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When Match Day arrives, the 'Continue Game' button at the top right area will change to 'Go To Match'. If you have not selected your starting line-up, you will need to do this before you can progress. A reminder on the squad screen will appear if you have not done so. Once you have selected your match day squad, press 'Go to Match' and you will proceed to the match screen.

Note: For Phone users only, should you get a phone call during a match and choose to answer it, your match will pause and can be resumed on return to the game.

Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 features the most realistic match engine to date, allowing you to better analyse your team's performance on the field in order to help you make those tough decisions. Watch snapshots of the action unfolding in full pitch view.

The match engine is device-dependent and you will receive a message informing you of the selection. You will have the opportunity to change the match engine version from the Starting Configuration section but can only make this change before starting a career.

You can configure your 2D matchday setup from the 'Settings' menu, whilst the other Match Day views can be accessed via the Bookmarks menu in the bottom right of the screen.



Select from Full and Commentary Only. The Full pitch view follows the action from a horizontal full-pitch viewpoint, while Commentary Only will display, um... commentary only!


Determine whether you want to watch Extended highlights of the action, or only the Key moments.

Highlight Speed

Toggle the speed at which the commentary progresses, moving the slider left to make it slower, and right to go faster.

Dead Time Speed

Toggle how quickly the clock moves when there is no action to show, moving the slider left to make it slower, and right to go faster.

Processing Display

Choose between Latest Scores, Match Stats or Both to be displayed when the game is processing.


Toggle whether or not to display the match timeline, logging key events when they occurred.


Turn information overlays on or off during dead time.

Goal Replays

Toggle whether or not goal replays are shown.

Replay Speed

Toggle the speed of replays to your tastes.

The Match Screen

Football Manage Mobile™ 2023 features a match day experience in which all of the important information is easily available during play. Simply swipe back and forth to change between the screens listed below.


The match overview displays a summary of your current match, displaying the scores and incidents as well as other useful information such as the competition and weather.

Player Ratings

Using this panel you will be able to tell at a glance which player is performing well and which is having a stinker. Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 rates each player's performance in the match out of 10, with 10 being the highest, indicating a simply outstanding display.

Match Stats

The match stats panel gives you all the stats you need to know about the current match. How many shots each team has had and how many were on target, how many set-pieces have been given to either side, who has committed the most fouls, etc.

Action Zones

This panel divides the pitch into three zones; defence, midfield, and attack. The bar charts display a visual graphic of how much time each team has spent in a particular zone, giving you an idea of who has held the upper hand during the game.

Attacking Zones

This panel shows which vertical third of the pitch attacking moves have happened in, giving you a better sense of where the match is being played.

Home Stats and Away Stats

The Home and Away Stats panels detail up-to-the-minute stats on every move the players have made during the match, from how many passes a player has completed to how many tackles he has won.

Latest Scores

Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 features a Latest Scores screen, allowing the user to keep right up to date with the latest events from around the grounds during their match. This is most valuable in situations where you may be relying on a result from elsewhere.

Live Table

The Live League Table screen displays the league table and updates it based on the very latest events from around the league. This screen becomes of most use during situations where teams are fighting for position and every result counts towards a change. One moment you may be up, but the next you're down and it may require a tactical change or rethink. Check this screen in those situations to be ahead of the game.

Match Tactics

At the first pause in play you will be taken to the Tactics screen. While only being able to view the tactical shape of the opposition, you can make numerous adjustments to your own team as you attempt to outwit the opposing manager.

Team Talks

FMM23 introduces team talks as a dynamic way to influence your squad and change the course of a match. You can talk to the team before a match, at half time and at full time with the aim of putting them in a positive frame of mind to improve the chances of attaining a positive result both in the match in progress and further down the fixture list.

Each team talk can be delivered with a Demanding, Balanced or Relaxed mood, and your Assistant Manager will offer advice on the best approach for each talk. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll receive instant feedback on how the players reacted, giving you even more information upon which to base your decisions.

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