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  1. Kane hit the post didn't he so it won't count as on target.
  2. Especially for the prices they'd be charging in Hyde Park.
  3. He does in his sleep. It's when he's awake it all goes to ****
  4. Portugal's main set-up has been a 4-4-2 diamond. Quaresma doesn't really fit that, they changed the shape when Ronaldo went off today.
  5. Eder has actually been really good since he came on. Who knew Portugal actually had a striker?
  6. Just think he's been looking a bit laboured in the last 15 mins or so, not that he hasn't been playing well enough. But I get the argument of keeping him on, just think Martial would stretch the defence more that's all.
  7. If Giroud had to come off then yeah, pushing them up makes sense. Would've liked to seen Martial on wide for Sissoko, hasn't been as energetic second half.
  8. Gignac isn't exactly who I'd like to come on. France need some extra runners, not a striker swap.
  9. Don't quite understand what France are doing here. Ronaldo off, there's no real threat from Portugal (Nani is so isolated) and they relaxed the press after 25 minutes? Doesn't make that much sense to me.
  10. Not sure Portugal's main tactic of playing out wide for crosses works when Nani is the lone CF. But don't know whether they can change their main method of attack on the fly though.
  11. What would Portugal even do if Ronaldo actually went off? Quaresma up top with Nani perhaps?
  12. ITV is bound to be Clive/Hoddle no? BBC automatically wins that
  13. Sunday 10th July 2016 Portugal 1-1 France 20:00 (Portugal win 4-3 on pens with Ronaldo scoring the winning penalty, entire world implodes)
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