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  1. Never done a save in Spain. I like youth saves, I'm guessing this is the ultimate youth save. Just a quick question, sorry if it's a silly one. Do you control the "B" and "C" team or does the AI manager control them and decide who to sell/buy etc?
  2. So the hotfix has been released. Time to get back on the bike. Hopefully, this will be a good sign for the upcoming season.
  3. It sure is. But rather play them at the start than those being the final 3 games of the season.
  4. Just looked on my save and Phillip Cocu is the Everton manager. He's been in the role since March 10th,2021.
  5. Derby County 2020/21 Part 4. June 2021-August 2021. So after a successful season, we say goodbye to a couple of staff members, Shay Given and U23 manager Pat Lyons. I hired Bobby Mimms to replace Pat Lyons as U23 manager and Lorenzo Squizzi as a replacement for Given. We also said "farewell" to some players and of course wish them the best for their future plans. For our first season back in the Premier League, we needed to upgrade at Goalkeeper and find a replacement for Matt Clarke in defence. I was interested in signing Clarke but Brighton j
  6. Our main issue all season long was converting chances. We had a few good chances vs Forest but just couldn't stick the ball in the net. We clinched playoff football in April and struggled to win games, maybe the players thought their job was done or I just suck at motivating. Many thanks!! Thanks for introducing me to Derby with your awesome thread and passion for the Rams. I've already concluded my transfer business.(I will post it later on, NFL depending. I haven't played FM for a week or so). I'm actually at the start of the Premier League season and I have been given a very
  7. Derby County 2020/21, Part 3. We had an excellent month, our defence was rock solid and we actually did well in converting chances we created. Kamil Jozwiak had a great month, chipped in with a few goals and some assists. The 4th goal against Wycombe was scored by Knight. The Board were unhappy with the 0-0 vs Forest. By we kept hold of the Brian Clough Trophy. Disaster struck in the Welsh Capital, as we lost our first game in March, obviously the Cardiff players were tucked up in bed early on St. David's Day and not out late celebrating. We took the lead, but 2 minutes of madne
  8. Derby County, 2020/21 Season: Part 2. November 1st, 2020- January 31st, 2021. Our League form at the start of November was good, QPR and Barnsley both left Pride Park with nothing. Next up was a tricky game against Bristol City, were outplayed them and should have been out of sight, but as a weakness as been, we're creating chances but just can't put them away and they manged to take one of their chances. We left it very late against Middlesbrough and the score makes it look like a comfortable win. Our final League game in November, was a "shock" home defeat to Wycombe. We created ar
  9. Hopefully! But we’re not creating a lot of chances per game, just ‘lucky’ that we are giving up even fewer chances per game. I’m sure my defence will have a stretch where opponents shots hit the back of our net, left, right and centre.
  10. He was unavailable for me until the middle of September and had picked up a few minor injuries, been out with blisters twice for around 5 days a time. Had played the first 2 games in November for me and has been pretty, pretty good. So he’ll get an extended run in the starting XI going forward.
  11. Derby County: Take 2!! Sorry in advance, as this might be a long post. House Rules: First transfer window off. Only sign players that are found by my Scouts. Started the season with certain players unavailable, until the date they joined Derby IRL. July 27th, 2020: All the staff that were with Derby at the start of the game, have currently remained in their roles. I added Paul McGuinness as my Assistant Manager, Anthony Colbert was added as a coach and some additional scouts were added: Derek Langley, Kevin Reeves, Russell Hullett. The roles of Recruitment an
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