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Fantasy Draft

The fantasy draft mode allows you to build a brand-new squad from a pool of players. Every participating club takes it in turn to select a player from the pool, until the squads are complete, at which point they are pitted against one another in a league or cup format.

When starting the Fantasy Draft mode, you have three options: Quick Start, Create Draft or Join Draft. The quickest way to get stuck in is to join an existing Fantasy Draft game; selecting ‘Join Draft’ allows you to filter out the available online Fantasy Draft games to find the one that suits you.

If you want to create your own, select ‘Create Draft’. Pick your choice of competition – Group Stage & Knockout, Knockout Cup or League format, then give it a name. Then declare the parameters for the Player Pool; World Pool is the default selection with a wide range of alternatives available from the Downloads section – and lay out the choices for Squad Budget, Draft Time Round Limit, and further competition rules. Alternatively, create your own pool from the powerful options behind the ‘Create Custom Pool’ button.

Once you’re in a competition, you need to Create Your Club. Conjure up a name, nickname and stadium name, upload a custom logo, and settle on your home and away kit colours and styles. Choose carefully though as, once set, these are your choices for all subsequent Fantasy Draft games.

After a brief wait in the lobby for all participants to fully prepare themselves, the draft begins. You have the pre-set number of minutes to add players from the pool to your shortlist, using the search functions and filters available, before the clock starts ticking and the draft itself gets underway. You have the option to ‘Auto Pick’ (three suggested picks are made based on your budget and current squad, allowing you to make the final decision) or ‘Auto Draft’ (control of the draft is handed over to your assistant), while ‘Finish Draft’ appears once you’ve made all necessary selections.

Once you’ve completed the draft, you need to get to grips with your squad inside the game mode, with several screens similar or identical in nature to those described throughout this manual. Good luck!

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