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  1. Model I have looked at is here: https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops-notebooks-and-2-in-1-laptops/xps-15/spd/xps-15-9570-laptop/CNX97003 Budget is there or thereabouts but only really due to the versatility it appears the XPS will offer over having separate systems ie. new desktop and laptop setups. The weight, battery life and general portability of the XPS is what appeals from looking at laptops currently as it would effectively carry out two roles.
  2. I've been away from FM for a number of years and coincident with looking to get back in and my current position of looking for a laptop to replace my ageing PC and current budget laptop I am looking at the XPS 15 9570 with i7-8750H, 16GB RAM and GTX 1050Ti. How would this perform in terms of FM nowadays including number of leagues and player database performance? I've primarily centred on the XPS as a compromise between my needs of having something to replace my desktop whilst having sufficient performance now and in the future as well as providing the full benefits of a laptop that could be used all day away on its own steam. I'm happy to listen to other inputs or yet to be considered options or opinions.
  3. Add nothing to the game, have little to no effect in game so they take up unnecessary time. The fact that they haven't been developed at all since their inception shows they are nothing but a filler attribute.
  4. Just offer him out straight away and Huddersfield always buy him for that amount plus a 20% sell on. I usually offer them out for a little more than their value over x amount of months to obtain bids and usually slightly better offers.
  5. SSW Season 2012/13 - Quadruple Winners! Apologies to McGeady10 as I have ripped off his season review post setup. Started off my pre-season by offloading Stokes(Huddersfield £2.7m) and Samaras(Monaco £3.2m) whilst also sending Miku back to Getafe to free up some wages, so looking pretty light up front to start the season so in came Libor Kozak from Lazio for £1.9m to adda different dimension to my attacks if necessary when Hooper is out. I only play with one striker and advanced wingers so no need to carry more than a few who play that role. Lukasz Zaluska and Paddy McCourt also found themselves surplus to requirements with the former loaned back to Poland and McCourt allowed a free transfer to Middlesbrough. Completing the incoming first season transfers were Borek Dockal, Jonas Svensson, Gary Mackay-Steven and Martin Lejsal to cover Forster. NB. Necid has just been signed at end of first season to facilitate a possible change of tactics. Transfers League Table Despite winning the league by 20 points I was really frustrated with it through the season where it seemed to be like real life Celtic, I would struggle badly with any sort of domination of teams few and far between. The standards of my teams performances and displays alsmost caused me to chuck it, ala Lennon last week. Looking at the results it shows 3 of my losses came in the last 4-5 games where I had bigger fish to fry, still the overall performance throughout he league was unacceptable. Continental Adventures Reached the Champions League Group stage with a little scare by Maribor only a few weeks into the season. I was drawn a pretty difficult group that I managed to sneak out of and drop into the Europa League. My incredible first group match day in the Champions League ultimately was the only win and more importantly was the result that saw me stay in Europe after Christmas. The Champions League Final was contested by the two Manchester clubs of which Manchester Blue came out on top making up for losing the English Premier League to Manchester Red. Champions League Results Group E Table European Success! Dropping into the Europa League gave me a shot in the arm and allowed me to take my mind off the troubling domestic performances. I just had that feeling you sometimes get when playing and performing above our level, the same feeling most SPL clubs felt against me almost like feeling no pressure of expectations not just from the game but myself seeing each game as a bonus to develop my team and players and boy did it work out! I use the same tactic for all games occasionally tweak a few little things now and again for each game but always revert to the one tactic and philosophy that has served me well for years. There were a few scares but we never felt out of it and indeed seemed to perform brilliantly when the pressure was on beating some excellent teams on the way to a dramatic penalty shoot-out win against a very good Borussia Monchengladbach side. I now have my tactic for Europe next year! Europa League Domestic Cups The domestic cups were nothing but formalities but we made it hard for ourselves with some woeful performances again. The highlight being a very boring tussle with Rangers in the Scottish Cup final with both teams amassing a total of 6 shots between us with only the one on target from ourselves, seeing off Third Division minnows 'The Rangers'. Scottish Cup League Cup Team Stats If it weren't for some excellent individual displays and input then this season would have been nowhere near as successful, indeed without James Forrest and Borek Dockal we would have struggled to any competition win including the league, not forgetting a very good second half of the season from Gary Mackay-Steven just as young Forrest was struggling for form and fitness. Other honourable mentions to Gary Hooper, Efe Ambrose, Joe Ledley, Thomas Rogne and Adam Matthews who were consistently reliable wherever ther they played. Player Of The Season The Future With the new season still a few months away we go back to the drawing board adding to the back room staff and playing squad. I will be looking to implement a new tactic for the league to help us in that regard whilst maintaining my tried and tested for tougher games and hopefully another lengthy European adventure. Tomas Necid has been added with the aforementioned tactical alterations in mind. Incoming transfers Gaetan Bong(DL,WBL) Freedom of contract (Valenciennes) - Will give competition to the left back spot which saw Mulgrew cement his place in the second half of the season as the main man here. May allow for potential movement out. Federico Casarini(MC) Freedom of contract (Bologna) - Excellent midfielder who will go on to be one of the higher earners however looks a great buy and will hopefully add a little more class and creativity to the middle of the park. Simone Colombi(GK) Freedom of contract (Atalanta) - Exciting young prospect who will add depth and competition to the two current keepers, Forster and Lejsal. Jon Daly(ST) Freedom of contract (Dundee United) - Again with SPL in mind next year the consistent and versatile Daly may come in very handy especially at what could be excellent value at only £5k a week. Neal Eardley(DR) Freedom of contract (Blackpool) - The experienced and classy Eardley comes in again to add competition to a thin squad, may also see one or two move out. Jon Egan(DC) Freedom of contract (Sunderland) - Young cheap central defender prospect, one of my very frequent no risk punts on free youngsters. Will see how he goes. Karl Ratchford(ST) Freedom of contract (Fleetwood Town) - Interesting find by John Park this one, 18 year old striker who looks like he has a good bit of ability any advice on handling him would be appreciated. Karl Ratchford Outgoing With a few guys coming in and a big transfer budget thanks to last seasons performances will probably look to transition the squad to compete at the next level. Guys who I can see possibly leave are Lustig, Wilson, Izzaguire, Lassad and Commons. With my reputation high with the board will hopefully implement the foundations to grow the club down the line. Manager Record Manager Stats Looking forward to the summer transfer madness and the beginning of next season! Any questions or queries fire away...
  6. Just completed my first season on this and ended up somehow winning the Quadruple! That was quite incredible and I still can't work it out as my team have played awfully in my opinion at least in terms of how I would look for them to perform with terrible form in the league yet doing okay in the Group Stages of the Champions League finishing 3rd in a group of Chelsea, Schalke and Juventus seeing me drop into the Europa Cup which I ended up winning in penalties. I will do a more detailed season review at some point.
  7. I still maintain Rodgers will be on the dole before Christmas!
  8. Casillas Lahm Pepe Ramos Alba Pirlo Iniesta(POTT) Xavi De Rossi Moutinho Fabregas
  9. The law was changed to prevent dummy's being performed at a penalty, a few players done it, Fred in Brazil and it was then outlawed as you are gaining an unfair advantage. The run-up is irrelevant you could run up backwards, perform a forward roll whatever...
  10. Ronaldo clearly bottled it... poor show from the captain.
  11. Wednesday 27th June *Portugal 1 - 2 Spain Thursday 28th June Germany 2 - 1 Italy
  12. They don't overachieve, those teams are merely better than England at this point in time and have bee over a regular period, the whole EPL best league in the World lends to a lot of England fans over-rating their own players.
  13. All very well producing one like Pirlo, but Carrick is nowhere near the quality of Andrea Pirlo, Scholes has the passing ability to match him though I already commented in a few threads he should have been taken along. EDIT: Realised your comment could be interpreted as either Scholes or Carrick.
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