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Euro 2012 Predictions: The Final!


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**Predictions are for 90 minutes only**

If your name isn't on the table already then please don't put down a prediction. It will be ignored!

3 points for correct scoreline

1 point for correct result (Win/Draw/Loss)

If the game goes to extra time, a bonus point will be given for predicting the team that wins at the conclusion of the match

Example: Spain 3-3 Italy (Spain)

Please put your predictions like this. (It's just easier for me personally.)

Saturday 16th June

Team One 0-0 Team Two

================================================== =========

Roll of Honour:

Round 1 winner: Djstu23 (12 points)

Round 2 winners: FooFighter23, Charlesbeams, AdyTaylor (18 points)

Round 3 winner: Djstu23 (31 points)

Quarter Finals Winner: Djstu23(39 points)

Semi Finals Winner: Djstu23 (39 points)

Should both Djstu23 and Foofighter23 finish level, the following Tie breakers will be used:

1) Highest amount of correct scores (currently Foofighter23 by One)

2) Highest amount of correct results (currently Djstu23 by four)

================================================== ========

Sunday 1st July

Spain vs Italy

Table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtrGoZxvDz1JdE94ejc2dHlINU1oLTNkemZrRnN2N0E#gid=0

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Why didn't I get a point for predicting Spain win correctly?

Sunday 1st July

Spain 1:1 Italy (Italy)

Because it was 0-0 FT and AET.

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