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  1. You look to have inherited a fruity 5-star 16 year old there..!
  2. Love Eastern European football - good luck man!
  3. Yeah I thought that it was great! Even managed to get the Mrs in to F1 from watching it and getting to know the drivers and their backstories more.
  4. I enjoyed both season’s of You and looking forward to season 3 being released later this year. I would recommend the second season but I guess if the first didn’t do much for you then the second is pretty much more of the same.
  5. Frazzles are trolling the rest of the "proper" crisps
  6. I think we had discussed things prior to the meet but to be honest my memory of it is pretty hazy too. 80p Carlsbergs were the novelty there weren’t they haha
  7. Outrageous that Frazzles have made it this far but they're quite clearly no match for the Flame Grilled Steak McCoy's crisp. The road stops here, Frazzles.
  8. Haha yes! It was Kasbah in Coventry, probably would have been back in 2012 sort of time iirc.
  9. Would make an exceptional bean barrier
  10. I know that feeling, buddy. I was slightly optimistic too that perhaps Scotland would begin easing things a bit sooner than England are able to but it looks like Sturgeon has gone the other way and pushed things back a bit more. The thing that is getting me through is the knowledge that this is the final push and final "proper" lockdown we're (hopefully) ever going to have to endure again. We're still just a matter of weeks away from freedom in what has been a year-long battle with this virus. The light is still there at the end of the tunnel.
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