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Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 comes with a wide range of staffing possibilities.

Your Assistant Manager is joined by a select number of Coaches and Scouts and, depending on the size and stature of your club, you can expand the size of your backroom team to help them operate more effectively.

Just like the Assistant Manager, each Coach has a profile displaying their basic biographic details as well as their Aptitude, Coaching Style and Coaching Badge level.

You can ask them to take a Coaching Exam in order to improve their credentials as a Coach, as well as Promote them to Assistant Manager (and indeed Demote your Assistant to become a Coach).

Physios can also be hired to benefit your squad from a fitness and injury prevention/rehabilitation point of view. Physios range in ability and speciality, with each having differing effects on your players.

Scouts can be hired to help you identify those all-important new signings to add to your squad. You can place an advert for interested people to apply for a position, and you can also offer a role to senior players in your squad.

Ensure you have the relevant availability in your backroom staff.
Offer roles to senior players, within a few weeks (once the senior players have considered your offer) you may get a news item from anyone interested in taking up a coaching role. You will then have a decision to make, whether or not to offer the player a role in your backroom staff.

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