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  1. Garra charrúa! URU My beloved team is Argentina but with ARG out I support URU. I admire their long term project led by the Maestro Tabarez. I can only wish that a clone of Maestro Tabarez takes over ARG.
  2. Also Argentina wide players seldom tried 1 to 1. Both Meza and Di Maria were too static and alibistic.
  3. That was one of the best threads I have ever seen here. Where is THOG? :(
  4. I am playing FM11 (pretty much same engine as FM12) and I agree with you. I use tactics based on real life and I really do not have feeling that I exploit anything. I get realistic results and lot of fun (my striker with pace 9 has more goals than the other one with pace 15). The game is not just about pace, also the pace argument is getting quite old. Yes, pace is a bit overpowered, no doubt, but the pace works for the opposition in the same way as for the player. If somebody wants to exploit something, it can be done in every version of CM/FM.
  5. Compactness and individual freedom should be IMO totally separated from each other and therefore should not be combined in a team shape.
  6. A great post kandersson, I agree with pretty much everything you said.
  7. Hi Özil, Great, very inspirational reading. It actually inspired me to start a new game where I will try to introduce some "Invincibles concepts". 1. However, I will start in FM11 (my favourite version till this day). 2. As usual, I will start in South America. Specifically with Santa Fe (Bogotá based team that adopted club colours from Arsenal :)). 3. I will focus on my youth team (need to upgrade facilities, networking first). 4. Will send my scouts to Senegal/Ivory Coast to look for the new P. Vieira/K. Touré 5. Hopefully after a few seasons I will create the "
  8. Yes, in FM11 and in FM16 as well and offensive wise was very unhappy with my "strikers". They were super late with their runs, did not move into channels as they should etc. They played like attacking central midfielders, not like strikers at all.
  9. @HUNT3R " Vertical positioning is how it has always been. Whether they're listed as CMs or not, they can behave how you want them to. " They won't. A central midfielder in FM will act differently on the ball, will make different runs than the striker and with different timing. No role in FM will make a central midfielder to act same as striker. Also why should it? Atlético strikers IRL are not midfielders, that's the whole point.
  10. Vertical positioning is one issue (btw. how effective will be a DR, DC, DC, DL, DMC, DMC, WBR, WBL, MC, MC team on defensive mentality with low creative freedom?). Will I ever score a goal? But seriously, these are just workarounds, not what FM players should be forced to do (also as far as I know Costa, Villa, Torres, Gameiro, Griezmann are not central midfielders in FM database). Horizontal positioning is even bigger issue. Look at the attached picture. On the left is how FM perceives defending as 4-4-2, on the right you see how Atlético defends as 4-4-2 (it is simplified, but gets you
  11. Not true. They defend as 4-4-2, but not everywhere on the pitch. In FM we can only choose one defensive formation irrelevant of any defensive phases. And when Atlético form that deep 4-4-2 the positioning of certain players is still different of what is perceived as 4-4-2 by FM (among other things Atlético two banks of four are not as horizontally symmetric as in FM). Simeone clearly instructs his players where/how to position themselves on the pitch. We can choose 4-4-2, roles and that's it :(.
  12. It is pretty impossible to emulate how Atlético defend. In FM you can choose standard 4-4-2 as your defensive formation but you can not influence individual positioning of players in different phases of the game (in other words in FM you choose 4-4-2 and your players defend as standard 4-4-2 everywhere on the pitch, problem is that it is not how Atlético really defend IRL). To do that we would need something like wobble (old CM/FMers know what I am talking about).
  13. Tbh it is very hard to replicate Atlético. Without going into details take 2 main characteristics of Atlético. 1. Compactness - Vertical In FM terms this means playing fluid/very fluid, but fluid also means more creative freedom. Even with "more disciplined" instruction your players will have higher CF than you would want/expect from your compact, aggressive, defensively minded team. 2. Compactness - Horizontal You can play with minimal width, but the positioning of fullbacks is so bad (in FM16) that it will not remind you real life Atlético at all. IRL Atlético fullbacks
  14. This is what I do, but I need to test it in more matches to see whether it is not too much detrimental for certain players (Playmakers, False Nines).
  15. I quite like FMT. I do not play full fat anymore as the game is bloated with soooo many pointless, boring features. Anyway I would like to add to FMT: 1. Tutoring (I think the only players interaction feature I like) 2. Default Opposition instructions 3. Notes (now I have to use excel :)) 4. Possibility to hire more staff members would be a welcome addition And please do not ever consider introducing Team Talks/Press conferences etc. into FMT.
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