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  1. Wednesday 16 June Group B: Finland 0-1 Russia Group A: Turkey 2-1 Wales Group A: Italy 2-0 Switzerland Thursday 17 June Group C: Ukraine 2-1 North Macedonia Group B: Denmark 0-2 Belgium **** Group C: Netherlands 2-0 Austria **** Friday 18 June Group E: Sweden 1-0 Slovakia Group D: Croatia 2-1 Czech Republic Group D: England 3-1 Scotland Saturday 19 June Group F: Hungary 0-3 France Group F: Portugal 1-1 Germany Group E: Spain 2-0 Poland
  2. Have to be pleased with that, we pretty much controlled the game, Phillips was great, glad to see Sterling get a goal I didn't realise there were players that were not in the squad, I was under the impression it was 'rest of the squad on the bench'. Seeing as all the teams have picked the same number of players for a squad, seems silly to be forced to leave out 2 each matchday Pundit on beIN Sports trotting out the 'ol favourite, Croatia good technically but with these Croatian players they can also be lazy. Damn Paul Merson, damn Alan Shearer speaking in cliches ... oh, it was Gianf
  3. Feels weird to have Sterling in there, didn't feature at all in the warm ups and really hasn't been in form I think with Grealish playing decent in the friendlies then there should be faith to not hesitate to bring him on, if needed
  4. Really not a fan of Walker, seen him be too clumsy, too many times I'd have Trippier there over him all day long and Chillwell/Shaw as left back
  5. All I ever want if for players to play somewhere near their abilities cause I always think results can follow that There's been so many tournaments down the years that finish and you think 'who really did themselves justice' and you can barely name a person. Last World Cup there were a few playing well and you really really need a few guys hitting their stride to make a dent in a tournament, especially with some ****** 2nd round game (yes, IF we get through, OMG arrogant English, etc etc!) Hopefully guys like Foden and Sancho can really stand out, Kane too, obviously, we'll need that
  6. That was that stupid '2nd round group stage' nonsense that was a result of the expanded World Cup to 24 teams. The actual group stages were kind of meh If we're using that 2nd round group stage group then may well use England's which also included West Germany and Spain and finished with 3-2-1 points in the standings We exited that tournament without losing a game
  7. Every network in every country has one of these They create their own news "xyz not seen in training, are they injured??" Come game day: "xyz IS playing, we can confirm - ~phew"
  8. Not sure why you think I am getting annoyed I don't care whether you like England or not but I have read your exact reasoning, almost word for word, since I first came to this site. It's almost searching for a reason to be annoyed with the English TV coverage/pundits, etc, it's beyond cliche Even the 'good' pundits we have are really not going to express this amazing tactical knowledge in the time given to them on the shows. If there was some shoulder content that could afford pundits to go more in depth, that'd be great I would follow my advice of not watching the build up, you
  9. Have you watched a tournament in a different country from that country's perspective? None of this is unusual, firstly, no one is tuning in for doom and gloom and none of them have watched every player in the tournament, they're referring to research. Not everyone is checking news all day, sitting down to watch football is potentially where they're getting their main England news, that is more important to TV viewers in England than in an in depth discussion about France's full backs and the TV networks are want such fans watching and giving them what they want 'Analysis' in foo
  10. Friday 11 June Group A: Turkey 0-2 Italy *** Saturday 12 June Group A: Wales 0-1 Switzerland Group B: Denmark 2-0 Finland Group B: Belgium 2-0 Russia Sunday 13 June Group D: England 2-1 Croatia Group C: Austria 2-2 North Macedonia Group C: Netherlands 2-0 Ukraine Monday 14 June Group D: Scotland 1-2 Czech Republic Group E: Poland 2-1 Slovakia Group E: Spain 2-1 Sweden Tuesday 15 June Group F: Hungary 0-2 Portugal Group F: France 1-0 Germany
  11. Newspapers trying to sell copies - perish the thought! The people that believe any of the over-the-top-ness of such things also believe every single transfer rumour all through the summer and every single 'I heard he doesn't get on with the manager' about every star player too I don't know how that affects people so much, it's pretty much all nonsense in the papers all year round, I don't see why tournaments are any different
  12. I would love another run to a semi final but damn, not happy about that first knockout game, if we win the group then Germany/Portugal/France People may say Germany aren't what they are but when it comes to a big knockout game they'll always raise their game, there's far far far easier routes so how the **** did this happen! The 'winner of vs runner up of' is arguably as or more important than the group you have, as with extended entrants, the groups (aside from one) aren't massively 'challenging' (famous last words! Haha)
  13. It's all about the confidence though, that's a huge hurdle to overcome when it's right down to the bare bones! We took the lead against Croatia in the semi and as the game went on we reverted to back in our shell and defending our box and it cost us Can we grab our bollocks and step up to France or Belgium when it really really matters and have 4 or 5 guys really play near their potential, that's likely what's required, to put in that 'top performance'
  14. GROUP A Italy (Q) Switzerland (Q) Turkey (Q) Wales GROUP B Belgium (Q) Denmark (Q) Russia (Q) Finland GROUP C Netherlands (Q) Ukraine (Q) Austria North Macedonia GROUP D England (Q) Croatia (Q) Czech Republic Scotland GROUP E Spain (Q) Sweden (Q) Poland (Q) Slovakia GROUP F France (Q) Germany (Q) Portugal (Q) Hungary
  15. He was terrifying, utterly fearless too Damn, I wish he didn't get injured! Ho hum
  16. Ultimately, he went and reviewed it. He gave himself the best opportunity possible to review it and then decided, that's kind of the point of VAR, isn't it? Some people may still not be happy with it but the ref went and viewed it again before he decided.
  17. Is it ever actually deliberate? I thought this whole notion of deliberate and intent is long gone, is someone slips in the box and brings a guy down then intent is removed and it's still a foul? Handball I have always gone with the 'ball to hand' and 'hand to ball' thing. I tend to take into account how far the ball has come too. He kind of moved his hand a bit towards the ball, I know he didn't have a lot of time to react but my instinct was handball when I saw the replay. Either way, I don't think it's as scandalous as it's been made out. I am sure if it was reversed and plucky Cro
  18. I think it gets skewed if your own country does well, tbh, most of the tournaments these days are instantly forgotten once they are over, this will likely be no different. I liked it fine whilst it was going on, there was drama and stuff but wasn't amazing
  19. I hope RLC gets a decent run out for Chelsea, he actually carried the ball for us, seems like a lost art! It's great getting to a semi but the work is really beginning, we still have some of our old issues. Lack of movement from front players wasn't inspiring, this is another example of lack of responsibility on the ball, it's easier to hide than show for the ball or run off the ball. Too many times someone has the ball in the final third and there's just no options and no movement. This has been part of the reason for our 'knock it back and across and maybe back to keeper', no one w
  20. Only 1 of those defeats matter. We did have decent side out yesterday though.
  21. I know they had chances later on but we had glimpses, Stones header is a killer, so close. There was that ball tee'd up for Lingard that was deflected for a corner too. Sterling caused problems in the first half. They did not look good in the first half, they have more experienced players but it doesn't take much experience to know to react when a ball is being contested 5 yards from you. It's in the details and the moments, they have the experience and the 'big game' players and we shrank a fair bit in the 2nd half. We needed guys to be on the ball, it's some of our same failings, being
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