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  1. Garra charrúa! URU My beloved team is Argentina but with ARG out I support URU. I admire their long term project led by the Maestro Tabarez. I can only wish that a clone of Maestro Tabarez takes over ARG.
  2. Also Argentina wide players seldom tried 1 to 1. Both Meza and Di Maria were too static and alibistic.
  3. That was one of the best threads I have ever seen here. Where is THOG? :(
  4. I am playing FM11 (pretty much same engine as FM12) and I agree with you. I use tactics based on real life and I really do not have feeling that I exploit anything. I get realistic results and lot of fun (my striker with pace 9 has more goals than the other one with pace 15). The game is not just about pace, also the pace argument is getting quite old. Yes, pace is a bit overpowered, no doubt, but the pace works for the opposition in the same way as for the player. If somebody wants to exploit something, it can be done in every version of CM/FM.
  5. Compactness and individual freedom should be IMO totally separated from each other and therefore should not be combined in a team shape.
  6. A great post kandersson, I agree with pretty much everything you said.
  7. These are Thierry Henry moves ;). Well, I would not say that TH position in Arsenal was an inside forward, rather something between wide trequartista/complete forward.
  8. I do not think the debate should be where the wingers should be positioned by default when defending. The debate should be what tools to introduce for FM players so that we ourselves can decide where our players should be positioned when defending. Eg. Atlético has narrow midfield but this is compensated elsewhere (wider positioning of wingbacks, horizontal compactness with strikers coming very deep etc.)). What I want to say is that real life defensive concepts are quite complex and having one universal 4-4-2 with hard coded default positions of players will not satisfy FMers that enjoy emulation of real life concepts.
  9. @Rashidi I reckon that we can not emulate real life defending logic/principles because the FM simply lacks tools to do so and 4-4-2 flat is just a perfect example how underdeveloped is FM in this aspect. No sane real life manager would defend/position his players in 4-4-2 like we see in the game. Maybe 25-30 years ago when 4-4-2 (classic old 4-4-2 with two wingers) was popular but now is different era. Nowadays we see a "reborn" of 4-4-2 on top level (Atlético, Villarreal, Sevilla, Leicester, Paraguay...) and all these teams apply quite complex defensive principles that can not be replicated in the game. For example how Atlético defends as 4-4-2 is totally diferrent and incomparable with what we see in the game. I do not expect from FM to be able to emulate all tactical nuances but as a simulator we should be at least able to get the basic positioning right or allow players to have tools to get it right.. Even if Özil spends 500 hours in FM trying to defend with 4-4-2 like real life teams do he will not achieve that.
  10. Regarding the subject of this thread, anecdotically, Atlético IRL focus on defending these half spaces with their "Interiores" (Wide mids) and always forcing the opposition wide to press them in wide areas. Atlético (with arguably the best defence in European football in recent years) dispel the myth that 4-4-2 is vulnerable to formations like eg. 4-5-1 because of the central midfield numbers superiority. Villarreal use similar concept in their 4-4-2. Unlike in FM defensive positioning IRL is not about choosing some static formation but it is more about specific positioning of players depending on where the ball is. FM totally lacks this aspect.
  11. Problem is that that the tactical side of FM is a bit archaic, negected and does not reflect modern tactical trends. Instead of improvement we see every year pointless features being introduced by SI that do not add much to the "game core". Well, specifically the 4-4-2 that is played by Atlético is a totally different beast that what we can create in FM. 1) In FM selecting 4-4-2 means playing 4-4-2 all the time but Atlético do not play like that. They start defending more as 4-2-2-2 and morph into 4-4-2 (two flat banks) gradually closer to their goal. Not possible to recreate in FM at all as the defending formation is static. Bring back wibble/wobble!! 2) The positioning of Atlético players when defending is quite different than the positioning of players in FM. In Atlético the wingbacks defend wider whereas the midfield is very narrow (sometimes it looks like 4 central midfielders). Again, impossible to recreate. Below is roughly how Atlético defends. and we can continue like this...
  12. SFraser is a legend for me. He inspired me how to enjoy FM in so many ways.
  13. "Winger too wide" thread in the bugs forum. N. McFadden: " This is an area of the game that we need to improve for future editions of the game and something that we have not addressed for this patch that we have just released.". Seems like an acknowledgment for me. If not, then even worse, because the current positioning has very little to do with real life tactics. There should not be even debate about this. If FM pretends to be a football simulation then the players positioning should firstly reflect real life (and no top team playing fairly basic 4-4-2 would position wide players by default like that, moreover it is not only about wide players, the defensive positioning of strikers asked to track back is generally horrible too). If the users want their players to be positioned differently then the users should be given tools to do that (eg. WIBBLE/WOBBLE or SOMETHING else!) and I am strongly advocating for such tools. However fear of exploits from SI side seems to be too big. I play FM11 in good spirits, My aim is to emulate real life concepts. For people who look to exploit without any background philospohy or use certain tactics just because they work but have little to do with real life it can be easy, that's true.
  14. I take no responsibility of players unrealistic positioning created by SI. Even SI acknowledged that something is wrong. Bad thing they do not care to fix in the current release, same as with FM16. That screenshot proves nothing. There are different defensive phases/zones (depending on where the ball is) and in some of them the wingers positioning is atrocious (see the bugs forum).
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