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New in Football Manager™ Console 2024 is Dynamics, which helps you to better understand how both the players as individuals and as a squad are responding to your management and to each other. This is further split into three sections: Player Buy-In, Mindsets, and Hierarchy.

Player Buy-In

This measures the extent to which individual players are acknowledging and responding to your methods with your Principles being the main driving force behind them, as well as the players’ personalities, experience levels, match performance, and playing time. The more a player buys into your methods, the more they will benefit. Principles can be changed at any time, but choosing to change them may impact the level of buy-in of the players.


There are four different Mindsets: Hard Workers, Thinkers, Relaxed, and Leaders. The doughnut chart on the left side of the screen shows the proportions of each, whilst the text within the chart shows the dominant Mindset and the balance between them.

Each squad mindset has a positive and negative trait attached to them, which you will need to make note of as your squad changes over the course of the seasons.


This represents a player’s influence in comparison to others within the same squad. As a rule of thumb, it’s more important to keep those at the top (designated Team Leaders) happy in order to maintain squad harmony. Not doing so is likely to have big effects both on and off the pitch.

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