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Starting a New Game

Select 'New Game' from the Main Menu, select Career and press 'Confirm'. You will then be taken through the process of customising your new Career, Challenge, or My Club game. To begin with, select Career. Pick your nations, leagues and teams to manage (some devices might place a restriction on the number of leagues or overall number of players you’re able to load into a saved game), before customising your setup from the Game Options screen:

Use Fake Players: Select this option to use a database consisting of entirely generated players and staff.

Attribute Masking: When enabled, certain player attributes are not visible to you until you have scouted the player. If you wish to be able to see all player attributes from the start of the game you should you disable this option.

Budgets in First Window: The database contains real world transfers from the most recent real life transfer window, but your save game will typically start before this window has finished. By disabling transfer budgets in the first transfer window you can add to the realism of your game by preventing teams from spending money they didn’t spend in real life.

You can also select which Unlockables you want to activate, before advancing to select your Coaching Style, Badges and select your starting reputation. A starting reputation will allow a user to make the game more or less challenging. The higher a reputation you begin with, the more favourably people in the game world will view you initially. The ‘Superstar’ level can be unlocked naturally as you progress through the game by obtaining a world class reputation during normal play.

When it comes to selecting leagues for inclusion in your Career, do keep in mind that the more nations you use, the more spread out the players will be among the active clubs in the game. This is designed to ensure that whoever you manage has enough players to send out onto the pitch. However, it can sometimes mean that there are fewer players at other clubs in order to allow for smaller clubs to have enough players too.

In terms of the team you manage, it is worth remembering that the higher up the league ladder you start your managerial career, the higher the expectations from the board, fans and media are likely to be. If you think you can handle it, dive into one of the top jobs. If you want to gain some experience first before hitting the big time, then it might be wise to begin at a lower level where mistakes are more easily forgiven and the glare of the media spotlight may be avoided.

Starting a new Challenge

There are four Challenges available from the start of the game:

The Saviour Cometh: A club has appointed you as manager in their darkest hour; the midpoint of the season has passed and the team are struggling to avoid relegation. Can you guide them to safety?

Injury Crisis: Your club has hit a freak spell where nearly all of your first team players are out injured. Can you guide the club through this troubled period and continue to achieve results to keep your job?

Unrest at Home: Hired as a virtual unknown, your appointment has disappointed senior players at the club. Can you somehow manage to achieve the board's expectations and convince the players of your credentials?

The Invincibles: Your club has gone on a long unbeaten run causing huge media speculation that the team might become one of the few teams to survive an entire season without defeat. Can you guide the team into the history books?

Additionally, there are three Challenges available as an optional purchase:

Austerity Measures: Your club is approaching serious financial difficulty. Can you maintain the club's competitive edge while at the same time lowering the wage budget?

You Can't Win Anything with Kids: Your chairman has sold off your most experienced players in favour of promoting a new crop from the youth team. Can you guide them to victory?

The Dangers of Capitalism: Your club's new chairman is selling off its assets. Can you keep the club functioning amidst the chaos?

To unlock one of these challenges, select the Buy Now button and follow the on-screen prompts. Alternatively, FMFC members can get these exclusively for free.

After choosing a Challenge to attempt, select 'Confirm'. You can then choose which nation in which you wish to play the Challenge mode.

Then you select the team you want to manage before configuring the game options in the same way you would a Career, before finalising your manager profile. From there, confirm everything on the Summary screen before getting the Challenge under way.

International Management

Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 allows managers to test their skills at international level. You can apply for and accept international jobs within the game. Win an international competition during your career and from then on you can select a nation to manage when starting a new game. The league/s you select during game setup will dictate which nations are available to manage, and you can select the country to take charge of in the same way as you would a club side.

Alternatively, you can fast-track your way to taking control of a national squad with the optional 'Manage National Team' purchasable item in the Store.

My Club

My Club gives you the option of creating a team from scratch; one which you can then enter into an existing league structure and attempt to lead to the promised land.

To begin with, select Game Options and Unlockables you want active, and then the nations you wish to be active within your saved game. A maximum of five may be selected, with the first nation picked being the 'main' active nation in the save.

Choose an existing team on which to base your new club; a template of sorts. This will also be the team you replace in the league, so make your choice carefully. Then, select or create your managerial profile.

You may then begin to customise and set up the finer details of your new team. Give them a name, pick their kit colours and determine the stadium capacity and quality of facilities. You may also want to pay close attention to the 'Squad Options' section of this screen.

'Squad Options' allows you to customise the make-up of your squad. You are able to retain the players from the club you're replacing and replace or remove them if you want to start with a blank canvas.

Should you choose to Remove or Release the existing players and proceed with an empty squad, you will then be asked to begin the process of compiling the new group of players. You can create a brand new squad from scratch; it could be a completely fictional set of names, an homage to players from a bygone era, or even you and your friends. The choice is yours.

When you're finished with your squad, complete the process of starting your new My Club saved game.

Player Roles can be assigned to each member of your squad, as well as providing the ability to save a player from any Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 career and use them in your My Club squad.

Starting Unemployed

For the ultimate challenge, Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 allows you to start the game unemployed. You'll need to tout yourself for jobs and will most likely face the task of pulling a struggling club out of trouble. To enable this option, simply select the option to 'Start Unemployed' during the game setup steps. Good luck, you'll need it!

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