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Downloads and Unlockables


The Steam Workshop is your one-stop shop for additional Football Manager™ content. You can find customisable content as well as challenges and unlockables.


There are a number of challenge situations to immerse yourself in; each challenge can be continued upon completion into a full saved game.

The Saviour Cometh

Your team are embroiled in a relegation battle halfway through the season. Can you take the reins and guide them to safety?

Injury Crisis

Your team is swamped with injury problems, leading to most of your first team players being on the treatment table. Can you meet the Board’s expectations in the league?

The Invincibles

You’ve gone on a long run without defeat. Can you cement your place in history by going the full season unbeaten?

You can’t win anything with kids

A batch of exceptional youth players has risen through the ranks and joined your first team. Can you claim silverware with a side built around this core of young home-grown talent?

Unrest at Home

Your appointment as manager has left some senior players unhappy. How will you handle the dressing room and the inevitable egos within? Can you avoid being sacked before the end of the season by matching the Board's expectations?

Top Division Underdog

Your side is immediately promoted to the top division in their country. How will you fare as massive underdogs?

Financial Storm

Your club is in financial peril. Can you maintain competitiveness on the pitch while reducing the club's debt and wage bill off it?

Rise from the Ashes

You may no longer be in administration but, with no players under contract and limited resources, the start of the season looms large with plenty of work still to do. Can you assemble a squad to guide the club to safety?

Fixture Pile-Up

Inclement weather has resulted in the mother of all fixture pile-ups. Can you negotiate a congested fixture list for the rest of the season while achieving the targets set by the Board?

Starting from the Bottom

Your team has been relegated to the bottom tier. With a squad full of unhappy players and under strict demands from the Board, your task is to ensure promotion by going unbeaten in the league.

Additional challenges can be created, shared and downloaded by using the Challenge Creator in the Pre-Game Editor.

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