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  1. Just found it amusing . Can't mods change usernames? I'll let you change mine if you can.
  2. Trying to work out if you seriously spelt through like that.
  3. God forbid if I ever spent enough time in there to actually recognise posters .
  4. Shakes :applause:incredible buddy. Will make sure you're credited in the new thread.
  5. Why not man up and have a cold shower NF? Hardly worth going to your grandad's house for a shower just because you don't have hot water ffs .
  6. Yeah buddy. Might do one tomorrow actually, beta will be Thursday/Friday I think.
  7. My dad was from Leeds, so inherited it from him. I started supporting Leeds during our first season in the championship, and I usually go to 2-3 games a season. Got a membership this season so should end up going to 4-5 away games and maybe 1-2 home games in February/April. I don't care if you think I'm a plastic fan . I'm not, I know I'm not...
  8. Am I not a proper Leeds fan because I live in Basingstoke?
  9. Have you actually seen Sunderland play this season JD?
  10. tbf I was wondering why someone was posting at 6.30am after a heavy night out .
  11. He was pretty obviously still smashed at 6.30 am judging by his post SRL .
  12. This thread makes me think what OTF could be with NF . NF, seriously though, if you don't like the response you get don't talk about it. If you're going to get **** from people on here and you can't take it then why tell them?
  13. Tbh if anyone can't tell that your tongue is permanently nailed inside your cheek they deserve the embarassment of massively overreacting .
  14. NF saying I can be annoying . Wow. Don't even know what to say. I thought we'd turned a corner NF? .
  15. Annoying that no one else could give a **** though, no matter whether it turns out to be serious or not.
  16. Hey guys, I just discovered this cool new feature! If you click on Haunted's profile there's an option on the left called 'add to ignore' list. I've just tried it, works a treat!
  17. Braumiller- You sir are a legend . You've made an exceptional contribution to this thread, can't congratulate you enough on the achievement. Haunted- Hahahahahahaha, this challenge is impossible huh? Maybe you should take a leaf out of Braumiller's book and ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME, or are you going to accuse him of cheating too?
  18. Yeah I don't think it's a great idea for NF to post in the singles thread after his previous experiences in there .
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