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  1. Left Hibs to join Wolfsburg after dominating the SPL for a fair few seasons - things didn't turn out too well in Germany and I was sacked 6 months in. Now ended up back in Scotland, trying to recapture my dominance and overturn Hibs at the number 1 Scottish side, this time I've decided to join Aberdeen and build them up - enjoying it
  2. It's just nice not to have Wayne "attempts-a-40-yard-ping-goes-out-of-play-throws-arms-in-the-air-shouts-abuse-at-everyone-else" Rooney there. For all of Rooney's strengths - he was a miserable sod wasn't he We ain't about that negativity these days and it's actually nice to watch us.
  3. If we manage to bring it home I think I'll just call it a day as a football fan. Seeing Leicester City win the league & England win the World Cup. Football would be well and truly completed-it-mate.
  4. Seems like a big update for just 1 fix doesn't it? Or is my internet just slow, it's taking ages.
  5. I've clocked up nearly 600 posts in here over the years
  6. Still impressive Yeah this place used to be good back in the day, I just think we need a new thread with new regulars to post in here again. This thread is so big and old it's just become part of the furniture here and people barely even know it exists.
  7. ...when he's fit. He wasn't fit this tournament and shouldn't have played a part in it, it's a simple as that. We need a guy in charge who's not afraid to not select our "big players" if they're not performing/injured for Christ's sake.
  8. They 100 percent definitely would have said that. It seems like it was just yesterday I was reading all this pre-tournament hype around Wilshere, and how he'd won Man of the Match in 6 of his last 7 England games or whatever it was blah blah blah. Completely ignoring the fact that he'd kicked a ball around in competitive football for about an hour in the past 12 months. Of course he was going to struggle, of course he was going to be off the pace but we fell in to that trap yet again of playing our players who aren't fit, in fear of the media statisticians who would throw up how amazing Wilshere has been for us in the past and how he would have been our saviour. It's amazing how, in this country, a player becomes more and more "England's saviour!!" depending on how little football they've been playing. Forget about the players who are playing week in week out, pffft who cares about them! Remember when Sturridge scored 24 goals for Liverpool in 2014? Chuck him on!!! Remember Wilshere bossing the game against Brazil in 2013?! Chuck him on!! We need a manager with balls. A manager with massive, great big balls who's not going to listen to the media and their silly little stats about player X scoring this many goals however many years ago, or player Y having a great season back in 2002, etc. We need Big Sam don't we.
  9. Have you just caught up on all 241 pages of it? Please say you have
  10. Look on the bright side, we don't all have to sit here this morning and moan about England getting their arse handed to them by France last night if we'd have beaten Iceland. We've all had our meltdown 1 week earlier
  11. Great thread, really enjoyed following this. Well done, Sir Björgvinsson
  12. Is there though? Are Spain talking about a "deeper problem" following their poor tournament? I think it's very English to dramatise these sort of things, when in reality if we'd had a good manager and a group of coaches who knew what they were doing, we'd have done alright this year.
  13. Also I think that, as a country, we do have some pretty good English players. We're not in anywhere near as bad nick as the media/fans are making out, we have the quality to be making the Semi-Finals, but we were just atrociously coached, and the main guy to blame is Roy Hodgson. From the 23-man squad that he picked, to his making-it-up-as-you-go-along tactics, he was completely and utterly inept. Qualifiers? Great! he did brilliantly, no one is denying him that, played 10 won 10, well done Roy! We're sailing through to the Euros, we have decent players, playing good football and looking dangerous. Next up we play some of the big boys in friendlies - beat France 2-0 and beat Germany 3-2, come on! We're looking good, we're looking solid, we're looking professional, bring on the Euros! Squad selection time - erm... Roy? You've picked 2 wingers in the squad? Ah well, we're gonna be playing the diamond innit, we don't need wingers fam, LETS DO THIS! First game of the tournament vs. Russa - Oh, he's opted with a formation that involves wingers.... Balls. He really did shoot himself in the foot with his squad selection and team selections. The blame lies with Roy and all his backroom staff pals, including our national treasure and Sky Sports favourite Gary Neville. Not good enough.
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