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The first time you view your First Team squad, your players will be sorted in order of team selection. Select 'View' to change the method of sorting.

Selecting the 'Detailed' view will allow you to see multiple stats on screen at the same time. These can be sorted by tapping the header of the relevant column. You can tap the tiles in the PKD column of this screen to access a selection pop-up from which you can assign a position to the player in question. You can also drag and drop to select players for your team by dragging the tiles in the PKD column to the left of the player names.

Select 'Actions' to completely clear your team selection, or if you need a hand, have your assistant pick the team for you. From the 'Actions' menu, you are also able to save and/or load your team selection or tactics.

A variety of sub-screens relating to your team such as Tactics, Fixtures and your Assistant's report on your team can be found via the Bookmarks Menu from this screen or by swiping sideways.


A player's attributes in Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 are rated on a scale of 1-20, with 1 being awful and 20 being outstanding. The player positions associated with each individual indicate where he can play.

The abbreviations and key attributes associated with that position are as follows:

Abbr. Description Main Attributes
GK Goalkeeper Handling/Reflexes
SW Sweeper Tackling/Passing/Positioning
DL/R Left or Right Back Tackling/Stamina
DC Centre Back Tackling/Heading/Positioning
DMC/L/R Defensive Midfielder** Tackling/Stamina
ML/R Left or Right Midfielder Passing/Crossing/Pace
MC Central Midfielder Passing/Stamina
M/AM R/L Midfielder/Att. Mid* Pace/Crossing/Dribbling
AM L/R/C Attacking Midfielder** Creativity/Decisions/Passing
F R/L/C Forward** Shooting/Pace
SC Striker Shooting/Heading
  * (Right or Left) ** (Right, Left, or Centre)  


Player Attributes

Player Attributes in Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 are grouped into collective areas in order for you to have as much information available as possible. The attributes themselves are divided into three areas of Technical, Mental and Physical ability, but unlike Football Manager™ 2019 only the key attributes are shown.

For example, under 'Physical', you will find a player's Pace attribute. This takes into account his flat out speed, his acceleration and his reactions, and displays an attribute that takes all of this into account. In short, the attribute display doesn't take anything away, but merely streamlines the information into a more succinct format.

Player Indicators

Before you select your team, you need to know the availability of your players. Occasionally a player will be flagged up on the Squad screen with an icon indicating a personal status. You can find out what this means on the 'Availability' screen. These are displayed in the bottom row as follows:

Abbr. Description
Bid Under transfer bid
Ctr Out of contract
Cup The player is cup-tied for the next match
Fgn The player is considered as foreign according to a competition's rules
Ine The player is ineligible for the next match
Inj Injured
Int On International duty
Loa Listed for loan
Lst Transfer Listed
Req Transfer Listed by request
Ret Retiring
Sct The player is being scouted by the user
Sus Suspended for next match
Trn Transfer Arranged
Unf Not fully fit
Unh Unhappy
Wnt Wanted by a club
Yel The player is a yellow card away from suspension














Player Screens

A Player has various screens that can be viewed via the Bookmarks Menu button on his Profile or by swiping sideways:

Profile: The one-stop shop featuring all of the most pertinent information about the player. This is the screen you're likely to use most.

Personal: Displays the player's basic biographical details and happiness.

Positions: The Player Positions screen displays all positions an individual is capable of playing in, and their proficiency at the role should they be selected there. It also displays their preferred foot.

Contract: Displays the player's current contractual status and any interest in his services from other teams.

Eligiblity: The Player Eligibility screen allows the user to see if a player is available for the next upcoming fixture and includes any details of injuries or suspensions currently being served. It will also display any of a player's status indicator icons.

History: Displays the player's career history and seasonal statistics.

Achievements: Displays all notable individual and team achievements from a player's career.

Coach Report: This option provides a report to you on the chosen individual by a member of the club's coaching staff. This gives you a different perspective on the player which you may not hold yourself, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Progress: This option keeps track of the player's development on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. A graph tracks the progression of Physical, Mental, Attacking and Defending attributes, as well as an overall view, with further indicators telling you if the player was injured, on loan, or on holiday during the off-season. Tap the tick icon next to one of the areas to add or remove it from your graph.

Form: Keeps track of the player's form over the course of the season, offering both a graph display and a list of the matches he plays in.

Training: Allows you full control over the player’s training regime. You can ask him to focus on a specific role, at a specific intensity, and even isolate a single attribute to improve. Your Assistant Manager will provide a summary of how the players has been doing lately, as well as a table of Pros and Cons regarding the immediate outlook for his development.

Player Interaction

Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 features an in-depth player interaction model. The user may interact with any of their own players and talk to them in either a positive or negative manner.

From the 'Actions' menu on any player belonging to your club, select the 'Player Interaction' option. You have two types of interaction available to you, Positive and Negative, and then a reason behind each as to why you’re initiating the interaction. You can indicate your pleasure or dissatisfaction with a player in either a public or a private manner; some players will react better to private discussion while others will thrive on the world knowing. Taking your Assistant's advice into account can be advisable, as he may know the player well and can advise on the best way to handle things in order to avoid a possible conflict and morale change.

With improved rationale across a range of areas, you have the ability to properly convey your thoughts to your players; praise their performances, discipline them for poor performances or disciplinary issues. The choice is yours.

Used wisely, the interaction model will enable you to get your players playing at the top of their game consistently and remain motivated. Used badly, you could have a squad of unhappy players on your hands.

Selecting your Team

Before each match you will need to select a starting line-up and substitutes. To add a player to the starting line-up, press the icon to the left of his name. This will prompt you to select the position in which you wish to place him. You can also press and hold the player's name before dragging it to the desired spot, then releasing it to complete the action.

On iPad and select devices , you can tap or drag the tiles from the top of the squad screen on to a player to pick him. You can swap players around within the line-up by dragging them on to each other. You can also tap the player's icon to assign him to a free position in the formation or to remove him from the line-up.

You will need to select a full starting eleven plus however many substitutes are permitted for the competition in which you are participating. Should you want some advice on selecting a starting line-up, you may ask your Assistant Manager for a team selection by pressing 'Actions' and then 'Pick Team'.

You are able to save up to four team selections, which can then be loaded for future matches. To do this, select 'Actions' from the squad screen, and then 'Save Selection'. The saved selections can also be loaded from here.

Selecting your Captain

To select your team captain, go to the Home screen and select your Club panel, then 'Tactics'.

Select the 'Tactics' icon from the bottom right corner of the screen (or from the side menu on select devices by choosing ‘Assignments’ and then ‘Captain’) and then the 'Captain' option.

Tap the tile of the player you would like to select as team captain to add them to the column on the right. This sets the order in which they will be used as captain. If you need to review any player's attributes before selecting them, tap on their name and you will be taken to the Player Profile screen, where you can review each candidate before deciding on who to nominate. Tap 'Back' to return to the Captain Selection screen.

Negotiating Player Contracts

This section applies to both re-negotiating contracts with your current players as well as discussing terms with a potential new signing.

If you have had a transfer offer accepted for a player, or you are looking to sign a player (see Transfers), you will be taken to the 'Contract Offer' pop-up. Alternatively, if you are looking to renegotiate a contract with a current member of your squad, go to that player's profile screen and select the 'Offer Contract' option from the Action Bar.

On the 'Contract Offer' screen you will be informed of exactly what the player expects. Tweak the various terms of the contract, such as 'Wage', 'Contract Length', and 'Signing-On Fee', to your taste before submitting the offer. The ‘Mood’ gauge offers an insight into how the player will react to your offer; each time you hit ‘Suggest Terms’, the mood will react to your latest deal on the table.

Some players might demand a release clause, such as a Minimum Fee Release Clause. To enable or disable these clauses tap On or Off depending on whether or not you wish to include them.

Once you are happy with the contract offer, press 'Confirm'. You will be informed of the player's response via the 'News' screen within a few days. Should he refuse the offer but feels there are grounds to continue discussions, he will give you the chance to negotiate further.

Terminating Player Contracts

If you have a player in your squad who you have no use for, and you are unable to tempt another club into taking him off your hands, you can release him on a free transfer. To do this, go to the player profile screen and select 'Release' from the 'Actions' menu. You will need to then confirm that this is your intended course of action. The player will leave the club immediately and you will have to pay off the remainder of his contract.

Important: Since Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 uses a maximum squad limit of 40 players (with a further 40 also allowed in the reserves), releasing players might become more important than you initially think. If you've lined up a potential signing but have no squad room, somebody will have to be released. Think carefully about signings and the consequences that come with them.

Assistant Manager

Your Assistant Manager has a vitally important role to play in your career. Essentially, he or she is your link to your squad at all times, and is a source of vital information on a daily basis. A good Assistant Manager is a valuable asset who can make a manager's job a much more comfortable one.

Amongst numerous duties, one of the most important is to offer opinions on your squad on the Team Report screen, accessible via the Bookmarks Menu on the 'Squad' screen.

The Team Report is spilt into four sections. The ‘Team Summary’ screen presents Positive and Negative key point summaries regarding your squad, whilst the ‘Suggested XI’ will suggest the strongest possible starting eleven for the next match given the current fitness, form and availability of your players. The ‘Squad Depth’ view will see your Assistant Manager indicate a preferred hierarchy of players for every position on the pitch, and the ‘Club Stats’ view details some interesting details about the make-up of the squad overall.

Requesting Coach and Physio Reports

If you wish to get an opinion on any of your players from a member of your coaching staff, visit the player's Profile screen and select 'Coach Report' from the Bookmarks Menu. Your Assistant Manager will immediately offer an opinion of the player to you. Your Physio will also offer their informed view, allowing you to make appropriate decisions.

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