've always been quite fond of as a player so I prefer starting him over Vinicius - he isn't quite as potent as Vinicius BUT he's a very good finisher. Fornals, Tonali and Bentancur have all NEVER played in midfield and specifically operate as natural full-backs, so the sheer passing ability on the pitch is unmatched really. Don't get me wrong, there has been times on this save where my balance has been -£80m because I've brought a lot of these players in over installments. I'm only really at a stage now where the finances are fine and I can possibly start looking to spend big on an Mbappe or someone like that. I personally love Szoboszlai and Verschaeren on this edition of the game. Had them both in my first season training their passing and they are both Pirlo-esque in their own right now.
  8. 2021/22 Attribute Progress This screenshot is a bit later as I didn't have an autosave from the 2021/22 season unfortunately. As you can see, his finishing has improved by 2 which is massive, meaning his finishing has improved by 8 over the course of 3 years - a gigantic leap! Adeyemi's personality was also impacted by Lautaro Martinez as his personality changed to professional and he also transitioned from a wonderkid to an elite striker. I would say he is now world-class in terms of his attributes, for sure. How many did he score? He was absolutely absurd, scoring 36 in 34 from open play and 13 penalties on top of that to absolutely smash Mo Salah's record as well as Alan Shearer's and Andy Cole's. The penalties certainly helped but he broken their records without them. He also broke his own record set in the Champions League in the previous year (which Cristiano Ronaldo held with 17) with a 24 goal campaign. Of course, he won the golden boot in the Premier League and Champions League. At international level, he was imperious in Germany's qualifying campaign for the World Cup - scoring 16 from open play and six from the spot. His international record is phenomenal as some of the quality of opposition is much poorer than the Premier League. Suffice to say, he became Germany's all-time leading goalscorer at the age of 20. I can't wait to see how many goals he actually scores in his career for Germany. 2nd UCL Win He wasn't at his best in the final but two of our academy newgens rescued us thankfully. Awards I honestly don't think I've ever had a player this young be so dominant on an FM save, he was out of this world in this campaign and one can only hope that he will one day break that 60 goal domestic record. It was a shame he couldn't play in four Premier League games, as I have no doubt he'd have at least scored four more. Considering he scored 79 in the calendar year, I will also now be hoping that he breaks Lionel Messi's record of 91 goals scored in a calendar year.
  9. I have a couple to show. Radulovic has probably been my most impressive this year, remind me a lot of SMS from Lazio. Jezik came in at a time where I'd unfortunately just managed to poach Ansu Fati from Barcelona, so unfortunately his game time was limited but I still managed to develop him extremely well. He lacked a bit in flair but I thought he was outrageous considering I paid a mere £1m for him in 2021. I'm posting this guy on the premise of how good he is at 18! He is nowhere near his full potential but he looks excellent. Unfortunately, I probably won't play this Wolves save again but I think he could surpass Trent's ability at RB. Ignore the attributes decreasing as he is an absolute monster! Used him as a mezzala, box-to-box midfielder and even sometimes as a false nine up-front, he's the real deal. Only just signed this guy but wow, look at his attributes! If only he was a bit taller, he'd be perfect. Find it totally bizarre that he came through at Hearts but obliged to pick him up for his release fee of £19m, an absolute steal. This guy came through the academy as a striker, I noticed that his crossing was as good as his finishing, so I retrained him as a LM as we lacked in that position. Suffice to say, his last season was stupendously good - 20 goals in 37 starts and 11 assists, many of those goals were free-kicks also. Reminds me of a left-footed David Beckham, will update when he hits his potential. Also, on more recent saves I have started to add real images to newgens for realism value in case anyone wondered.
  10. Yes I do believe that this is another factor. I tend to employ determined and professional staff and I have noticed this too.
  11. It isn't impossible! I'm doing a similar thing with Karim Adeyemi and he is currently averaging 64 a season, so it is definitely doable.
  12. Thank you! He's really something else, his development on the game is often very different to how he looks on my save - it is catered to the fact every game he has played has been as a striker. The AI will often play him as a winger because of his pace but managing Germany too has allowed me to make sure he is primarily a central goalscorer.
  13. Answer to your first question is yes. On my save Lautaro Martinez and Karim Adeyemi were both highly influential players but Lautaro helped improve Karim's personality.
  14. A delve into the future... So, on this save I am currently in 2023. I am detailing a lot of Adeyemi's accolades based on autosaves I have. I thought I'd just tease the sort of form he is in at the moment in 2023, I feel like this could be the closest he will get so far to Dixie's record. 6 in 3 in the Champions League and 12 in 6 in the Premier League, outrageous.
  15. 2020/21 Attribute Progress Vast improvements once again, in fact he improved rapidly after we upgraded our training facilities which seems as though it was a godsend in his development. We managed to sign Lautaro Martinez who acted as his mentor (hence the determination increase) after Rodrigo Palacio's decline due to age. He also managed to pick up the 'tries tricks' trait from Mason Greenwood who was also in the mentoring group. How many did he score? He didn't disappoint again, I went into this season simply hoping for attribute improvements as well as better his goalscoring record from last season and he delivered with extreme potency. He had a few injuries which meant he missed more Premier League games than I would have liked but to score 31 was great output in that respect. He also emphatically lead us to a Champions League win, we had a comfortable run to the final admittedly but his performance in the final against Barcelona stole the show. I almost forgot but he also lead my Germany side to a Euro win too, scoring in the final of that too. Granted, he scores a lot of penalties for Germany. Everton UCL Win Move over, Messi, there is a new king in town. Germany European Championship Win Move over, Cristiano, there is a new Adonis. European Golden Boy FIFA Best U21 Men's Player Following in Joao Felix and Kylian Mbappe's footsteps respectively, Adeyemi picked up both awards with his stellar form across the calendar year. Can he keep up the goalscoring? The tactic I use is a 4-3-1-2 with attacking wingers, made by Knap, it is a gegenpressing system and both strikers in this system score a lot of goals. I have no doubt that as Adeyemi's attribute increase, so will his goal output. I may well change to a formation with one striker later in the save, if he is not getting remotely close to Dixie Dean's record but I am hopeful that the next season will see him far eclipse his 31 league goal tally as he already has 17 in 14 in mid-January.
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