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  1. Granted but the odds will be stacked against you given that the fixed youth rating of Hungary isn't the best.
  2. What is the reputation of your club now? The higher the reputation, the more likely you are to appeal to better younger players. Same goes for the reputation of your Head of Youth Development, if they have a high reputation within the game then they are more likely to encourage better youngsters to join your youth setup.
  3. Wow! That'd be incredibly difficult to turn down. What did you do?
  4. I'll throw a few names into the ring, they aren't Arezo-esque in potential necessarily but can be very good if trained appropriately. Dion Drena Beljo, Jack Lahne, Nils Froling, Dragan Stoisavljevic, Matvey Pershin, Benjamin Sesko, Gustav Isaksen, Nikola Iliev, Marko Lazetic, Muharem Huskovic, Rasmus Hojlund, William Boving, Amin Sarr. (lesser known, more affordable options) Yusuf Barasi, Calum Kavanagh (already at Boro), Folarin Balogun (loan option), Lucas Gomes, Joao Resende, Vladislav Shitov, Luka Reischl (I got this guy for Blackburn on one save, he's ace), Bartol Barisic, Davi
  5. They only get £1m in the first window.
  6. I'm a sucker for trying to perpetuate position retraining! If I'm honest, I accelerated their development by playing them in the under 18s in the first season and then afterwards in the under 23s, neither of them started games until the final season of the simulation (2023/24). Zakharyan was an exceptional performer too in that final season, I'm very tempted to focus my next save around him.
  7. Eduardo Camavinga: (2020) (2024) Retrained as a striker, I did this again as an experiment alongside Zakharyan and the results were actually really impressive. If there has been one gripe I've had with Camavinga this year, it's his finishing being somewhat average, so I thought why not see how high I can get his finishing as a striker?! He is at his absolute max potential here.
  8. Arsen Zakharyan: (2020) (2024) Retrained as a striker, looks amazing at the peak of his potential. I'd go as far as saying he's probably one of the best young players on the game, whether you utilise him as a shadow striker or retrain him as a striker, he's awesome. Only downside is that you can't get him right at the start so you'll have to wait until the start of the second season. If you do decide to retrain him, it seems that Russia utilise him as a striker too.
  9. I'm very tempted. So what was your transfer budget looking like as you entered La Liga? I'm intrigued.
  10. Did you get promotion in the first season? I am contemplating a longer term save either with them or Hertha, someone of that ilk.
  11. Professional too! I'd argue that he'd actually make a really good CB or B2B CM.
  12. Hertha is a good shout. They have a rich sugar daddy who throws money at you a la Man City's owners. Failing that, you've got Almeria in Spain (2nd tier) who are also quite rich to really breach the status quo in those countries. In terms of naturally 'similar' teams to those mentioned though, Villarreal, Celta Vigo or Valencia in Spain, Bologna, Sassuolo or Fiorentina in Italy or Frankfurt, Hoffenheim or Koln in Germany.
  13. Which is strange as he's actually had a bit of a potential downgrade in the latest update.
  14. I believe he has hit his peak here on my save, his attributes may ever so slightly interchange as his current ability regulates over time but this is as good as you're going to get I feel on the latest update, even with the finishing downgrade.
  15. He's only just turned 18 here, worked on his quickness and his ability in the final third over the past couple of years. He's now working on his attacking movement. It won't be long before he breaks into the first team at this rate, I feel.
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