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  1. Arsen Zakharyan became a model citizen, huzzah!
  2. I use a training schedule that was really effective last year combined with finishing training. I can't actually remember where I downloaded the training schedules from but it covers bases for when you've not got a game, got 1 game or 2 games in a week.
  3. Overall, he's very good. I've had him on many saves. I prefer him as a striker personally but he can do a job in virtually any of the attacking positions on the pitch.
  4. So, the last screenshots were posted during the 2022 World Cup, fast forward a year in 2023 and this is the state of play for each player. Yusuf Demir in 2023 In total, Demir has 26 goals in 27 league games over the years he has been at the club. As he is considered the best player out of the four, I have him on free-kicks and penalties and he has repaid my faith with a tally of 20 goals in 13 games so far this campaign. He has had to miss a couple of games however because his natural fitness is on the lower side and he wasn't fully fit. Hopefully his natural fitness will increa
  5. He is certainly the best player out of the lot! I do anticipate the other three will be really good goalscorers too though. Möller will probably be the weak link but I do have an affinity to Swedish newgens when they come around as the quality of them does tend to be hit and miss so I'm really hopeful that he'll be a gem.
  6. Sivert Mannsverk from Sogndal is a good shout, relatively obscure and can be poached for less than £5m.
  7. I'd train Edinho as a winger just for the versatility because he already looks like an exceptional CB, perhaps have his training focus on final third to improve his composure and decisions and he'll be an absolute monster wherever you choose to play him.
  8. I hope Chris didn't inflict the Walls of Jericho on any members of the Wigan squad! Congratulations mate, let's see how you get on in the Premier League.
  9. Last year, during the first lockdown I set myself the challenge of trying to equal or better Dixie Dean's 60 league goals scored for Everton in a single league campaign. I attempted to complete this with Karim Adeyemi as he was a youngster with an extremely high ceiling - just as he is on this year's version. I didn't manage to continue the save far enough for Adeyemi to dethrone Dixie, he did hit around 49 which was as good as I could achieve by the time he hit 21 (3 years in). You could argue that he definitely had the capacity to hit 60 or more as goals were easier to come by on FM20 I felt
  10. He’s a bit of a specialist case and isn’t anywhere near Szoboszlai’s level at the start but I find Danila Sukhomlinov from Rostov to fit your requirements nicely. He isn’t potentially as good as Szoboszlai but he’s very much a player that can develop with attribute distribution like Szoboszlai, albeit he can’t be signed for a full season. He doesn’t have a fixed potential like Elmas though so he is a bit of a punt as his potential varies but if you get a good potential roll on your save then he’d be as good as Elmas at his peak.
  11. Training is more important absolutely but I do believe that there is logic in if a player is good enough then he’s old enough to feature in the first team. However, there are things to consider: is his personality one of the better ones? Model citizen, professional, resolute, perfectionist etc. If the answer is no then I’d suggest toning down his play-time in favour of mentoring from a player with a better personality. The logic behind this is that a player with less collective first team appearances is more likely to be impacted by mentoring. However, if the player does have a
  12. Adaramola is quality. Potentially one of the best full-backs on the game.
  13. That must be an FM record in a competitive match.
  14. Thanks for the reply, I'm glad it isn't just me who have noticed this. I think it's quite normal for a younger player to have poorer concentration as a secondary school teacher... however, there are some anomalies within this. Keep me updated as to your progressions!
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