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  1. Left Hibs to join Wolfsburg after dominating the SPL for a fair few seasons - things didn't turn out too well in Germany and I was sacked 6 months in. Now ended up back in Scotland, trying to recapture my dominance and overturn Hibs at the number 1 Scottish side, this time I've decided to join Aberdeen and build them up - enjoying it
  2. It's just nice not to have Wayne "attempts-a-40-yard-ping-goes-out-of-play-throws-arms-in-the-air-shouts-abuse-at-everyone-else" Rooney there. For all of Rooney's strengths - he was a miserable sod wasn't he We ain't about that negativity these days and it's actually nice to watch us.
  3. If we manage to bring it home I think I'll just call it a day as a football fan. Seeing Leicester City win the league & England win the World Cup. Football would be well and truly completed-it-mate.
  4. I've clocked up nearly 600 posts in here over the years
  5. Still impressive Yeah this place used to be good back in the day, I just think we need a new thread with new regulars to post in here again. This thread is so big and old it's just become part of the furniture here and people barely even know it exists.
  6. Have you just caught up on all 241 pages of it? Please say you have
  7. Where are they? Out of curiosity.
  8. It is indeed, haha! Anyway, get back on topic! deltablue goes away for one day and look what happens! :D How's everyone's FM saves going?
  9. He used to post over in OTF Singles Thread, and he kept harping on about how he's dating this 19 year old called Vicky, and how attractive she was, and this, that and the other. He also posted on Twitter about his love life too, and even included the odd photo or two of her after he'd had a few drinks. He never shut up about her, which was always the weird thing. After the initial "ah well played mate, you've done well there", what more can anyone say? How can someone be that besotted by someone that they need to keep tweeting photos of her and tweeting how much he misses her??? Anyway, long
  10. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be there. You'd have to be stupid not to pick him.
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